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Who is Pastor John E. Collins of Bringing Back God Church, Love that Cross Ministries? Who Really is this man of a million promises and endless false hope (flat out lies) ? Who is Pastor John Collins? I would really LOVE to know.

My Name is Crystal L. Cox, I am an Investigative Blogger, as most of my readers know.  I have been an Investigative Blogger reporting on corruption in the courts for over 12 years. I have been in and out of court cases myself for over 6 years. I am still in a court case whereby my ex-attorney Marc Randazza sued me and iViewit technology Inventor Eliot Bernstein. That case is going on 5 years now, and no end in sight.
Over the years I have literally had hundreds ask me who is Pastor John Collins to me, how did we meet, and how and why am I connected to him?  I feel God is compelling me to begin to discuss Pastor John Collins, his associates and connected churches and parties. And to share how Pastors, churches can manipulate people and control their lives for their own agendas.

I have known John Collins since June of 2010.

Over the last 7 years I have been connected John Collins, as my then potential real estate client, then an SEO / PR Marketing client, than a friend, than a Pastor, all long stories, more on each later.

Prepare for the most BIZARRE tale you have ever heard. A true story per my own personal first hand experience over 7 years with Pastor John Collins, his ministry, associates, colleague’s, associate pastors, family, and friends.

When I met John, he contacted me to view a high end home I had listed with my real estate firm in Montana at that time.  He came to view the property in a truck with TN plates. His wife’s name was KC (Kimberley Collins), and they claimed to have a live in nanny named Tia. (Tia later I found out was Cindy Epplin, who later became John’s wife) KC became Kimberly Hemmerich receptionist/events planner at their Marietta Church.

At that time, around June of 2010, Pastor John Collins made an offer on the home he viewed, he made a Lease Option offer to lease the home for around $3500 a month and then buy the home outright in 18 months for approx. 1.8 million with interest. My client declined as they needed to be cashed out of the home and property.

Little did I know that had my client took the offer the home may have been destroyed and abandoned.  As it appears that Pastor John Collins and his wives (ex and current) raised puppies, some call it puppy mills, I have no idea what this really means. Apparently they lease optioned homes at that time, and rented homes and then caused alot of damage with puppy debri let’s call it. More on this later. I did not understand the full scope of the lease option history when I made the offer to my client.

At the offer time John allegedly lived in Missoula MT and was renting a home there with his wife and kids and his live in nanny.  After this he moved to either Georgia, TN, or somewhere south, not sure. Soon after that he moved to Idaho. In Idaho he Pastored at a local church and he had his own church, I believe called Universal Church of Biblical Christians or something like that.

I went to see John in his Idaho rental. At that time KC was allegedly pregnant with twins. John later told me that she lost one. I am not sure if this was ever true as soon after, seemingly KC was not John’s wife. Not sure who the baby belonged to or what the truth of all that was. Soon after they all left for Pennsylvania, having a church called Bringing Back God in Marietta. ( More on that later).

When John first contacted me he told me he was an Insurance Negotiator. Apparently they were people who negotiated the fees of Doctors / Hospitals to get rates down for insurance companies.   I told him about my Search Engine marketing skills and he said that the people he worked for were paying $10,000 a month for search engine marketing. He said he could get me a job with them doing marketing for all of the negotiators with that firm. (never happened)

He had me create booklets, do tons of research on the topic and PR regarding him as Dr. John Collins, Insurance Negotiator. He told me at that time that he wanted to start his own Insurance Negotiation business with me doing marketing. At that time a Marco Winette was allegedly funding that business.

I moved to WF Montana in order to do  the project, ended up losing that rental, some furniture and a LOT of money, over $5000. John had me looking at homes and commercial buildings, he and a man named Jeffrey spoke to the listing agent in Whitefish and led everyone to believe we were buying the home and commercial property, this leading us all on went on for months.

In June of 2012 KC, John’s wife called and claimed she was flying to me in Whitefish with a$10,000 payment and then a quarterly payment of $125,000, to get the business and the healing center going, then there was 6 Million allegedly allotted for the Wellness Project that I would be working and creating.

After I lost the rental because John never followed through and lost some furniture, I moved to Spokane.  In Spokane John paid some on my phone bill now and then as payment and he payed the heating / oil bill once. I lived with a friend there and associate Pastor that was going to work with my church. John ended up trashing her to attorney Randazza as I seen in emails sent to me in my court case, more on that later. She has since passed away, deeply sad indeed. Turns out he paid partial on the oil bill only to spy on me, as he had someone tell him who lived there and everything about me, my life and the daily activities.

