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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I, Crystal Cox ALLEGE that Marc Randazza had intent to defraud Creditors and that the Bankruptcy Courts should not, as a matter of law discharge debt that is FRAUD.

June 3, 2015 was date of the the now infamous arbitration in which Marc Randazza was accused of Bribery and was ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Marc Randazza hired his bankruptcy attorney in June 11, 2015 just after this we see Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza filed for divorce on June 22, 2015. This too shows intent to defraud creditors in my opinion.

Meanwhile he stalled the Randazza v. Cox in multiple ways and now this bankruptcy has "stayed" that case for who knows how long.

I ALLEGE that Marc J. Randazza made fraudulent transfers of money and other assets and set up an array of trusts, mortgage, car buying spree, IRA's, 401k and more simply to defraud Creditors and with specific intent to do so.

I ALLEGE that Marc Randazza began planning his bankruptcy seriously in March of 2015, once he new he would lose to Liberty Media and that the District of Nevada courts was allowing me, Crystal Cox to have 10 million in counter claims against Marc Randazza.

I Allege that Marc Randazza does not believe he will lose in those counterclaims and that he will continue to badger me or out-lawyer me and I will lose. I have clear and convincing claims, however, the point here is that Randazza added my counterclaims and me as a Creditor because of it's size of 10 MILLION Dollars and this put him at a Chapter 11 vs. a Chapter 13 I believe, or in some way made his story seem more plausible with so much burden. Even though he has stalled my case successfully with his appeals and now this, I allege, fraudulent bankruptcy claim.

I allege that Marc Randazza is using the ownership of Randazza Legal Group to hide assets, using IRA's and other financial accounts he started deliberately to defraud creditors with malicious, willful intent.

Creditors such as Liberty Media and myself, Crystal Cox are not just some Creditor, we were clients, and should have had protection under law, under the bar Association, under Randazza's multi-state liability insurance carrier which he refused and the Nevada courts let him, to ever give me information on who that carrier is or was.

The courts, including the bankruptcy courts should protect clients of attorneys such as Marc Randazza and not let them commit fraud against their clients, or engage in unethical, unconstitutional actions that really do harm their clients and then seek some sort of immunity in the bankruptcy courts.

RANDAZZA took a BRIBE, and I allege this is a tiny, TINY legal infraction of which Randazza has committed a massive amount of this type of action, plus other illegal hacking, stalking, privacy violations, endangerment and flat out criminal defamation and harassment against his former clients and against whistleblowers who tell on him.

I allege that Randazza's divorce is to hide money, assets and even a mortgage to his wife's parents to defraud creditors whose lives he has caused irreparable harm to.

Research Links to the above documents

June 3, 2015 Arbitration

June 11, 2015 Marc Randazza retained his now bankruptcy attorney. See Below

I, Crystal Cox Allege that Marc Randazza has violated Section 548 of the Bankruptcy Code and other Codes to due with fraud. I allege that Randazza had intent to defraud Creditors and therefore he cannot discharge this debt. I allege Marc Randazza is guilty of Fraudulent Transference and Fraudulent Transfers.

"A transfer of the debtor’s property to another party in order to deter, hinder or defraud a creditor, or to unfairly place such property out of the reach of a creditor is a fraudulent transfer. In bankruptcy cases, a trustee is given the power to set aside or avoid these transfers under either federal law or state law. Section 548 of the Bankruptcy Code provides for the federal statutory basis to challenge fraudulent transfers. Section 544 of the Bankruptcy Code provides for the basis to challenge fraudulent transfers under applicable state statutory law.

There are two types of fraudulent transfers in bankruptcy. The first is actual fraud, which involves the intent to defraud creditors. The second is referred to as a constructive fraud, which involves a transfer made in exchange for inadequate consideration.

Actual fraud requires proof of intent from the person challenging the transfer. While intent must be determined on a case-by-case basis, a few examples might include the transfer of all the debtor’s assets to a newly formed company or to a family member to avoid the reach of creditors or litigation threatened against the debtor unless the property is transferred. Even involuntary transfers can be made with actual intent."

Source and Full Article

I, Crystal L. Cox am Creditor Number 13 in the Ol' Marc John Randazza Bankrutpcy Fiasco and I mailed this OBJECTION to the District of Nevada Bankruptcy Courts.

Here is a Part of it, the Whole Filing I mailed is linked below.

