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Friday, December 6, 2013

Expose Marc Randazza; "Another HIV outbreak in porn but Marc Randazza and the Free Speech Coalition want porn in Vegas where condom mandates don’t apply!"

randazza loves pornMonica Foster commentary:
As of today ANOTHER HIV case has been reported in the Los Angeles porn industry!
Both Measure B and AB640 are designed to protect pornstars from deadly STDs and STIs such as HIV. Unfortunately though, Marc Randazza (along with the Free Speech Coalition and convicted pedophile and child pornographer Brackob / Treptow) are AGAINST condom use in porn! In fact, as you can see in the tweets below, Randazza, the Free Speech Coalition (Diane Duke) and Brackob / Treptow have teamed up to attempt to RELOCATE the porn industry to Las Vegas where the condom mandates and legislation DO NOT APPLY!
If porn production moves to Las Vegas, an HIV plague of epic proportions is soon to follow…It’s a good thing it’s ILLEGAL to produce pornographic content in Las Vegas.
Marc Randazza encouraging porn professionals to relocate to Las Vegas to avoid condom legislation that would protect workers from deadly STDs!
Marc Randazza thanking convicted pedophile Brackob / Treptow (using the Libertarian Pary of Nevada’s twitter – @LPNevada) and encouraging porn professionals to relocate to Las Vegas to avoid condom legislation that would protect workers from deadly STDs!
Convicted pedophile and child pornographer Kurt Brackob / Treptow utilizing the Libertarian Party of Nevada twitter to explain to the Free Speech Coalition about how Libertarians in Nevada oppose condom legislation.
Convicted pedophile and child pornographer Kurt Brackob / Treptow utilizing the Libertarian Party of Nevada twitter to explain to the Free Speech Coalition about how Libertarians in Nevada oppose condom legislation.
 Source in FULL

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nevada Courts DENY Crystal Cox's Plea to Investigate the Crimes she alleges Marc Randazza and his Porn Industry Clients have Committed

Entire Docket, Marc Randazza Randazza Legal Group, SUES former Client to TRY and Shut her up.

Motion to Enjoin Attorney GENERAL DENIED

MOTION to Request This Court Investigate Plaintiff Marc Randazza by Defendant Crystal L Cox.

denying 22 Motion to Request This Court Investigate Plaintiff Marc Randazza.

The Nevada Courts REFUSE to look into the Illegal Actions of Porn Attorney Marc Randazza and his connection to tormenting, harassing, suing whistleblowers, former clients and committing fraud on the courts.

The Nevada Courts KNOW of Randazza Legal Groups illegal, tortious, harassing, unethical action and THE do nothing to stand up to the Victims of The Nevada Courts

Marc Randazza and Jordan Rushie are THUGS to say the least. They fight AGAINST the Free Speech of those who expose corruption. They Ruin LIVES with LIES and Fraud on the Court. Dig Deep.

"Garbus is asserting the defenses of statute of limitations, failure to state a cause of action, and first amendment protections under opinion, factual statements and matters of public concern. Garbus has defended Nelson Mandela, Cesar Chavez, Robert Redford, Michael Moore, and numerous major First Amendment cases including the famous Ashton v. Kentucky case in 1966, now in every Constitutional Law textbook."


Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and Jordan Rushie are part of an Internet Mobbing Scam that suppresses the TRUTH about the Porn Industry giants who are involved in human trafficking and illegal porn prostitution rings. The evidence is overwhelming, yet Courts and Judges across the land protect the unethical, unlawful, unconstitutional, fraud on the courts and flat out lies by Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group, Jordan Rushie and their gang of THUGS. They are dangerous and have people who stalk, threaten to come to your town, ruin your life and business and all to affect the outcome of settlements, court case and the money PAID to Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and Jordan Rushie. Look at ALL the documents of FACT out there folks, the TRUTH is overwhelming.

Stand Up to Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and Jordan Rushie, demand the DOJ and FBI investigative them and their "PORNAFIA" Buddies.

Check Out RICO / Racketeering Lawsuit Filed

Blogger Crystal Cox accuses Randazza Legal Group, Jordan Rushie, Marc Randazza and More of Racketeering, RICO..

More on Vivid Entertainment EXPOSE

Hey Jonathan K. Gosselin, Dig Up all you Can About Porn Attorney, Mafia Connected THUG Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group

Jonathan K. Gosselin case.. Randazza Legal Group is EVIL, acts outside of and above the law, controls judges, courts, media, newspaper, radio and more. Dig deep into all the hypocritical cases out there, talk to attorneys who have no respect for Marc Randazza's lies and hypocritical actions.

This goes for Jordan Rushie as WELL, Dig Deep Folks, EXPOSE these Porn Industry attorneys who are SUPPORTING those involved in human trafficking, stalking, client abuse, first amendment suppression, client harassment, life and reputation ruining internet mobbing and more.