In the Fall of 2011 I had my Obsidian case trial, the case had been going on since the spring of that same year.  Marc Randazza had been my attorney for a short bit in the beginning.  When John found out about the case he questioned me on so many aspects, and he wanted to know about Marc Randazza.  Pastor John Collins spoke with the attorneys on the opposite side of me, David Aman, he spoke with my haters, he interjected himself into every aspect and person of the case that he possible could. To this day I am not sure why or which party was paying him for information on which party or why.

Meanwhile, we continued to talk daily, we were friends, I thought. It was a very stressful time for me and at times I was upset and crying. Later he unethically told Randazza al this as seen in court related emails. More on that later.

All along, every day, Pastor John Collins assured me that funding for my healing center was coming any day. Marco Winette was working it all out. There were other names and people thrown in, but NEVER did Pastor John say oh sorry that fell through. He constantly said it would be any day and did anything he could to make me believe it and hang on.  He would pay a phone bill, or now and then, at that time put in a $100 here or there in my bank account to keep me strung along. At one point I asked him to PLEASE stop with the False Hope and he chuckled and said it got you through didn’t it?  But NO, false hope and lies did not get me through. I GOT ME Through, and at that time I met a new friend online named Monica Foster / Alexandria Mayers and she helped me get through, along with my best friend I lived with.

Marc Randazza started attacking me at this time and flat out lying about me, long stories there. And for some reason Pastor John Collins was in contact with Marc Randazza, of which I did not know until years later. And he told Randazza what my bank account was, shared emails and private information and more, all of which I will never know, nor the reasons why.

Pastor Sylvia White, then receptionist of Pastor John’s Church gave Marc Randazza my home address, they ALL knew that Marc’s associates threatened to cut off my knee caps, said they were coming to the town I lived and had endlessly threatened me, yet they gave him my home address and ILLEGALLY gave them my private information regarding my association to the church, my counseling with my pastor, and my bank accounts and phone numbers.

Sylvia E. White also emailed Randazza, those emails are exhibits in court documents, and she told him to get the bitch, the bitch being me. I worked with that church, did associate pastor work in HW and elsewhere, did marketing and sought spiritual counseling at times. They completely violated my trust and my legal rights. And all the while claiming to be funding my church, which was all I wanted to have my church and help people.

At one point Pastor John Collins claimed that he was an FBI informant, I have contacted the FBI many times over the years and have NEVER been able to prove this in any way, nor do I believe it. At this point I believe John was getting paid from several parities, of which I will never know or understand.

Meanwhile in all this I lost my home to foreclosure due to Pastor John’s false hope and stories.

When Obamacare came in, apparently insurance negotiators were no longer needed. After this John told me the men he worked for went to prison, I believe he had to testify against them.  At anyrate there was no more Insurance Negotiation business and John had not paid me for the online marketing in this field that I had done. What part is true, what fabricated? Who knows.

After this John planned to have his own church and I am not sure what all businesses he had in mind. At any rate, apparently at one time John was set up by his ex-business partners and possibly his ex-wife and ended up taking the rap from some high finance criminal activity, not sure the extent of all that.  However he did have a record and SEC charges. When a potential client searched for his name online, his SEC charges were at the top of the search engines. At that time, in the Spring of 2011, Pastor John Collins offered me $250,000 to get his name off the first page. Apparently he was going to mail this to me in cash in a backpack. (never happened, had it, of course I would have claimed the income)

I worked hard, it took me a couple of weeks, and indeed I got his name with the SEC charges to the 4th page of Google search. John did not pay the promised payment but claimed that he would at some point. So I kept up with moving his name in the search engines. I posted thousands of documents / posts of content online about every other John E. Collins in the world to move his name and keep it down. John never paid me. ( year later he put me up in hotels and claimed that he has paid me, he never paid me a chunk of money, a payment I could actually use, only small amounts in rent or hotels or food money here and there for a few years on and off, only with persistent asking for payments on what he owed me for the work / the services I did for him)

During this time, at some point, John and I became friends, as I ended up talking to him almost every day. I told him that my Dream was to have a healing center to bring people to and offer alternative medicine and information on healing.  He said he knew a man named Marco Winn. Allegedly Marco Winnette had an illness and when John told him of my dream the man said he wished there was something like that when he first got sick. Apparently he was a very wealthy man.