"Debt cannot be Discharged due to Fraud

Crystal Cox claims that Marc John Randazza premeditated this bankruptcy to avoid losing assets. Marc Randazza knew he was going to use bankruptcy to stop or get rid of pending cases against him whereby he actually committed fraud against former clients.

Crystal Cox alleges this is fraud and that debt cannot be discharged in fraud. 

Marc Randazza stalled Cox’s counterclaims in the District of Nevada case by appealing a Judge’s ruling to the Ninth Circuit regarding Anti-Slapp laws in Nevada which he personally co-wrote.

This stayed the District of Nevada case pending the Ninth Circuit appeal decision. Randazza was to file an opening brief in that case in August of 2015, however he extended the filing deadline, then on August 28th, 2015 he filed bankruptcy. Randazza then filed this Bankruptcy Notice of filing in the Ninth Circuit case and thereby froze those proceedings as well.

Cox claims that Randazza premeditated these actions and planned a bankruptcy all along, and stalled in order to create trusts, spend money, hide money offshore, file for a divorce to hide money with his wife and her family and make it look like he simply, one day, could not pay his creditors nor be liable to the clients he had intentionally harmed.

Randazza continued to harm his clients and all the while knowing he was creating a massive liability. Cox’s claims against Marc Randazza are clear and convincing, they are valid and the case has been going on since Nov of 2012, nearly 3 years now.

As of January 2015 Marc Randazza knew that the Nevada courts was allowing Cox’s counterclaims, so in March of 2015 Marc Randazza begin planning his bankruptcy, he started several family trusts, bought vehicles, and in June he and his wife Jennifer Randazza who also sued Cox but Cox was not allowed to countersue per judicial order, filed for divorce. Cox alleges this too was premeditated in order to defraud creditors and those who have and had legitimate claims against Marc Randazza.

On March 9th, 2015 Marc Randazza set up the Misuraca Family Trust. He also set up Marc J. Randazza P.A as another entity and this 100% owned by the Misuraca Family Trust.

ALL this to attempt to move forward as a lawyer and not pay those he harmed in previous case and or other creditors. This was and is to protect Marc Randazza to maliciously, willfully and intentionally cheat clients, cause client harm, ruin clients business and quality of life and then simply file bankruptcy and move on as an attorney and hid his assets from those folks (creditors and clients who sued him for malpractice).

Magnolia Holdings 19 LLC is owned by Marc Randazza, Jennifer Randazza and Ronald Green, Randazza’s business partner who represents Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza in their lawsuit against Crystal Cox.

These trusts and this divorce filing, as well as several trips to other countries such as Canada, the UK and other countries, Cox alleges this travel was to hide money and assets, and was done with full intent to defraud Creditors, which includes Cox who has $10,000,000 in legitimate claims against Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group. Therefore Cox objects to the discharge of debt.

March 9th, 2015 Marc Randazza buys a $42,000 BMW. Randazza bought a 2013 Sienna for $25,000 and put it in Jennifer Randazza’s name. And Marc Randazza put $26,000 on tuition for private school for his children, even though one of his children was the Plaintiff in the Cox case, which was an immoral, unethical action for Mr. Randazza to have taken.

On August 25th, 2015 Marc Randazza started a 401k account at John Hancock. 3 days later on August 28th, 2015 he filed for bankruptcy. Cox claims this is clearly with intent to commit fraud on the bankruptcy courts and to defraud Creditors who were entitled to be paid.

Marc Randazza started an IRA at LPL Financial for 99,000.

Marc Randazza created a secured debt of $300,000 with his wife’s parents Denise and Cathy Brochey, of which Cox claims was to defraud creditors and hide assets from his victims.

Cox claims that Randazza created all the above specifically with intent to defraud Creditors.

Cox alleges this was all staged to defraud Creditors.

For all this to happen on the same day March 9th, 2015, is suspect and Cox moves this court to take note that it is odd that all these trusts were set up and a 42,000 BMW was purchased this same day, as well as a 25,000 Toyota Sienna for Jennifer Randazza. "

To View Full Filing, Click Below

My CLEAR and Convincing Claims against my former attorney Marc Randazza, with linking Exhibits.

A Bit more on Bankruptcy Fraud, Fraudulent Transfers and ...