Randazza Legal Group controls judges, submits false evidence, flat out lies and has no accountability. Randazza Legal Group is hypocritical, violates the constitutional rights of clients, and violates the LAW. Randazza Legal Group perjuries themselves constantly in court documents and judges do as they say and take their word as FACT with total disregard of the TRUTH and LAW.

Marc Randazza is such a LYING Hypocrite.. check this out

Marc Randazza will one day be EXPOSED, and hopefully indicted, PUT IN PRISON for his illegal actions and his torment of whistle blowers and flat out life ruining harassment of his own client.

A few research links


eMail me at for more documents, court cases, video links to PROVE how hypocritical and LAWLESS Randazza Legal Group and Marc Randazza is. And so is Jordan Rushie.

Do Your Homework, Find the TRUTH for Yourself.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

EXPOSE Randazza Legal Group; J. Malcom DeVoy, Ronald Green and Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group PROTECT those involved in Human Trafficking and PORN directed at Children.

Randazza Legal Group protects Porn Industry Prostitution Rings, and the Porn Companies who target
children in "Porn Parody". It is Time to STAND up against the "Pornafia" and fight for the rights of Human Trafficking Victims and STAND UP to the attorneys who protect those involved in Human Trafficking such as Marc Randazza and his THUGS.

Forbes Journalist Kashmir Hill has relentlessly stood by Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group

Crystal COX is Dedicated to EXPOSING Randazza Legal Group 
"To Catch Government Workers With Ties to Child Porn, Call the IRS"

"There is a national crisis of federal employees engaged in the child porn industry and a related epidemic at the state level.  I’ve documented two states, Vermont and Maine, that appear to be running state protected child trafficking rings with evidence of cops, judges, lawyers, clergy and government employees covering for each other. This kind of racketeering creates powerful, and extremely profitable, pedophile rings.

YOU are ALL Journalists. SPEAK UP.
Money drives the crime. It is estimated that a criminal willing to molest a child in front of a live webcam can earn $1,000 a night. In Kittery Maine, at the “Danish Health Club,” one bust yielded $6.1 million in “door fees” over a five year period with “prostitutes” earning $12 million. Pimps’ earnings were not reported. The “door man” was a retired police officer whose wife worked in back. This bust happened because of one hard-working IRS agent, Rod Giguere."

"Child trafficking and porn are the fastest growing crimes in America. With billions being laundered in black money it makes solid economic sense for the IRS to focus on the child porn industry.  Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has demonstrated they have no interest in prosecuting pedophiles, not even their own. The IRS should be given substantial resources to compensate for DOJ’s disgraceful failure. American tax-payers, not to mention America’s children, will reap huge rewards."

Source of Article Quotes Regarding Child Porn Rings. IT Is time to Stop Vivid Entertainment, and the Lawyers and Law Firms who Protect PORN targeted at and with children such as Randazza Legal Group. FIGHT BACK.

Randazza Legal Group FIGHTS and SUES the whistle blowers in the Porn Industry. J. Malcom DeVoy, attorney with Randazza Legal Group and his client Sean Tompkins stalks, threatens, defames, harasses and constantly torments those who expose the EVILS of the Porn Industry. Marc J. Randazza is there "ring leader" and is protected by Corrupt Judges across the United States.

Stand up to Vivid Entertainment and to Liberty Media, the DRIVING force of porn targeted at children. Stand up to Disney, Warner Bros. and ALL who allow PORN targeted at Children. Stand up to the Attorneys that Protect EVIL such as J. Malcom DeVoy, Ronald Green and Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.
THE First Amendment ALSO Applies to THOSE Exposing the PORN Industry,
and SPEAKING CRITICAL of PORN Attorneys such as Marc Randazza.
and Not Just those SELLING PORN.

Stand up to Bob Garfield of NPR and Kashmir Hill of FORBES who make Randazza Legal Group look like HEROS and make the VICTIMS out to be CRIMINALS.

Checkout Anti-Trust / Defamation Lawsuit against Forbes filed by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox

Check Out RICO / Racketeering Lawsuit Filed

More on Vivid Entertainment EXPOSE

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Attorney Marc Randazza, Free Speech Advocate? No way says Blogger Crystal Cox, SWORN enemy of Marc Randazza the most hypocritical Free Speech Suppressing Lawyer EVER.

Free Speech Attorney Marc Randazza PLEADS with, Condemns UCLA Constitutional Rights, Law Professor, Eugene Volokh for not "Controlling" aKa Suppressing the Speech of his client. 

See the Evil Riddler Randazza thinks that if he "generously" takes an appeal for FREE aKa to benefit HIM, his clients, the Porn Industry and make the case go away in the WORST interest of the Client, well that client had better sit down and SHUT UP.

