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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Attorney Marc Randazza, Free Speech Advocate? No way says Blogger Crystal Cox, SWORN enemy of Marc Randazza the most hypocritical Free Speech Suppressing Lawyer EVER.

Free Speech Attorney Marc Randazza PLEADS with, Condemns UCLA Constitutional Rights, Law Professor, Eugene Volokh for not "Controlling" aKa Suppressing the Speech of his client. 

See the Evil Riddler Randazza thinks that if he "generously" takes an appeal for FREE aKa to benefit HIM, his clients, the Porn Industry and make the case go away in the WORST interest of the Client, well that client had better sit down and SHUT UP.

See Free Speech is only the Right of Who Jackass, Hypocrite attorney Marc Randazza says has that right and the U.S. Constitution only applies to those who Constitutional Rights gatekeeper Portland Oregon's Judge Marco Hernandez Says it DOES.

See, we can't have bloggers reportin' that thar news. See the news must be controlled and we can't be all ranting the facts and call the bad guys names.. oh I mean bloggers like that despicable Crystal  Cox can't.

So here we have Mr. Celebrity First Amendment Attorney on a two year long RANT and still going, to attempt to lie, cheat, steal, threaten, sue, defame, kick, scream and whine... or whatever it takes to stop the "more speech" of that pesky bat shit crazy blogger who has stood up to his hypocritical BULLSHIT, Fraud on the Courts, and Abuse of Power and Process.

Marc Randazza, First Amendment Bar Attorney, seems to think its ok, necessary and some sort of right of an attorney SHUT their client up, even when the client knows more about the details of the case.

And in the Obsidian v. Cox case, he had to DEFEND the case I already made, that is how appeals work. Yet he pretends he is the brainiac and that I should SHUT Up Now. That worked out well for your Dumb Ass didn't it?

Still believe the ol' more speech is betta story you bin bamboozlin your clients with..
YOU, Marc Randazza are seriously FULL OF SHIT and you RUIN Lives with
NO accountability, No constitutional Respect and completely outside of the LAW.

So Marc Randazza thinks that "Real Constitutional Supporting", "Free Speech Attorney" Eugene Volokh, in the name of free speech rights should "make" his client sit down and shut up, like Marc Randazza did to me and he GOT Fired.

See folks, FREE is not always a GOOD Thing. But boy does Marc Randazza think he is "hot shit" cuz he represents someone for free and he is GOD and all, so that person should bow down, shut up, and do exactly what he say. Even though I was Pro Se for a year, and even though I "preserved" the merits of the case VERY WELL for a bat shit crazy blogger. He seemed to think he could shut me up, ignore my rights, negotiate with Obsidian Finance Group WITHOUT my consent to the offer and well I should just be HAPPY that big DICK on Campus Marc Randazza took the case for FREE.

What a Crock of SHIT. Randazza Legal Group takes cases for free then gets good ol' Judge Gloria Navarro to issue and Opinion that makes the VICTIMS pay Randazza Legal Group anyway. Marc Randazza wanted me to pay for his travel, for filing fees and hotels. AFTER I just got a 2.5 million judgement and clearly had NO MONEY.

Then he gets fired for being disrespectful to me and for what I felt was working directly against the Free Speech Rights of Bloggers, Whistle Blowers and Citizen Journalists, and WOW does he get vengeful.

I stand up to his abuse of power and entitlement over me, and he contacts my "Free Speech" "First Amendment" "Constitutional Rights" attorney and tries to get him to "Chill", "Suppress", "Silence" my Speech. 

And for the Record, had the "REAL" constitutional rights attorney Eugene Volokh tried to suppress my speech while defending me in a Free Speech Case, I would have fired him too. FREE or NOT, whats Right is Right. Whats WRONG is WRONG. I am on the right side of the LAW, and the right side of the Moral Compass whether you, Asshole, have the world believe different or not. THE TRUTH REMAINS TO BE THE TRUTH.

The examples in blogs, legal case filings, videos, and more clearly show how hypocritical Marc Randazze is. Yet he is Above the Law and can get any judge he wants to shut down YOUR First Amendment Rights anytime he likes.

For two years and counting Marc Randazza has done everything but kill me to ruin my life, threaten me, sue me, lie about me in major publications, still my online media, defame me, threaten me, ruin my business, threaten my sources and he ALWAYS wins the favor of the judges, no matter how many laws he breaks, lies he tells under oath or constitutional rights he violates.

Check out the .. comment below written by the whiny, back stabbing, law breaking, unethical, hypocritical PRICK, alleged Free Speech supporter, attorney Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.

Source of Quote Below, Comment Section in Article Below Trashin' me and full of lies and BAD, Defaming information with actual malice and total disregard for the TRUTH... oh and NO Fact Checking..
"Conundrum of the Dispicable Blogger" "Attack Blogger Crystal Cox"

Rabid Randazza Free Speech Suppressing Comment:

"When you take on a pro bono client, you’re presumably doing it because you see the case as something that can benefit the greater good. If EV sees it that way, then more power to him.

My only critique of EV is that when Cox started this whole thing with me, I emailed him and asked him to exercise some client control.

His answer was that he could not do much about it. My response was that if I represented someone for free, I’d tell them that they will act ethically while I am their lawyer, or they can give someone else the privilege of representing them free of charge."

wa wa wa.. get Marc a big dick bottle full of whiskey to SOOTH his whiny butthurt 
First Amendment STOMPING ASS.

Oh OUCH, the "privilege" of a rabid, lying, lawless, constitutional rights violating, defaming, thug, lying, jackass, evil, mafia connected, whiny, back stabbing, unethical, client rights violating attorney being REVOKED for standing up to him, WOW.. well I guess that's a GOOD Thing..

Well, as many of you know, seems Eugene Volokh refused to STOMP on my Rights, Violate my Constitutional Rights, and well piss ant Marc Randazza turned his rage to his BUDDIES to defame me, break me, steal from me, threaten me, ruin me, defame me and cause me irreparable, immeasurable HARM in which he is CLEARLY responsible and will never be held liable.

See Rabid Riddler, Evil Asshole thug.. attorney Marc Randazza got his buddies at Forbes, NPR, WIPO, the New York Times, legal blogs (former clients) and all many of "media" to paint COX out as a criminal and then he used that as evidence in court to SUE Cox, who was never under investigation for a crime nor had Cox even had a criminal complaint filed.

Oh well, screw Due Process of Law, I am super duper Above the Law attorney Marc Randazza. And who ever I say is GUILTY well they are, no due process necessary and if you talk about me or my wife, well I will get a JUDGE to simply take away your First Amendment Rights, due process rights, and JUST take your online speaking sites away from you in one sweep. I am GODDANZZA aKa RandASSA

Marc J. Randazza CONTROLS the Courts, and answers to the Big Boys in PORN who really do need Free Speech Rights. And Marc tried to shut me up and my VERY important case go away. Marc Randazza has ruined my life, my business, and put me under constant duress for 2 years. All this and he was once my attorney. The Justice system is VERY Broken and guys like Marc Randazza run the COURTS, you have no rights to due process and the LAWS only apply to those Marc Randazza and attorneys like him says it does.

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