Years later John told me that the man existed, however that he made up his name, why? I have NO IDEA.

During this time, yes John and I had become friends, however John was also very flirty with me as was his wife KC, who called me Cupcake, more on chats and emails in this regard later, for the purpose of painting a whole picture, as they added sexuality into the mix, WHY? I have NO IDEA and will never know who these people really are.

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Pastor John Collins aggressively inserted himself into EVERY aspect of my Obsidian Finance Legal case and constantly tried to get me to settle, to stand down and to stop my appeal. Was someone paying him to do this? I have no idea?

As part of the healing center promised donation John offered to pay off my 2.5 million judgment in that case, I said no, I thought I may win appeal, and to donate that to the healing center, wellness project. I did, of course WIN my appeal.

Then there was a 500 acre property in Hawaii that was to be the wellness center, this never happened.  There were properties in parts of Washington, MT, hawaii and more that Pastor John Collins and his FOR SURE people to donate and financiers were funding. All the while he had me chasing my tail and controlling me and getting information out of me.

In the Summer of 2012 I was unable to pay my Verizon phone bill, John said he could help, as he owed me money. He said it would be easier if he had a passcode to get into my account or use when calling so that he could pay easier. He used this to spy on me, to give information to Randazza and others involved in my cases and against me. He also stalled paying the bill. I thought he was paying. The bill went to over $2500, I could not pay and I lost my Credit rating, which made renting impossible and made my situation worse.

Pastor John Collins told Marc Randazza my bank information, my phone details, my home address and other PRIVATE information, why, I will never know for sure.

Pastor John has since had revivals and apparently made millions. I am told that some church in Texas, I believe, owes him millions for revivals and Pastor work. This has allegedly been an ongoing legal battle for years, I have no idea the truth of it.

Over the years I did online marketing and PR work for Pastor John Collins so he could succeed in his revivals and no one would know of the SEC issue, not that it affected his ministry as it really didn’t. However, he still wanted me to do massive online SEO and PR so his revivals would succeed. I did PR just before his big awards and his big country music magazine article. He claimed it would be good for my ministry and his and he would get me an ad too. That, of course, never happened. What did happen is I did PR for him while his ministry made money and I never did get a lump sum payment so I could move on with my life.

Essentially he used me, then used other people’s money to put me hotels calling that helping me, I wanted paid and to be in control of my own life, that never happened. Meanwhile Pastor John was sabotaging my case, my business, and my entire life.

Pastor John Collins has apparently won many awards, and I saw him on national tv presenting awards. All the while I was behind the scenes making sure he looked good online and also teaching his people how to do blogs and PR.

Pastor John Collins is a recognized evangelist, comparable to Billy Graham, they say.

He has won top awards in the industry such as and not limited to the ICM Faith, Family & Country™ Award in 2015. Pastor John Collins presented at this country music event and was on national television.  

John Collins is listed as the 2017 Ten Top Ranking Influential Ministries, Pastors, Preachers and Evangelists living in the United States. ( Which is Odd because John has been quite sick for a few years and he has only done guest preaching here and there as far as I know. So I highly doubt he would be on a list such as this. However, I did teach John's "people" how to do SEO and PR so I am sure they just made this up to make him look relevant in 2017). Meanwhile all of 2016 and 2017 I lived in my Truck because of promises, lies, non-payment for services, and false hope from the seemingly very influential Pastor John Collins.

In the Spring of 2014 Pastor John Collins told me that if Monica Foster / Alexandria Mayers needed a pastor to pray with or talk to that he was available, he encouraged me to get her to contact him. I thought for spiritual upliftment and prayer. Turned out he talked to her then contact porn attorney Marc Randazza who had threatened her life and he and his associates had tormented her for years. John then gave Randazza information on whatever Monica discussed with him. Which is illegal according to laws as a pastor suppose to keep confidences. Instead Pastor John Collins seemed to be a crony for the Porn Mafia or Industry or some other investigator, made no sense.

I am telling this story at this time because I feel it is time. I feel that God is inspiring me to tell my personal story and experience with Pastor John Collins and those connected to him, including Sylvia White Pastor, and Pastor Jeff White.

Pastor John continues to tell me he / his people are funding my church and when he gets his funding so will my church as promised for 6 years. He never stops and never tells me the truth of it all. Sylvia White, his ex-secretary continues to pledge that she is funding my church, meanwhile I am homeless, penniless and have lost everything because of this group of con-people.