Cox alleges that Marc Randazza has INTENT TO DEFRAUD and therefore he cannot discharge his debt in this bankruptcy case. I claim Marc Randazza had ACTUAL INTENT and in my case he even transfered assets to who I claim is a counter defendant in Randazza v. Cox, his wife Jennifer Randazza whom was / is a Plaintiff in that case as is their young daughter.

More on this topic

Hiding Property & Assets in Bankruptcy


Did Marc Randazza really list Alexandra Mayers as some sort of possible future income?

I am not sure why Marc Randazza listed as a possible asset or future "In Money" claims against Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayers. The way I remember it Jennifer Randazza MALICIOUSLY sued her in an unconstitutional Trademark lawsuit in Clark County, Randazza Legal Group represents her and Mr. Randazza was not a party was he? Hmm I must have that wrong as there it is in the sworn to be true bankruptcy document that possible money coming to this hypocrtical, I allege corrupt jackass attorney, is from a lawsuit where his wife whom is in a divorce with him is the suing party, the MALICIOUS Plaintiff.

Page 11 at Link Below
Randazza v. Mayers

Mayers, Alexandra Melody  Also Known As  Foster, Monica

Randazza, Jennifer

So now how in the world is Marc Randazza claiming this case to have "Possible Interest"?

Well for one, I allege the bankruptcy is a sham, and was done with malicious intent to defraud creditors and that Jennifer Randazza is going to be hiding assets and interest for MR Randazza, oh and the attorney is Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group. Who I also allege is aiding and abetting Marc Randazza to commit bankruptcy fraud.

The case was / is a  malicious willful LIE to retaliate against Alexandra Mayers for reporting the TRUTH about Marc Randazza and his associates. 

The case is unethical, is unconstitutional and violated the rights of Alexandra Mayers. And if the case is WON by some unconstitutional LAWLESS Judicial Ruling, well then how the hell does Marc Randazza have interest?

Oh yeah he lied and committed fraud on the court, he made his wife sue Alexandra Mayers just as he made his wife and infant child sue me. All to shut us up for exposing what is now coming out as clearly FACT and undeniable TRUTH.

So does Marc Randazza have INTEREST in the Above Case? You Bet he Does? But is that Legal?

MUCH MUCH More on this at a later time.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Why is Marc Randazza still practicing Law? Probably because rumor has it he is in "bed with" Big Pharma..

Another case, Randazza is running amok and with no oversight by the courts really, well not yet.

Crystal Cox alleges that Marc Randazza is committing Bankruptcy Fraud in so many ways. Ways that will all become very clear soon. Pay Attention. Meanwhile let's celebrate California attorney Gill Sperlein.

Well isn't this a sweet Conflict of Interest.

Marc Randazza  giving rave reviews to California attorney D. Gill Sperlein, Gill Sperlein, Dennis Gill Sperlein on that goes something like this "  Marc John Randazza. I've known Gill for the better part of a decade. We have been opposing counsels and co-counsels, and in both events he was strong, smart ..." yet when we go to the link that comes up in search in Google, we see this

Hmm no Marc Randazza, so did he give a good review of Gill Sperlein or not?

Ya'll know Gill right? The one who seems to own a percentage of Randazza Legal Group.

As seen on Page 10 Schedule B of Marc Randazza's bankruptcy scandal filing

Again if Mr Randazza has court documents AGAIN removed from Archive. org, please email me for a copy as I had taken a PDF from and so should you.

So essentially Marc Randazza is AGAIN giving himself rave reviews, as he promotes another Randazza Groupie, whom he probably got money from to continue violated the rights of his clients and who ever else decides to exercise their free speech and review him, gripe about him, or report the actual truth about him.

IF you are partnered with Marc Randazza or Randazza Legal Group then in my opinion you are Dark, Dirty, Evil unconstitutional, unethical and down right SCUM.

So Gill Sperlein what's the Deal?

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I allege Marc Randazza and the Randazza Legal Groupies control what is archived at

For those who follow my blogs about Marc Randazza, not only does he influence NPR and WIPO but he controls the Rip Off Report as I have reported before and for THREE years the Randazza v. Cox case, pretty much all filings was listed at and now it is gone, removed. So yes I now also claim that Marc Randazza and his groupies control's court archive.

These three cases still exist but not the main one I am in with Randazza that sure does make him look like the hypocritical jackass he is.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Marc Randazza used HACKERS to get into private emails and get whatever information he needed to win his cases, get his way, bully and harass people, and violate the constitutional rights of anyone he wanted to retaliate against for any reason.