See Free Speech is only the Right of Who Jackass, Hypocrite attorney Marc Randazza says has that right and the U.S. Constitution only applies to those who Constitutional Rights gatekeeper Portland Oregon's Judge Marco Hernandez Says it DOES.

See, we can't have bloggers reportin' that thar news. See the news must be controlled and we can't be all ranting the facts and call the bad guys names.. oh I mean bloggers like that despicable Crystal  Cox can't.

So here we have Mr. Celebrity First Amendment Attorney on a two year long RANT and still going, to attempt to lie, cheat, steal, threaten, sue, defame, kick, scream and whine... or whatever it takes to stop the "more speech" of that pesky bat shit crazy blogger who has stood up to his hypocritical BULLSHIT, Fraud on the Courts, and Abuse of Power and Process.

Marc Randazza, First Amendment Bar Attorney, seems to think its ok, necessary and some sort of right of an attorney SHUT their client up, even when the client knows more about the details of the case.

And in the Obsidian v. Cox case, he had to DEFEND the case I already made, that is how appeals work. Yet he pretends he is the brainiac and that I should SHUT Up Now. That worked out well for your Dumb Ass didn't it?

Still believe the ol' more speech is betta story you bin bamboozlin your clients with..
YOU, Marc Randazza are seriously FULL OF SHIT and you RUIN Lives with
NO accountability, No constitutional Respect and completely outside of the LAW.

So Marc Randazza thinks that "Real Constitutional Supporting", "Free Speech Attorney" Eugene Volokh, in the name of free speech rights should "make" his client sit down and shut up, like Marc Randazza did to me and he GOT Fired.

See folks, FREE is not always a GOOD Thing. But boy does Marc Randazza think he is "hot shit" cuz he represents someone for free and he is GOD and all, so that person should bow down, shut up, and do exactly what he say. Even though I was Pro Se for a year, and even though I "preserved" the merits of the case VERY WELL for a bat shit crazy blogger. He seemed to think he could shut me up, ignore my rights, negotiate with Obsidian Finance Group WITHOUT my consent to the offer and well I should just be HAPPY that big DICK on Campus Marc Randazza took the case for FREE.

What a Crock of SHIT. Randazza Legal Group takes cases for free then gets good ol' Judge Gloria Navarro to issue and Opinion that makes the VICTIMS pay Randazza Legal Group anyway. Marc Randazza wanted me to pay for his travel, for filing fees and hotels. AFTER I just got a 2.5 million judgement and clearly had NO MONEY.

Then he gets fired for being disrespectful to me and for what I felt was working directly against the Free Speech Rights of Bloggers, Whistle Blowers and Citizen Journalists, and WOW does he get vengeful.

I stand up to his abuse of power and entitlement over me, and he contacts my "Free Speech" "First Amendment" "Constitutional Rights" attorney and tries to get him to "Chill", "Suppress", "Silence" my Speech. 

And for the Record, had the "REAL" constitutional rights attorney Eugene Volokh tried to suppress my speech while defending me in a Free Speech Case, I would have fired him too. FREE or NOT, whats Right is Right. Whats WRONG is WRONG. I am on the right side of the LAW, and the right side of the Moral Compass whether you, Asshole, have the world believe different or not. THE TRUTH REMAINS TO BE THE TRUTH.

The examples in blogs, legal case filings, videos, and more clearly show how hypocritical Marc Randazze is. Yet he is Above the Law and can get any judge he wants to shut down YOUR First Amendment Rights anytime he likes.

For two years and counting Marc Randazza has done everything but kill me to ruin my life, threaten me, sue me, lie about me in major publications, still my online media, defame me, threaten me, ruin my business, threaten my sources and he ALWAYS wins the favor of the judges, no matter how many laws he breaks, lies he tells under oath or constitutional rights he violates.

Check out the .. comment below written by the whiny, back stabbing, law breaking, unethical, hypocritical PRICK, alleged Free Speech supporter, attorney Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.

Source of Quote Below, Comment Section in Article Below Trashin' me and full of lies and BAD, Defaming information with actual malice and total disregard for the TRUTH... oh and NO Fact Checking..
"Conundrum of the Dispicable Blogger" "Attack Blogger Crystal Cox"

Rabid Randazza Free Speech Suppressing Comment:

"When you take on a pro bono client, you’re presumably doing it because you see the case as something that can benefit the greater good. If EV sees it that way, then more power to him.

My only critique of EV is that when Cox started this whole thing with me, I emailed him and asked him to exercise some client control.

His answer was that he could not do much about it. My response was that if I represented someone for free, I’d tell them that they will act ethically while I am their lawyer, or they can give someone else the privilege of representing them free of charge."

wa wa wa.. get Marc a big dick bottle full of whiskey to SOOTH his whiny butthurt 
First Amendment STOMPING ASS.

