Monday, October 19, 2015

Why does the Nevada Bar nor the Attorney General jump in to Fight Back against Rogue Abusive attorneys like Marc Randazza who sue, bully and threaten those who criticize or review him or his law firm.

The FTC would not do something like jump in and protect an online speaker. I wish they would but come one, Marc Randazza gets his way WAY to often.

Marc Randazza is down right GIDDY about what the FTC is doing to Roca Labs. However, attorneys like Marc Randazza do the same thing to anyone who tells on him, reviews him badly, speaks critical of them and that is not so amusing. Marc Randazza SUES people like me, Crystal Cox, and Alexandra Mayers when we give our opinion of him, his wife or his law firm.

He digs into my bank accounts, threatens me, lies about me under oath, gets my phone records, threatens ex's, friends, clients and customers. And yet there is NO FTC to go after him, hmmm imagine that. Legal Clients NOT protected but Dieters are?

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