Diana Grandmason aKa Desi Foxx, Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayers and myself Crystal L. Cox have talked for years of how RANDAZZA and his groupies hack emails and well now it's public knowledge via an arbitration ruling. " the illegal use of a hacker to access" adverse party computer data. This is illegal folks and Marc J. Randazza has done this to countless, with the aid of J. Malcom DeVoy, Sean Thomson, Ari Bass, Ronald Green, Ken White and lot's more. They are all going to be indicted, well it sure looks that way to me.

ANYONE who EVER aided and abetted Marc J. Randazza will also end up being exposed by all this and that is the work of the light, of the Holy Spirit and dedicated Spiritual Warriors of Light.

Another arbitration quote:

"The companies’ counterclaims against Randazza involved repeatedly engaging in attempts to secure bribes from multiple opposing parties in litigation, the illegal use of a hacker to access [prior adverse party] Oron’s computer data, engaging in a host of prohibited conflicts of interest (including representing Liberty’s competitors and tube sites violating Liberty’s copyrights), concealing his representation of adverse parties from the company, building up his personal legal practice in violation of his employment agreement, spoliation of evidence to cover up his ethical violations (including erasing data on company-owned laptops and seizing a company-owned iPhone), and taking control of client funds in his trust account.

The arbitrator ruled in favor of the companies on all its counterclaims, determining Randazza had indeed engaged in these egregious acts and, in doing so, caused considerable harm to his former employer and client."



Friday, September 25, 2015

Randazza Bankruptcy; Original Marc John Randazza Bankruptcy Filing and List of Creditors in Marc J Randazza Bankruptcy Case
If you can't read the above, eMail me at for copies.

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Marc Randazza

Randazza Legal Group

Marc Randazza Toronto - I can hardly wait to file my Bar Complaint in Canada

Randazza took his bar test in July I think. Not sure what's going on but will let him get things rolling more, as Randazza Legal Group has been in Toronto awhile right. Time for some criminal complaints and bar complaints to let them know just who this jackass is. Coming Soon, and not just by me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ken White may owe Randazza money in malpractice claims? WOW say it ain't so.

Note on Page 11 of Marc Randazza's bankruptcy file it says possible malpractice claims against KEN White. Is this the Popehat Ken White? the Super Duper Ken White that has trashed me for years and worshiped Marc? WOW, and he was Marc's attorney.

the Plot Eternally Thickens

Monday, September 21, 2015

Jennifer Randazza, Plaintiff vs. Marc J Randazza, Defendant.

Clark County Case Number D-15-516848-D

More on the Case


Marc Randazza is an abusive EVIL man in my opinion and all these years of us fighting to expose his evil, and now it should be clear to all, his EVERY lie. He harassed us, threatened us and sued us to STOP our telling on him. Now all that we said is showing as true.

Also remember folks Jennifer Randazza and her child SUED me for Millions. Was this under duress?

Top 20 Creditors and More Stuff

Original Bankruptcy Filing and List of Creditors in Marc John Randazza Bankruptcy Case

Marc Randazza Bankruptcy Case Docket

Marc Randazza Bankruptcy Case

Marc Randazza's eMails are so entertaining

Breaking Bad Media, Elie Mystal.. Love this stuff, ABOVE the Law / Breaking Bad Media and Elie Mystal along with former employee Kashmir Hill are people and companies I have named in several cases, RICO case and other. They are co-conspirators of Mr. Marc Randazza

Plaintiff - Appellant: MEANITH HUON


Case Number: 15-3049

Filed: September 18, 2015

Court: U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit

Nature of Suit: Assault, Libel, and Slander

More on this case coming soon.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Porn News Today, Monica Foster Reporting; Randazza – the porn attorney associated with the Free Speech Coalition, Xbiz & a pedophile – just filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy


Arbitrator: Marc Randazza must pay $600K+ for “clear and serious breaches of fiduciary duty” against his former client

Update 2
On 8/28/2015 Marc Randazza filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition. He listed 1-10 million as estimated assets and 10-50 million as estimated liabilities (that’s why Chapter 13 is not an option). As a result, the Clark County case (a petition to confirm the arbitration award) was automatically stayed / administratively closed. This situation is tricky: Randazza essentially declared that the arbitration is so burdensome that bankruptcy is the only choice. However, he implied it before the said arbitration was finalized, and the bankruptcy is seemingly aimed at preventing the finalization. So expect Liberty to continue pushing for the final arbitration decision (moving to resume the closed case).
Marc Randazza attended a luncheon with the leader of the Free Speech Coalition (Diane Duke), which was hosted by internationally known convicted pedophile August Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow
Marc Randazza attended a luncheon with the leader of the Free Speech Coalition (Diane Duke), which was hosted by internationally known convicted pedophile August Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow

MetArt Sues XVideos for Infringement (Xvideos is repped by Randazza?)