Pastor Sylvia White has been working to assist in marketing John Collins through a marketing firm in Billings, Montana. She claims and he claims that they are not working together. She allegedly has a protective order against her to not contact John. However there was some odd incident in the winter of 2017 where Sylvia E. White told me that Pastor John Collins got some person high up to unfreeze her money from the IRS so she could fund my church and healing center as she has continued to pledge to be doing for well over 3 years now.

Pastor Sylvia White seems to currently live in Billings MT, who knows for sure. Sylvia White has and her Tree of Hope Ministries both registered to the address 522 N 29TH STREET, BILLINGS, Montana, 59101 which is the address of First Christian Church in Billings MT. There seems to be NO Montana state records of "A work of hope" but there is an SOS listing for TREE OF HOPE MINISTRIES (A250519). Sylvia does not seem to be connected to the First Christian Church in Billings, so why is her ministry address there? Who knows.

Sylvia seems to have funding massive blogs promoting Pastor John Collins and well thousands of blogs to attack me. John claimed they were a large group of other people, led me to believe he cared about me and shut them down, even claiming using the group “Anonymous”. However the blogging style on Pastor John’s church blogs and blogs about him were the same, so I am sure that John and Sylvia paid bloggers to create massive hate about me. Then pretend to shut it down because they had connections.  There was something about some book rights and Eureka MT and so many people, who knows the truth.  I know I never will.

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Sylvia White claimed to have testified against Marc Randazza and told me to make Monica Foster stand down and not blog as to ruin the case. This was late Spring 2014. The reason given was to ensure that the bad guys were caught and victims of the porn industry and human trafficking were saved / helped. THAT NEVER HAPPENED.

Years of claiming to fund my church at any moment, knowing I had no food money, and lived in my truck and was freezing, and all the while claiming to care about people.

I am telling my story in hopes to protect others out there who have experienced any of this in their life with connected parties or others with the same type of people in their life path.  I am not trying to be malicious in any way.  I have lived in hotels for 3 years, John and his church and associates paid for hotels, all the while promising to fund my healing center and church, they lied and rendered me in their control and my life and survival up to them. Then about a year ago they stopped making payments in any small amount, stopped paying for hotels and I lived in my truck and in the streets for over a year.  My life, my business, my loved one all affected and I want to understand why? To understand what I gave my life for.

Some involved in building my dream have literally died waiting for Pastor John’s promises, false hope I call it now. The reason he led me on for so many years, and yet made payments in the form of keeping me fed and in a hotel room, I have no idea and at this point will probably never know. I can only assume it was to get information from me, attempt to control me, keep me in survival mode and not able to blog on corruption. I am not sure who he worked for, with or who Pastor John Collins really is.  I will never know at this point, it is Simply between Pastor John and God now.

7 years later and well, I really don’t know who Pastor John Collins really is, nor do I believe I ever will. Meanwhile my court case name him and his ex-secretary and they cost me an attorney in that case, and even said they would get me an attorney because of costing me one, that Never Happened.

Marc Randazza’s people posted about Pastor John Collins and accused me of extorting him. I have certainly never extorted John Collins. We have a long history and he has not been honorable nor followed through with his pledges and promises.

Marc Randazza put in court documents that Pastor John Collins, as he calls Reverend John Collins told him that I had extorted him. John interjected in my cases, pushed himself into my life, made grand claims to keep in my life and keep me talking to him. He was NOT extorted. I worked for him, I was a friend, and he was my pastor and spiritual counselor at many points.

Marietta Pennsylvania church Bringing Back God, at that time Sylvia White was the secretary, she got her story and information from John I believe, later she claimed she made it up. Anyway she emailed Marc Randazza, though that church was a client, and I had done mission work for and with them and received pastor counseling; Sylvia White emailed Randazza and told him the church gave me money, sent him my private confidential bank documents while at the same time telling hotels I was doing missionary work for them and telling me they were funding my church. Her email to Randazza told him to get the bitch, me being the bitch. This is also exhibits in the court case. Later Sylvia apologized, said she did not mean it and she said she believed in me and the good work I was doing and that she was soon to be getting an inheritance and planned to donate to my church. She helped me to incorporate and for years has promised to fund my church, it has NOT happened.