Oh OUCH, the "privilege" of a rabid, lying, lawless, constitutional rights violating, defaming, thug, lying, jackass, evil, mafia connected, whiny, back stabbing, unethical, client rights violating attorney being REVOKED for standing up to him, WOW.. well I guess that's a GOOD Thing..

Well, as many of you know, seems Eugene Volokh refused to STOMP on my Rights, Violate my Constitutional Rights, and well piss ant Marc Randazza turned his rage to his BUDDIES to defame me, break me, steal from me, threaten me, ruin me, defame me and cause me irreparable, immeasurable HARM in which he is CLEARLY responsible and will never be held liable.

See Rabid Riddler, Evil Asshole thug.. attorney Marc Randazza got his buddies at Forbes, NPR, WIPO, the New York Times, legal blogs (former clients) and all many of "media" to paint COX out as a criminal and then he used that as evidence in court to SUE Cox, who was never under investigation for a crime nor had Cox even had a criminal complaint filed.

Oh well, screw Due Process of Law, I am super duper Above the Law attorney Marc Randazza. And who ever I say is GUILTY well they are, no due process necessary and if you talk about me or my wife, well I will get a JUDGE to simply take away your First Amendment Rights, due process rights, and JUST take your online speaking sites away from you in one sweep. I am GODDANZZA aKa RandASSA

Marc J. Randazza CONTROLS the Courts, and answers to the Big Boys in PORN who really do need Free Speech Rights. And Marc tried to shut me up and my VERY important case go away. Marc Randazza has ruined my life, my business, and put me under constant duress for 2 years. All this and he was once my attorney. The Justice system is VERY Broken and guys like Marc Randazza run the COURTS, you have no rights to due process and the LAWS only apply to those Marc Randazza and attorneys like him says it does.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Welcome EVIL Randazza Legal Group. If there is a HELL, you will all be going there. You are NOT above the Law just because you Say you ARE

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Judge Marco Hernandez, a Portland Oregon Judge, RULED that the First Amendment Does NOT apply to "one" blogger, an anti-corruption blogger, exposing corruption in "his neck of the woods", Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

ONE overreaching Oregon Judge SHOULD Not be 
the Gatekeeper of the United States Constitution.
What happened after the Obsidian v. Cox verdict is nothing short of a LYNCH mob against one woman, an anti-corruption blogger giving voice to victims of corrupt judges, law enforcement, attorneys and government agencies.

What happened inside this jaw dropping, constitutional rights violating case is still, to this day, seemingly, a mystery to the public at large, as it does not really make sense, as a matter of law.

Let's discuss a few things regarding the Obsidian v. Cox case and the RULING by a federal judge in Portland Oregon that deemed "ONE" woman outside of the rights of free speech laws, shield laws, retraction laws, anti-slapp laws and the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

A Portland Oregon Judge, Judge Marco Hernandez RULED that blogger Crystal Cox was not "Entitled" to Constitutional Rights, First Amendment Protection, and that she, and she alone, was the only Blogger that could not have "Journalist" "status" by Law.

Some bloggers can be protected under the law and constitution, says Judge Marco Hernandez, Portland Oregon Judge, just not this blogger, Crystal Cox reporting on Corruption in Portland Oregon.

Kind of makes you wonder what is so special or so "bad' about this one blogger, this one woman, that the First Amendment does not apply to her, and that she alone cannot be given equal rights to those of traditional reporters and journalists or those "special rights" given to "recognized news entity" as Judge Marco Hernandez calls traditional media outlets.

"The essence of a prior restraint is that it places First Amendment protected speech under the
personal censorship of one judge. (Bernard v. Gulf Oil Co., 619 F.2d 459, 486 (5th Cir. 1980)
(State v. Globe Commc’ns, Corp., 622 So.2d 1066, 1073, (Fla. 4th DCA 1993), aff’d 648 So. 2d
110 (Fla. 1994)"

Judge Marco Hernandez RULED that Crystal Cox did not have First Amendment Rights, even though she is a citizen of the United States.

There were no First Amendment considerations for Defendant Crystal Cox.  Judge Marco Hernandez violated the rights of due process of Crystal Cox, and violated her Constitutional Rights. Judge Marco Hernandez SHOULD not be above the laws that U.S. citizens pay him to uphold.

Judge Marco Hernandez SHOULD be liable for the damage he has done to the life, assets, quality of life and business of investigative blogger Crystal L. Cox.

It is a FACT that the First Amendment Applies to 
anti-corruption blogger Crystal L. Cox, PERIOD.

Judge Marco Hernandez needs to be held accountable and cannot simply decide he does not "approve" or like a pro se litigant and therefore violate her lawful and constitutional rights.