The lawsuit, filed by industry attorneys Clyde DeWitt and Spencer Freeman, seeks a restraining order, damages, attorneys fees and the cost of corrective advertising.
Industry attorney Marc Randazza, who represents XVideos and the other defendants, told XBIZ today that he doubts the case has legs.
“While I respect MetArt and its counsel, I think that the filing has some significant deficiencies, and the theories of the case are flawed,” he said.
But Freeman, who represents MetArt,said that the legal argument is clear in this case.
Freeman told XBIZ: “XVideos traded on MetArt trade names and failed to take down their copyrighted content when asked. It’s not theory, it’s fact.”
In addition to the lawsuit against XVideos and related websites, MetArt has filed numerous other infringement claims against the operators of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and
MetArt lawsuits have been filed at federal courts in Miami, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles and now Las Vegas.�
MetArt’s membership websites include MetArt. com,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

When You Lay Down With Dogs… (South doesn’t mention Randazza anywhere in this posting even though Randazza reps the defendants in the MetArt case)

As I look at the chatter on the webmaster boards about the MetArt lawsuit against Manwin/MindGeek I am reminded of my days managing a strip club, you guys will all know what I am talking about because we have all seen it in one for or another  all of us male, female, straight. gay, republican, democrat.
You see you have all of these people that supported Manwin and the tubesites saying shit like adapt or die blah blah…all had found a way to profit using the tubesites, never mind that they exchanged dollars for pennies.
I remember a stripper who had a boyfriend but that didn’t matter much to her, she cheated with anyone that struck her fancy.  One guy spent a lot of money on her over time, knowing she had a boyfriend but doing his best to “steal her away”  eventually the boyfriend had enough and dumped her and when he did the persistent customer was next in line to, hell lets say it like it was…support her.  We were in the office when a guy asked him why he would want her, after all he knew she was cheating on her boyfriend with him.
His answer…”She wouldn’t do that to ME”  as if somehow he were different.  Turns out he wasn’t and she did do that to him and he was actually surprised by this.
So here we have Mansef/Manwin/MindGeek who built their empire by stealing content and monetizing that stolen content, now you have these webmasters who are astounded that MindGeek would fuck them over….SmackMyFuckingHead!
for those of you who wonder why I always use all of MindGeeks names when writing about them….simple  they try to hide previous sirty shit they did by changing names…I want to make sure people who land her via a search engine, know who they REALLY are and what they really do  and that is no small number.
We have lots of saying here in the south that I like and one of them applies here
When you lay down with dogs, don’t be surprised when you wake up with fleas.


Sunday, September 6, 2015

District of Nevada Bankruptcy; Marc John RANDAZZA. Judge August B. Landis. Filing for Bankruptcy? Well I don't think that is going to help ya with ALL your PROBLEMS.

Marc Randazza under legal fire from so many sides and decides to file bankruptcy. But how will this help him with claims of taking bribes, that may be jail time right? YEP hope so. And it won't help in claims of defamation or malpractice right? As defamation is assault and you can't file bankruptcy right?? or so he told me on my case. And malpractice has a mandatory 2 million in liability covering in every state he is licensed right? Hmmm...

Well here is the Marc John Randazza bankruptcy filing

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Clark County Las Vegas Nevada case # A-15-719901-C; Excelsior Media Corp, Plaintiff(s) vs. Marc Randazza, Defendant(s). Unethical Scum Attorney Marc Randazza files bankruptcy to stop proceedings against him in Nevada, or so it seems.

"On 6/15/2015 the studios filed a petition to confirm arbitration award in the Clark County Court in Las Vegas (search by party “Randazza” or case # A-15-719901-C). This court, like the majority of other local courts, doesn’t provide online access to documents. According to the case page, Randazza represents himself while the plaintiffs are represented byWendy Krincek. The hearing on plantiffs’ and defendant’s motions is set to 7/23/2015."


