Monday, September 28, 2015

Crystal Cox alleges that Marc Randazza is committing Bankruptcy Fraud in so many ways. Ways that will all become very clear soon. Pay Attention. Meanwhile let's celebrate California attorney Gill Sperlein.

Well isn't this a sweet Conflict of Interest.

Marc Randazza  giving rave reviews to California attorney D. Gill Sperlein, Gill Sperlein, Dennis Gill Sperlein on that goes something like this "  Marc John Randazza. I've known Gill for the better part of a decade. We have been opposing counsels and co-counsels, and in both events he was strong, smart ..." yet when we go to the link that comes up in search in Google, we see this

Hmm no Marc Randazza, so did he give a good review of Gill Sperlein or not?

Ya'll know Gill right? The one who seems to own a percentage of Randazza Legal Group.

As seen on Page 10 Schedule B of Marc Randazza's bankruptcy scandal filing

Again if Mr Randazza has court documents AGAIN removed from Archive. org, please email me for a copy as I had taken a PDF from and so should you.

So essentially Marc Randazza is AGAIN giving himself rave reviews, as he promotes another Randazza Groupie, whom he probably got money from to continue violated the rights of his clients and who ever else decides to exercise their free speech and review him, gripe about him, or report the actual truth about him.

IF you are partnered with Marc Randazza or Randazza Legal Group then in my opinion you are Dark, Dirty, Evil unconstitutional, unethical and down right SCUM.

So Gill Sperlein what's the Deal?

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