Pastor John told me NOT to respond to this in the courts and to just ignore it, or it would hurt the case. Another words to simply take the hit, let them accuse me of criminal activity and not defend myself in any way. Why? I have no idea.  Pastor John claimed that he was investigating Marc Randazza, that yes he was doing much of what I was reporting about him. (more on this later) . More on pedophiles, Donny Long and whatever else John made up to get me to stay silent for so many years, even to the point of living in the streets penniless and with no food money, no where to live.  Was John investigating Randazza or the Porn Industry attorneys, CEOs or companies? I have NO IDEA. At this point I believe all that Pastor John Collins told me, to be FALSE, fabrications and  and flat out LIES.

In John’s delusions, fantasy or stories he has claimed not only to be paying me 10,000 a month for SEO services, but to be funding my church from his revival money as I did the marketing the whole time as his ministry went forward. He never did do as he promised. Pastor John Collins simply misled me for years and years and still is to this day.  At this time I really have no idea where John is. He declined to comment on any of this for my articles.

John also claimed to or alluded to being an FBI informant, to be testifying for grand juries and don’t tell because it is against the law, yet never proved it and in fact used it to affect my life adversely, affect my safety and RUIN MY LIFE.  I don’t believe Pastor John is an FBI informant or that he was a part of anything he claimed. Meanwhile he tapped into me wanting to do good, help victims of the porn industry, victims of human trafficking and pedophilia and used me and why? I have no idea. There were hundreds to thousands of tales involved in all this. There were tapes he had and was going to mail, there was subpoenas to him in Georgia in the boonies, later he said he lied because his attorney told him too. ALL this and I NEVER needed him in my case. He put himself there, he FORCED himself there and WHY?

He preyed on me wanting to help people to heal and to give victims a voice, and I believed it would all end one day and justice would be served. But what happened was John ended up controlling my survival, my living situation, my food and basically keeping me / my life hostage with promises of Justice being served and promises of my church, my healing center being funded. I ended up living in the street literally, sleeping in my truck and in the streets.

This is CRUEL at best. The MOTIVATION for Pastor John Collins, I have NO IDEA and I never will. It is in God’s hands now.  
A bit more on Marc Randazza. I thought John may be talking to him at some point, however I had NO IDEA it had been so many years and that he FLAT OUT lied about me to Randazza, while still talking to me every day, pretending to pay my phone bill yet instead was in my account and telling Randazza who I called and when and giving my banking details and home address to him.

At one point, in the Spring of 2014, Marc Randazza emailed me. He sent me several eMails that Pastor John Collins had sent him over years. Marc thought it would upset me and I would turn on John, then he was going to come for me.  I was upset, I was hurt, however my mission was to protect the VICTIMS of the porn industry, pedophilia and of Randazza Legal Group and so I did not say anything.  Pastor John told me to delete the emails, I did NOT.

Pastor John along with Cindy, Sylvia White and others called me and promised that they were going to testify against Marc and to please no post on it. NOTHING ever happened only torment to me personally. As they claimed Randazza had sent over 200 texts threatening to burn the church and threatening him, they claimed they filed complaints and that ALL never happened. They claimed that Randazza Legal Group attorneys were VERY aggressive and threatening as they wanted him to testify against me so I would not get a court appointed attorney. It worked as Sylvia gave him information on my mission work and so they claimed I had an income. But no i did not and YES i was a pauper and could certainly not afford an attorney, John, Sylvia and their church screwed me.

Pastor John Collins told me that Ronald Green, Marc Randazza and (James / Jay) J. Malcolm DeVoy of Randazza Legal Group were pressuring him HARD to testify against me, and he refused. I had no idea what he was talking about as I did not know what lies he had been feeding Randazza about me.

John said Randazza was extremely angry and pushing John to testify against me, as apparently my then pastor, friend and a man who owed me money for service rendered and had promised more on his own, Pastor John Collins, well he allegedly claimed to Randazza that I was extorting him,
So Porn Attorney Marc J. Randazza, hating me immensely, wanted to set me up for jail and to win his case against me and Eliot Bernstein. So he believed John and wanted John to back up his stories and testify. John refuse ( because he FLAT OUT LIED)

Pastor John Collins told me about and let me hear parts of the aggressive call with these attorneys from Randazza Legal Group,  a law firm who represented me in my Obsidian case at first were pressuring and threatening my then Pastor, PR / SEO client / my friend I thought, and a man who I had spoke to pretty much daily for several years prior. And WHY? I have no idea but I would LOVE to know the TRUTH.

I never responded to Marc Randazza and in fact, I did a video after this all happened praising John as to make him look good and not blow his alleged delusion “cover”.