Excelsior Media Corp, Plaintiff(s) vs. Marc Randazza, Defendant(s)
case # A-15-719901-C

Clark County Las Vegas Nevada case # A-15-719901-C

Ya Know Clark County Nevada where Dazed Dipshit Randazza sued Monica Foster / Alexandria Mayers to SUPPRESS her Speech speaking critical of his SLUT wife? Oh and claiming Trademark Violations on her parody and deciding it ok to ruin her life, just because he got his big boy panties in a wad.

And Clark County where April of 2012 Marc Randazza got a protective order against me, Crystal Cox, or at least filed to try and get one, ALL to SUPPRESS my SPEECH calling his wife a slut, griping about him, reviewing his company and expressing my First Amendment Rights.

Register of Actions
Case No. A-15-719901-C
Excelsior Media Corp, Plaintiff(s) vs. Marc Randazza, Defendant(s)

Case Type: Other Civil Matters
Date Filed: 06/15/2015

Location: Department 24
Cross-Reference Case Number: A719901

Defendant Randazza, Marc J Marc J. Randazza, ESQ

Plaintiff Excelsior Media Corp Wendy Krincek

Plaintiff Gibson, Jason Wendy Krincek

Plaintiff Liberty Media Holdings LLC Wendy Krincek

06/15/2015  Petition to Confirm
Plaintiffs' Petition to Confirm Arbitration Award
06/15/2015  Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure
Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure
06/15/2015  Opposition
Opposition to Plaintiff's Request for an Order Shortening Time and Motion for Continuance
06/16/2015  Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure
Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure
06/17/2015  Reply in Support
Supplement/Reply in Support of Motion to Extend Time
06/19/2015  Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award
Plaintiff's Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award
06/19/2015  Reply in Support
Plaintiff's Reply in Support of their Motion to Confirm arbitration Award on order Shortening Time
06/22/2015  Reply in Support
Plaintiff's Sur-Reply in Support of Their Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award on Order Shortening Time
06/29/2015  Notice of Appearance
Notice of Appearance
07/01/2015  Motion
Defendant's Motion On An Order Shortening Time For: (1) An Extension Of Time To File A Motion To Vacate, Modify, And/Or Correct Plaintiffs' Arbitration Award; (2) An Extension Of Time To Oppose Plaintiffs' Motion To Confirm Arbitration Award And Plaintiffs' Related Filings; And (3) A Continuance Of The Hearing On Plainitffs' Motion To Confirm Arbitration Award
07/02/2015  Order
Order to Appear
07/06/2015  Opposition
Plaintiff's Opposition to Defendant's Motion on Order Shortening time for: (1) an extension of time to file a motion to vacate, modify, and/or correct plaintiff's arbitration award; (2) an extension of time to oppose Plaintiff's motion to Confirm arbitration award and plaintiff's related filings; and on plaintiff's motion to confirm arbitration award
07/08/2015  Reply in Support
Defendant's Reply in Support of His Motion on an Order Shortening Time for (1) An Extension of Time to File A Motion to Vacate, Modify and/or Correct Plaintiffs' Arbitration Award; (2) An Extension of Time to Oppose Plaintiffs Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award and Plaintiffs Related Filings; and (3) A Continuance of the Hearing on Plaintiffs Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award
07/09/2015  Hearing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Crockett, Jim)
Hearing Re: Order to Appear to Establish Briefing Schedule
Parties Present
Result: Briefing Schedule Set
07/22/2015  Order
Order Regarding July 9, 2015 Hearing to Establish Briefing Schedule
07/23/2015  Notice of Entry of Order
Notice of Entry of Order
08/07/2015  Motion for Leave to File
Motion for leave to brief that exceeds page limitation pursuant to EDCR 2.20
08/07/2015  Opposition
Defendants Opposition to Plaintiff's motion to Confirm Arbitration Award and Counter-Motion to Vacate and/or Modify
08/24/2015  Motion for Leave to File
Plaintiff's Motion for Leave to File Brief that Exceeds Page Limitation Pursuant to EDCR 2.20
08/24/2015  Reply in Support
Plaintiff's Reply in Support of Their Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award and Opposition to Defendant's Countermotion to Vacate and/or Modify
08/25/2015  Errata
Plaintiffs Errata to their Reply in Support of their Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award and Opposition to Defendant's Countermotion to Vacate and/or Modify
08/31/2015  Notice
Notice of Suggestion Pendancy on Bankrupty for Marc J. Randazza Auto Stay of Proceeding
09/01/2015  Order to Statistically Close Case
Civil Order to Statistically Close Case
09/03/2015  CANCELED   Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Crockett, Jim)
Vacated - Case Closed
Plaintiffs' Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award
09/03/2015  CANCELED   Motion  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Crockett, Jim)
Vacated - Case Closed
Defendant's Motion On An Order Shortening Time For: (1) An Extension Of Time To File A Motion To Vacate, Modify, And/Or Correct Plaintiffs' Arbitration Award; (2) An Extension Of Time To Oppose Plaintiffs' Motion To Confirm Arbitration Award And Plaintiffs' Related Filings; And (3) A Continuance Of The Hearing On Plainitffs' Motion To Confirm Arbitration Award
09/03/2015  CANCELED   Opposition and Countermotion  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Crockett, Jim)
Vacated - Case Closed
Defendants Opposition to Plaintiff's Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award and Counter-Motion to Vacate and/or Modify
09/08/2015  CANCELED   Motion for Leave  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Crockett, Jim)
Vacated - Case Closed
Defendant's Motion for Leave to File Brief that Exceeds Page Limitation Pursuant to EDCR 2.20
09/24/2015  CANCELED   Motion for Leave  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Crockett, Jim)
Vacated - Case Closed
Plaintiff's Motion for Leave to file Brief that Exceeds Page Limitation Pursuant to EDCR 2.20