The FBI, Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney General SHOULD make an example of Judge Marco Hernandez, in that a judge cannot override law based on his own personal opinion of a pro se litigant, a Judge cannot accuse a litigant in a CIVIL CASE of criminal behavior in a public ruling that thereby defames and ruins the life of the litigant without the rights to a trial, to due process, to LAW.

Judge Marco Hernandez is NOT above the Law and has no legal right to simply claim a litigant in his court is guilty of a crime, nor to imply such, without a proper and lawful investigation into the manner and a prosecution for the crime of that litigant.

Judge Marco Hernandez also ruled that retraction laws, shield laws and anti-slapp laws did not apply to this "one" blogger. Why? 

Well there were the now infamous 7 reasons that blogger Crystal Cox seemed to have failed to "prove" she was a journalist, though they are not LAW, not constitutional rights and even though there is no standard as to how many if any of those 7 need to be in place for the "law" to give EQUAL free speech rights to a blogger that traditional reporters and journalists have.

The retraction law clearly applies to new media, to bloggers and to Crystal Cox, then a resident of Montana, now a resident of Washington State, and whom published that "one" blog post while a resident of Boulder Colorado. Yet Judge Marco Hernandez RULED that Retraction Laws did not apply to this "one" blogger.

Oregon Law should not have been all that applied and it SHOULD be prudent, at best, that a federal judge would not want years of tax payers dollars, a costly trial, hearings, court time and years of tax payer money spent on litigation where by the Plaintiff had not even "asked" that defendant to remove (retract) the blog post that allegedly caused the problem, nor had the Plaintiff even supplied a specific blog post in which was a issue to the Plaintiff, or their business.

It is clear that Judge Hernandez ruled outside of LAW, and 
without consideration of the constitutional rights of blogger Crystal Cox. 

It is clear that Judge Marco Hernandez discriminated against blogger Crystal Cox, a Pro Se Litigant and favored top law firms, judges, DOJ trustees, utility companies, Senators, financial companies and lawyers in his jurisdiction.

It is clear the CONSTITUTION does apply to blogger Crystal Cox, that there is no LAW regarding the standards and practices of Journalists nor a license to be a journalist, yet Judge Hernandez ruined the life of Crystal Cox by accusing her of criminal activity in a ruling to deny a new trial in a CIVIL CASE, this is UNACCEPTABLE behavior in a free and democratic society.

Keep in mind that this federal judge WOULD have the power to open an investigation against Crystal Cox for the allegation of the crime of Extortion, however, instead of doing so and giving Crystal Cox due process of LAW, Judge Marco Hernandez simply declared anti-corruption blogger Crystal L. Cox guilty, in the denial of a new trial order from a Federal Judge in an Official Capacity, thereby denying the rights of Crystal Cox to due process of law and thus Crystal Cox was deemed guilty by society as a whole. This act has caused irreparable harm to Crystal Cox, of which Judge Marco Hernandez and the Portland Oregon Courts SHOULD be liable to every extent of the laws of the United States of America.

Judge Marco Hernandez never filed a criminal complaint, never initiated an investigation regarding the Extortion allegation and simply stated Cox guilty of such, and therefore ruined the life, business, quality of life, and business of blogger Crystal Cox, completely outside of due process of law. Judge Marco Hernandez made Crystal Cox the Collateral Damage in attempting to protect corruption in Portland Oregon.

What Judge Marco Hernandez did not count on is that blogger Crystal Cox is SERIOUS about ethics, morals, constitutional rights, law and protecting the victims of corruption. 

Crystal Cox has not given up on speaking out about her rights, the rights of all citizen journalist and whistle blowers, nor has Cox given up on exposing those involved in illegal, unethical, immoral and shady dealings surround the Summit Bankruptcy and the iViewit Technology theft.

Who is protected under the First Amendment as a Blogger? 
Who does the Shield Law Apply to and Why?

Read this recent Article Below regarding bloggers and First Amendment Rights

Keep in mind the massive attack against ONE Blogger to take away her rights of due process, shut down blogs, steal online content, bypass the First Amendment all together, and attempt to exclude this ONE person from Law and Constitutional Rights was simply because 3 lawyers and one judge ( Judge Marco Hernandez, Marc Randazza Attorney, David Aman Attorney, and Kevin Padrick Attorney) did not like her "ethics" or "standards".  Another words they wanted to protect corruption and to SHUT Crystal Cox up, they FAILED.

Crystal Cox has remained dedicated to exposing THEM and corruption in general and to protect the Free Speech rights and Constitutional Rights of ALL Anti-Corruption bloggers big and small, ALL whistle blowers, ALL Citizen journalist and the public at large. Despite losing her business, her home, having constant threats and duress, being homeless, penniless and publicly defamed constantly.