After Marc Randazza sent me proof that my Pastor had been betraying me for years, Pastor John, as well as his wife Cindy and Sylvia White all called me, I had permission to tape this call, they begged me not to blog about it and expose them to Randazza, they told me that it would protect victims of Randazza and the porn industry and that Randazza would lose his license and go to prison. It NEVER happened. Meanwhile I never responded and just let my friend, my Pastor, his church and associates CONTROL me and keep me silent.

At one point, I believe in the winter of 2014, Pastor John Collins told me to tell Monica Foster / Alexandria Mayers that if she needed someone to pray with to contact him. As Monica is a Christian and I thought he was sincere and she may benefit from this pastors offer. He betrayed Monica and  We never spoke again, BECAUSE of him. Pastor John told Marc Randazza, a man who threatened her life, inside personal information about her and WHY? Monica was my friend, Pastor John Collins ruined that trust permanently years ago. And for WHAT?

Who are ALL the mystery people Brandon, Marco Winnette, the church that owes John money, the alleged attorneys, the FBI connections, the Senator, so many different people and names that are going to fund this or that or do this or that and all these important people that were going to fund my church. What a Crock and WHY? I really do want to know, however I doubt after all these years that I will ever know the TRUTH.

Pastor John is sick alot.  I do care about him and hope he gets well permanently and can go on with his ministry, as he really does know the bible.  However, I never know if he is really sick
Or simply telling more tales. At one point his ex-secretary Sylvia White told me John was on his deathbed and could go at any time, that was the fall of 2014. She claimed they were all praying over him, Later she claimed to exaggerate and apologized.

 In January of 2017 Sylvia White AGAIN, for around the 100th time, pledged a donation to my church, it never happened and she claimed the money was FROZEN by the IRS and that Pastor John Collins contacted some connection he had and told me how lucky I was because that freed the money. There was NO money, it NEVER happened, I had been living in my truck a year by then.

Pastor John Collins claims to have Department of Justice connections. He claimed that Sylvia White committed Mortgage Fraud and stole over 100,000 from his church during the time of his revivals in Texas. He claimed he paid that back, yet at that time said he had no money and let me suffer and claimed there was no money to pay me. He claimed she lied and got a loan for that and he had to pay it back and she owes him. Dozens of times he told me she would go to prison for what she did, yet there was never even a complaint filed. NOTHING HAPPENED. More on this all later.

I had STRONG faith in all this for 7 years. It is time to let go of the DELUSION and Face the Truth about these "Christians". 

Lot’s More to This Story Coming Soon.

There is MASSIVE amounts of information and research in so many directions. It will take some time to report on each leg of all this to the best of my ability, Stay Tuned. And please eMail me at if you have a tip as I am literally dying to know the TRUTH. These Christians have ruined my life and the life of so many I love and care about and for WHAT? Who Knows.

I have lived in the streets, froze, went without food and shelter and lived in massive duress for years because of this group of people. PLEASE I beg of you if you know the TRUTH please eMail me at . God Bless You.

Posted here to the best of my knowledge, opinion,
personal experience and understanding
By Reverend Crystal Cox


More coming soon on Sylvia White’s first impression of the Pastor John Collins family, or cult as she called it, more on St. Maries, Money, Marc Randazza, hate blogs about me done by the church that claimed to care about me, Tree of Hope ministry, Jeffrey White Pastor, Cyndi Epplin Collins, Kimberly Hemmerich Collins, Love that Cross ministry and revivals, Pastor Sylvia White, Tree of Hope Ministries, Marc Randazza and Pastor John, claims and blogs of Pastor Sylvia White caring about homeless yet deliberately making me homeless, AWORKOFHOPE.COM,  LoveThatCross.COM and Kimberly Hemmerich,, Kimberly Rudy, Chris Hemmerich, Brandon Rudy, alias Mallory Reed, The town of St Marie and more

Thursday, May 4, 2017

YouTube Video Comment

"Edward Przydzial

mr. randazza needs to be asked only one question in my book and that is why exists... and he can't say it's freedom of speech or it's against suppression of the press...

when you go look at that site you'll see the horrid abuse of the internet along with the most hate filled, vile and nasty racist & bigotry ever put in the public domain. rumor has it mr. randazza is supporting and even helping this website... it's authors donald carlos seoane and michael tierney etc. say mr. randazza is deleting things online using dmca and copyright to remove blogs and other informations exposing pornwikileaks? well google, wordpress say legal requests to remove pornwikileaks victim informations was done through an attorney...

so pornwikileaks is allowed to defame, libel harass and threaten but if you post the facts about it your information is removed by dmca or copyright? using free speech as a weapon to allow pornwikileaks to stay online as well? someone needs to ask mr. randazza to state clearly if he is representing pornwikileaks or not and if he's involved in suppressing the victims of pornwikileaks... answer this mr. randazza because the public needs to know..."