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Meanwhile in Randazza v. Cox he filed an appeal to the Ninth to try and dismiss my counterclaims. Simply a stall tactic as I have VALID claims, he is hiding money it seems and assets, and well who knows what his liability insurance carriers know or are doing, they do not seem to have an attorney in all this and CLEARLY Randazza has massive liabilities in all this to many.

Here is the Randazza / Cox Docket. Nearly 3 years later and YES this case is still going on too. And I have refused to settle. The TRUTH will SHINE BRIGHT.



District of Nevada Bankruptcy; Marc John RANDAZZA. Judge August B. Landis. Filing for Bankruptcy? Well I don't think that is going to help ya with ALL your PROBLEMS.

Marc Randazza under legal fire from so many sides and decides to file bankruptcy. But how will this help him with claims of taking bribes, that may be jail time right? YEP hope so. And it won't help in claims of defamation or malpractice right? As defamation is assault and you can't file bankruptcy right?? or so he told me on my case. And malpractice has a mandatory 2 million in liability covering in every state he is licensed right? Hmmm...

Well here is the Marc John Randazza bankruptcy filing

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Ohio Case - Marc Randazza ~ Why is this Unethical ASSHOLE still practicing Law anywhere?

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Randazza wanted the Arbitration then he cries because he LOST. Well it looks to me that the LIGHT is shining Bright on the Ethics and Constitutional Violations of Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group.

For some unexplained reason (a typo in the docket text?) the hearing in the Clark County Court in Las Vegas initially scheduled for today took place on 7/9/2015 at 9:00 am, so this update is a bit overdue. Attorneys attended: for the plaintiff — Wendy Krincek and Ethan D. Thomas; for the defendant — Michael K. Wall (a partner in a law firm where current Nevada Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchinson is also a partner).
Apparently, Judge Jim Crockett doesn’t want this case to linger, he set a tight motion schedule despite defense’s objections, according to the hearing minutes:
Court reviewed the Contract between Mr. Randazza and Plaintiff and can see an agreement to Binding Arbitration. In fact, this is one of the things the parties agreed to. Ms. Krincek concurred. Mr. Wall objected for the record. Court stated this dispute is subject to Binding Arbitration and inquired of counsel if an Arbitration has taken place.