For More information and Articles on the Crystal Cox Cas

More on the "Reason" Cox is "Allegedly" not to be deemed a "Journalist" by Law

Judge Marco Hernandez Ruling States:
"Defendant fails to bring forth any evidence suggestive of her status as a journalist."

It is not law, nor a prerequisite of constitutional rights to have a "status" of "journalist" in order for the First Amendment or the LAW to apply to you. "Defendant" did not need, as a matter of LAW, to "bring forth" evidence of "status as a journalist".

2.5 Million Dollars is A LOT of money, that, on top of what Judge Marco Hernandez accused Crystal Cox of and put Crystal Cox through, is completely outside of law, constitutional rights and the due process that Cox is and was entitled to, as a matter of LAW.

There is no law or licensing procedure in place to be legally determined "media" nor to be a "journalist", as a matter of law. A large network of blogs is CERTAINLY a "medium of communication" to the "public", that is an undeniable FACT.

There are no standards, ethics, legal status or licensing in any way that is required by LAW to be "deemed" a "journalist", and therefore protected by the U.S. Constitution and the laws in place to protect traditional media reporters.  So, how in the world can a Portland Oregon Judge, simply state that the laws that protect traditional "journalists" and "recognized media entities" simply, do not apply to "ONE BLOGGER", because he personally alleges that she has no standards and ethics, ya know, like the rest of those "REAL" journalists do and are therefore entitled to First Amendment Protection, Retraction Law Protection, Shield Law Protection and Bill of Rights Protection.

Judge Marco Hernandez simply, and with complete disregard of the LAW, made the life, family, friends, business and quality of life of this one, anti-corruption blogger, Crystal L. Cox, collateral damage in his protection of corruption in Portland Oregon.

Big media, such as Fox News, Forbes, the New York Times and more,happily joined in to discredit Crystal Cox, intimidate her, and paint Cox out to be a criminal in an attempt STOP Crystal Cox from her Ninth Circuit Appeal and from receiving any support what so ever that would end their monopoly on Free Speech, their Reporters Privilege and their above the law abuse of the shield law.

High profile First Amendment Porn Attorney Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group joined the lynch mob, and set out to sabotage Crystal Cox's Appeal to the Ninth Circuit, and joined in painting blogger Crystal Cox in false light in attempt to make her look like a criminal and thereby discredit her online media, chill her free speech, shut down her blogs, and all to protect the best interest of the "big boys" in the porn industry. And with complete disregard of due process of law and the constitutional rights of Crystal Cox, whom he had been acting as her attorney.

Porn Attorney Marc Randazza's goal was to simply sweep the Crystal Cox case under the proverbial rug, so that the "mess she made" would not affect his clients in the Porn Industry. Marc Randazza acted unethically and outside of the law and rights of Crystal Cox. Cox is fighting back in multiple courts in order to protect others from being irreparable harmed by Marc J. Randazza and Randazza Legal Group as she has been.

Here is Crystal Cox's Legal Complaint Against Marc Randazza and Alleged Co-Conspirators

Nevada RICO

Florida Malpractice

It is Your Constitutional Right to have "Choices" in your "NEWS"

It is a human right, a civil right to have CHOICE in what "news" source you gather "information" from.  You have a constitutional right to news sources other then BIG Media paid by advertisers, corporations, politicians and those who control the version of the "news" that the public at large has access to.

For example, blogs are the ONLY media outlet in which those exposing corruption have.  Most newspapers small and large will not report the true story for fear of retaliation, legal action, death threats, and their own life being ruined.

It is of MASSIVE importance for online media, anti-corruption bloggers, citizen journalists, and whistle blowers to have the same protection under the law as traditional reporters, journalists and Big Media. Without this protection, society is subject to only have the option of the news fed to them by large corporations, politicians, and ad based news outlets.

It is important to a free society, as a whole, 
to have choices in their news. 

News has become a "product", it is created and Sold via ad dollars. It is a clear violation of anti-trust to wipe out competition by suing the competition, suppressing online media, and stripping online media and bloggers of equal protection under the law. It is very important to all of society that there remain independent researchers who are reporting the news from their sources, there own experience, tips they receive, news they personally witness and truly independent investigations of news events.

In fact, it is an anti-trust violation to take away the choice of the consumer and monopolize the industry. This is clearly pointed out in blogger Crystal L. Cox's Anti-Trust Lawsuit against Kashmir Hill Forbes Reporter and the New York Times. Click Below to read that Case Filing.

In the now infamous 7 Reasons that Judge Marco Hernandez, Portland Oregon Judge claims Crystal Cox does not have "journalist" status, he goes on to say:

"For example, there is no evidence of

"(1) any education in journalism; "

There is no law that an education in journalism is required by law, the Bill of Rights or the Constitution of the United States in order for a citizen, an independent blogger (or free press publisher), to have EQUAL rights to traditional journalists, media or reporters. 