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Marc Randazza had a Reckless Disregard for the TRUTH when, with ACTUAL MALICE, he maliciously DEFAMED his former client Crystal L. Cox. He KNEW for a FACT that what he was posting was NOT TRUE. Yet he Defamed me, Crystal Cox, his former client with ACTUAL MALICE.

Marc Randazza continues to be a hypocrite and seriously Full of SHIT.  It is EASY to prove Marc Randazza knew he was flat out LYING about Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein. I told him and sent him documents and he flat out lied to courts, national radio stations, blogs and the public at large WITH ACTUAL MALICE. Yet he was rewarded with top of the search engine domain names. Marc Randazza tortures, defames, harasses clients and whom ever he pleases, knowing full well of the ACTUAL truth. He does this to get his way, to win case, to set legal precedents and yet is above the law.

He violates his clients rights and defames private individuals and public figures and with ACTUAL Malice. No one has a case against Marc Randazza because he is slippery and in my OPINION corrupt and has Judges in his pocket and corner for whatever reason.

It is rumored that Randazza is one of the porn guys that started the rumor that Melania was an Escort as a model before marrying Trump. Oh well can't trust the rumor mill right?

Certainly CANNOT Trust Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza DOES NOT believe I have a right to disagree. HE DESTROYS the lives of woman who disagree with him or speak unfriendly about him.


This Video is Flat out LIES to get clients by a washed up, bankrupt, corrupt, bully, abusive, malicious attorney who is constantly HYPOCRITICAL. Don't believe a word he says. It is only an Advertisement and in NO Way should be taken as ACTUAL facts about Times vs. Sullivan, the First Amendment or your RIGHT to trash talk your human rights violating, corrupt, bullying attorney.

Marc Randazza LIED to WIPO and stole mass domain names, wiped out massive web content, STOLE intellectual property, and ruined my life and business as well as put me in constant stress and threats from his lies to the courts, and other entities regarding myself and Iviewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein. Marc Randazza used his influence to STOMP Free SPEECH rights and Steal Intellectual Property and he did so KNOWING full well that what he was saying, swearing to and posting was false. He KNEW the facts and with ACTUAL Malice spread Defamatory LIES.

Mark Randazz: : You Can Learn From People You Don't Agree With


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Two Randazza Legal Group attorneys state (in a legal brief) their employer’s 7 year old child looks like a sex worker

"An Alexandra Mayers developing story…
In April of 2014, Jennifer Randazza (wife of Marc Randazza – the managing partner of Randazza Legal Group) attempted to intimidate me into silence (in regards to my reporting on Randazza Legal Group) by filing a frivolous civil court lawsuit against me… a lawsuit which Mrs. Randazza initially attempted to settle out of court for $500 (Clark County NV civil case A14699072C).
As of current, Jennifer Randazza is seeking a dollar amount just $200 shy of $500,000 (half a million dollars) from me due to my stating on twitter that she, her husband and Randazza Legal Group are attached to organized crime.
This month (December of 2016) two Randazza Legal Group attorneys (Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green) openly and blatantly lied in a Damages Brief about a piece of computer generated parody I created that was entered as evidence into the lawsuit. Attorneys Shepard and Green stated on page 4 and page 8 of their client Jennifer Randazza’s Damages brief filed on December 16, 2016 into Clark County Nevada Civil case A14699072C that I depicted Mrs. Randazza’s toddler daughter (a female child between the ages of 3 and 7) as a sex worker. I clearly did not.
As you can see in the piece of computer generated parody above, there is clearly not an instance of a child between the age of 3 and 7 years old depicted anywhere in the graphic. In addition, Jennifer Randazza’s daughter is not named anywhere in the graphic. In fact, when the Judge who is presiding over this case (Judge Rob Bare) inquired with attorney Shepard as to whether or not he wanted to argue in court as to the facts of the piece of computer generated parody below – Shepard clearly stated THAT HE DID NOT (and I was standing right there in the court room when Judge Rob Bare was talking to Shepard about the issue).
Why is it that Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group believe their employer's 7 year old daughter looks like Teagan Preseley - because she clearly DOES NOT!
Why is it that Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group believe their employer’s 7 year old daughter looks like Teagan Preseley?
The reality is that for some reason attorneys Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group think that it’s perfectly acceptable and OK for them to lie on Clark County Civil Court record to Judge Rob Bare.  Both Shepard and Green seem to also think that it’s OK and acceptable to state on court record that they believe their employer Marc Randazza and their client Jennifer Randazza’s 7 year old daughter is a doppelganger of a sex worker and pornstar (of the woman known as Teagan Presley specifically).
I still believe there’s just reason to investigate Marc Randazza in regards to his affiliation and apparent fascination with pedophiles.  In fact, considering what’s written on pages 4 and 8 of Jennifer Randazza’s Damages Brief in conjunction with a blog post by Marc Randazza titled “Pedo Privacy is Important Too” and an essay he once posted defending a book titled “The Pedophile’s Guide” – I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to hear about at least one of the Randazza’s doing jail time in the future.
attorneys Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green clearly lie in Jennifer Randazza's damages brief for Clark county NV civil case A14699072C
attorneys Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green clearly lie in Jennifer Randazza’s damages brief for Clark county NV civil case A14699072C
attorneys Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green clearly lie AGAIN in Jennifer Randazza's damages brief for Clark county NV civil case A14699072C
attorneys Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green clearly lie AGAIN in Jennifer Randazza’s damages brief for Clark county NV civil case A14699072C