Ms. Krincek stated not to her knowledge. Mr. Wall informed the Court that there was an Arbitration. Ms. Krincek stated she is here for attorney’s fees and costs, and believes the Arbitrator was going to award something for spoliation of evidence. Court stated there was back and forth discussions whether Mr. Randazza has performed some or many of the obligations that the Arbitrator ordered him to do. Court stated that would be impossible for this Court to determine from it has seen in the documents. Court queried counsel whether there has been compliance and what remains to be resolved in this case.
Court queried Mr. Wall if Mr. Randazza or he give the Court insight on what his expected challenges or objections to the Arbitration decision are. Mr. Wall stated he recently received this from this client. There is factual evidence that it will show there will be challenges to the determination themselves and understands the difficulty of the situation. He feels there have been legal Arbitration in California and may have jurisdictional challenges. They have statutory time to look into those challenges and requested time to file an Opposition as the Statute allows. Court queried counsel if California counsel is not willing to cooperate with Mr. Wall. Mr. Wall stated he is cooperating and will provide documents and act as co-counsel to the deft.
COURT ORDERED, Mr. Wall to file his brief as to why Binding Arbitration is flawed legally or jurisdictionally within 30 days of today’s date by 8/10/15. Mr. Wall objected and argued that he has 90 days pursuant to Supreme Court and the District Court does not have authority to change the 90 days. Further, his client is out of the country until after 8/10/15, requesting at a bare minimum exactly what the Statute guarantees them pursuant to Nevada Supreme Court and that is until 9/1/15 to file the document requested by the Court. Ms. Krincek objected and requested Defendant’s opposing brief to the Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award be filed in 30 days. Further argument by Mr. Wall in opposition to this Court changing the time period in which to file an opposing brief.
The Court disagrees with Mr. Wall and ORDERED, defendant’s opposition to be filed in 30 days by 8/10/15.

FURTHER ORDERED, Plaintiff will have two weeks to file a Reply brief by 8/24/15, and the motion is CONTINUED to 9/3/15. Mr. Wall stated he will file his opposition, but will be filing his motion to set aside or correct the award by 9/1/15. Upon inquiry by Mr. Wall, COURT ORDERED, if Mr. Wall if going to file a Motion to Set Aside or Vacate the Award it is to be filed by 8/10/15. 9/3/15 @ 9:00 A.M. PLTF’S MOTION TO CONFIRM ARBITRATION AWARD…DEFENDANT’S MOTION TO SET ASIDE OR VACATE ARBITRATION AWARD.

"¹ The arbitration was triggered by the employment agreement (reportedly drafted by Randazza): it had a provision that in a case of a dispute parties must submit themselves to arbitration by JAMS. It was Randazza who demanded arbitration after his August 2012 resignation — that’s why he was listed as the claimant. It took unusually long — 2.5 years, and an unusually meticulous arbitrator was drawn.

² These two paragraphs were promptly deleted and not a part of the original XBiz article anymore.

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Looks like Marc Randazza will soon or already has lost his law license, at least in Florida.

Clear and Serious Breach of Duty

"XBiz (Rhett Pardon): Randazza Says He Will Challenge $600K Interim Arbitration Award
“[P]art of his settlement offer was to pay us $20,000 per bar license he is able to keep from having suspended/disbarred,” [Corbin Fisher’s vice president of business development Brian] Dunlap, said. “In other words, he offered us a bounty on his bar licenses — we’d get more of the award if we did not cooperate with bar investigators or send follow-up complaints.

“In his attorneys own words, they said they expect suspension/disbarment in [Florida], so we could expect $80,000 if none of the other four bars took action. We refused this offer because it was insulting, it was unethical — an attorney cannot offer such a bounty on their license — and because we know most all bars use reciprocal discipline — if one suspends/disbars, the others usually do as well.” ²"


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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

So poor baby Marc Randazza is filing for bankruptcy ?? and so is his dirty little law firm? WOW

It seems that Marc Randazza is NOT really ACTUALLY above the Law anymore, and is being called out by courts, and exposed by parties. So I guess that is why he had a recent trip OUT OF THE COUNTRY to set up off shore accounts.

Remember now he was to take his Bar or license test in Toronto Canada in July, not sure how that went but I will be filing a complaint there soon anyway.

It seems that Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group have filed for bankruptcy to avoid all those pesky depositions. As remember this post;

oh and don't forget I, Crystal Cox have 10 million in counterclaims still pending against his liability carrier, and defamation and malpractice claims. Guess the Bad Guy is on the Run.

No worries though, I am sure the Russian Porn Mafia, as they say will most likely bail him out or the Cyber gang of Pissedconsumer (Michael Podolsky and Alex syrov).

Or hmmm did Marc Randazza lose his license to practice law? Well if not I am sure that will be next. The Light and the Truth eventually win.

Much more to come on the SAGA of Dirty Porn Attorney Marc Randazza and ALL those who have aided or abetted him over the years.