Judge Marco Hernandez's ruling has, in essence chilled the speech of anti-corruption bloggers, online free press, citizen journalists and whistle blowers in fear of retaliation from those they are reporting on.

"(2) any credentials or proof of any affiliation with any recognized news entity; "

It is not a statute of US Law, the Constitution of the United States of America, nor of the Bill of Rights, that a citizen prove they are affiliated with a "recognized" news entity, in order for the laws that apply to a "recognized news entity", traditional reporters, to apply to that citizen. Judge Marco Hernandez COMPLETELY side stepped the laws of the United States, and violated the constitutional rights of Blogger Crystal L. Cox, as a matter of LAW.

(3) proof of adherence to journalistic standards such as editing, fact-checking, or disclosures of conflicts of interest;

First of all, "proof of adherence to journalistic standards" is not a statute of US Law, the Constitution of the United States of America, nor of the Bill of Rights and should NOT have been a determining factor in a civil trial for defamation regarding a blogger (publisher) of online media reporting on a $40 Million Dollar VERY public Oregon Bankruptcy Case. 

Secondly, it is a CLEAR Fact that blogger Crystal Cox has and had the ability to "edit"

It is also a fact that Cox was not asked to edit nor change any fact on any blog post. 

Crystal Cox, Montana anti-corruption blogger was not asked to retract anything, and was simply sued for 10 million dollars in an Oregon Court. It is an obvious FACT that Crystal Cox could and can edit any blog post at any given moment in time, if asked to do so, or court order to do so. If Crystal Cox is given the facts and told which blog post is an issue for the Plaintiff.

Thirdly, Crystal Cox CERTAINLY did engage in the act of "fact-checking" to the best of her ability and had done so for 3 years when the Plaintiff sued her.  Crystal Cox had been reporting on the Summit Bankruptcy case for 3 years and Plaintiff fully knew this fact, as the Plaintiff and his attorney David Aman, "deposed" Stephanie DeYoung, one of Crystal Cox's sources in August of 2009, in video, and asked her who Crystal Cox was and why she thought Crystal Cox was reporting on the Summit Bankruptcy case.

Crystal Cox had read internal emails with the DOJ, read FBI press releases, spoke with investors and creditors, interviewed insiders, emailed insiders, read hearing transcripts, listened to hearing audios, read court filings and motions, read the massive amount of news and blogs that were discussing the very high profile Summit Bankruptcy, and Cox even heard Kevin Padrick's own words from videos of him at meetings, signed declarations and testimony, motions signed by him, 

Crystal Cox had "fact checked" to the best of her ability and did so for 3 years when Plaintiff, all of the sudden, Sued Cox with no retraction request, no blog post named in the complaint and from their completely violated the rights of due process and the constitutional rights of Anti-Corruption Blogger Crystal Cox.

Fourth, blogger Crystal Cox had  no need to disclose a conflict of interest, as Cox had NONE. Crystal Cox was not involved in the Summit Bankruptcy, had no money involved, no assets or property connected to this 1031 Exchange Company, nor had Cox, in any way a "connection" to Summit or anyone involved in Summit when she began reporting on the Summit Bankruptcy. 

Judge Marco Hernandez Ruling Goes on to Say more reasons that the First Amendment, the Laws of the United States do not seem to apply to this "One" Blogger:

(4) keeping notes of conversations and interviews conducted;

This is false, my blogs held many notes, some conversations were recorded with permission of participants, pages and pages of notes were taken from each call, massive amounts of emails were also notes, ALL of these were something that the Plaintiff had no legal right to, even though Judge Marco Hernandez RULED that Crystal Cox must give all notes, emails, phone records and conversations to those she was exposing to be participating in corruption, Crystal Cox refused and this is why Cox used the shield law as a defense. Cox did not claim the shield law because she had some "secret source", as Seattle weekly had reported. 

The sources of Cox's blogs was PUBLIC knowledge and had been for 3 years. 

What Cox wanted to protect was the DEMAND that she give the Plaintiff aKa, the "Enemy" and the subject of her corruption reporting, all the emails, notes, phone records and information of any kind from sources, to the very people she was claiming to be corrupt. Crystal Cox wanted to protect the rights of her sources, and Judge Hernandez did not want Crystal Cox to do this. The Plaintiff made settlement offers that asked that Crystal Cox incriminate her source for crimes they did not commit, and to state they committed acts that they did not. Crystal Cox wanted to, and DID protect the legal and constitutional rights of all of her sources.

Crystal Cox certainly did have a record of conversations and interviews, and this, AGAIN, is not a matter of law and should not have been a factor in whether blogger Crystal Cox "deserved" equal protection under the law or the U.S. Constitution.