Marc Randazza believes that pedophiles are entitled to their "rights"
Marc Randazza essay - The Pedophiles Guide defense
Source and More

Randazza Legal Group – porn industry lawyers who a BV Files blogger has linked to a coven of alleged stalkers & pedophiles - Monica Foster Reporting

"For the complete post from BV Files on Randazza Legal Group and his alleged ties to what appear to be a coven of stalkers and pedophiles from click here:

Below is a highlight from the posts:
About nine months ago, Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before filed a complaint with the State Bar of Nevada against revenge porn supporter Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza.  We are pleased to tell you all that on April 19, 2016, a screening panel of the Nevada State Bar unanimously voted to accept this grievance and to initiate disbarment proceedings against Randazza, on behalf of Some Random Person, regarding allegations of violations of Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct 1.4 (Communication), 1.7 (Conflict of Interest: Current Clients), 1.8 (Conflict of Interest: Current Clients: Specific Rules), 1.10 (Imputation of Conflicts of Interest), 1.15 (Safekeeping Property), 1.16 (Declining or Terminating Representation), 2.1 (Advisor), 5.6 (Restrictions on Right to Practice), and 8.4 (Misconduct).
The State Bar will file a disciplinary complaint shortly.  Randazza will have a chance to respond to that and then a date for a formal hearing will be set.  Evidence is presented at the hearing, and a three-member panel (2 attorneys & 1 lay person) will decide on what discipline (if any) to impose on Randazza.
and another highlight from the post:
Why is Ken White of the Pope Hat blog a supporter of this man? Well it appears that Ken White is also a supporter of revenge pornography and the sexual blackmail of little girls due to him having Adam Steinbaugh as a member of his “blogging team.” As we all know, Steinbaugh was recently named in federal court papers as being one of McGibney’s confederates and fellow cyber-stalkers / harassers."


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Kinsale Insurance Company, VA ~ Marc J. Randazza Liability Insurance

Kinsale Insurance Company, VA ~ Marc J. Randazza Liability Insurance, Malpractice Insurance.

Well after all these years, we finally know who Marc J. Randazza's Liablity Insurance Carrier was when he represented me, Crystal L. Cox and when he sued Crystal L. Cox his former client. It appears to be Kinsale Insurance Company out of Richmond Virginia. 

How in the world is Marc Randazza still practicing law or anyone connected to him ? WOW.

However, Imperium Insurance Company, York Professional Liablity Group, was Randazza's Liability carrier when the Nevada Federal Courts finally accepted my counterclaim and malpractice suit so maybe they are the one's liable for what Marc Randazza did to me.

Click Below to Download the Court Filing, filed by Attorneys for Clay Douglass showing Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group Liability Insurance Carrier.

Did Marc Randazza represent me, Crystal Cox? 
Well according to him he sure did.

Click Below and check out the eMail in the exhibit to the court


Exhibit 1 shows that Eugene Volokh, attorney and UCLA Law Professor clearly thought Marc Randazza was Crystal Cox’s attorney. Volokh claimed that he had a long talk with Randazza and Randazza told him that he represented Cox. Click Below