"(5) mutual understanding or agreement of
confidentiality between the defendant and his/her sources;"

Number 5 is SHOCKING, at Best. 

Judge Marco Hernandez ORDERED blogger Crystal Cox to produce all records of conversation, all recordings, phone calls, emails, notes of any kind between me and all of my sources regarding the Summit Bankruptcy. So here he is saying that Crystal Cox is not protected under the First Amendment nor does Crystal Cox have protection under the same laws as traditional journalists, and "recognized media entities", and ONE main reason is that Cox did not have "mutual understanding or agreement of confidentiality between the defendant and his/her sources". 

This is FALSE.

For one, the agreements I had or did not have with ALL my sources, were and are my private information between me and my sources and is not subject to review by the opposition in a defamation case. Two, Judge Hernandez RULED that I was to violate any agreements and turn over all notes, emails, documents, files, phone records with ALL sources to the opposition, the Plaintiff in the case. Yet at the same time claimed I had no agreement and this is why I cannot, by law, have "journalist" status.  

This was a violation of the rights of my sources, violation of my rights and clearly outside of the LAW. So, how in the world could this "mutual agreement" or confidentiality disclosure have anything to do with whether the laws that protect traditional journalist and "recognized news entities" applied to me, Crystal Cox or not. And how is it lawful to DEMAND that I give this "confidential" disclosure data to the Plaintiff in this case and his attorney, ALL whom I was reporting was involved in unethical and corrupt actions in the Summit Bankruptcy?

"(6) creation of an independent product
rather than assembling writings and postings of others; or "

There is not one person, anywhere, who would not agree that I, Crystal Cox have an Independent Product. How in the world is this a determining factor in RUINING my life because I Dared EXPOSE Corruption in the State of OREGON?

If Judge Marco Hernandez thinks that my "product" aKa "blog posts" are not an "independent product", then he must believe, as a matter of law, that I did not write the information on my hundreds of blogs I had at that time, but simply re-posted what others had wrote. Yet, if so, then why sue me for defamation, why not sue all those other blogs? 

Also Judge Hernandez ruled that the Summit Bankruptcy was not of "public concern", and David Brown Co-Owner of Obsidian Finance Group also stated under oath that I, blogger Crystal Cox was the only one discussing the case. This was not TRUE, however, as it was Oregon's biggest bankruptcy case and had victims in 5 states, over 100 victims aKa creditors and investors. And had a whole lot of media and blogger coverage, as the record clearly shows.

So, that nasty blogger Crystal Cox, who allegedly set out to defame and extort, was simply "assembling writings and postings of others" and did not have her own "independent product" ?  Really? 

Does this seem true to you reader? 

I mean come on, I called him a thug and a thief, I curse, I capitalize in those crazy, odd places. I go "over the top" in my language and I don't have an "independent product" ? 

Well I say that is another flat out FALSEHOOD by a Federal Judge protecting corruption in Portland Oregon and making ALL citizen journalists, free press, online media, whistle blowers and new media publishers, the collateral damage of his free speech suppressing, Anti First Amendment RULING against Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

"(7) contacting "the other side" to get both sides of a story.
Without evidence of this nature, defendant is not "media."

First of all, this "evidence" is NOT required as a matter of law and constitutional rights.

Secondly, COX is media in her massive online presence PERIOD, as a matter of definition and fact. And Crystal Cox had and has a very strong, very large, dominating "medium of communication", aKa media. Judge Marco Hernandez would have you believe that Crystal Cox has no "medium of communication" and is thereby not legally "media", YET somehow defamed an Oregon Lawyer so badly in 3 weeks, that she had to pay him 1.5 million dollars and his company, Obsidian Finance Group another 1 Million. ( the date of the blog post was December 25th 2010 and the Lawsuit was filed January 14th 2011, the threat of the lawsuit claiming millions in loss was December 22nd 2010)

This case is riddled with fraud, filled with violations of due process, is a serious abuse of power and is a civil and human rights violation against blogger Crystal Cox an in turn ALL citizen journalists, online journalists, investigative reporters, whistle blowers and citizens of the United States of America.


Judge Marco Hernandez SHOULD be recalled, and indicted for his participation in protecting CORRUPTION among Portland Oregon Judges, top Law Firms, high profile lawyers, utility companies, DOJ Trustees, financial companies and more.

How much more do you need to SEE to understand that this JUDGE was Protecting CORRUPTION in Portland Oregon and in essence made ALL online media, bloggers, citizen journalists, whistle blowers, and new media journalists collateral damage.

This one Judge, spread FEAR among those exposing corruption and single handily CHILLED the Speech of those Exposing Corruption in their neck of the woods, around the WORLD.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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