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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who is Andrew Hill? Is Andrew Hill Marc Randazza? Have a Marc Randazza Tip, eMail me Crystal Cox Sworn ENEMY of Marc Randazza. Is Kenneth P. White involved in Extortion Scandals with Marc Randazza or with Andrew Hill. Please eMail documents, videos, transcripts, any evidence of Criminal Activity regarding Marc Randazza and Kenneth P. White.

Is Andrew Hill  Marc Randazza?  Who is Andrew Hill, more Coming Soon.

Beware of Kenneth P. White, Do your Homework

Kenneth White scandal with complaints of Andrew Hill

12/26/2011 1:02PM"

Who is Adam Steinburg?  More Coming Soon, have a tip? 

So many questions. Also I am getting Tips that Kenneth P. White and Marc Randazza may be Lovers, not that I have a problem with that, however it does seem a Conflict of Interest. So please email me tips on this issue as well. Oh you did know that Marc Randazza is Gay right? Sorry if I outed Him, thought you all knew.

Extortion, Fraud, Hate Crimes, Conspiracy, Collusion... and much more to be in my Criminal Complaint Against Marc Randazza and Kenneth P. White. Please eMail documents, videos, transcripts, any evidence of Criminal Activity regarding Marc Randazza and Kenneth P. White.

Friday, November 2, 2012

"Marc Randazza Continues to Deliberately LIE about Blogger Crystal Cox in the name of Free Speech."

"On Marc Randazza's blog, and featured in the Lynch Mob, you see discussion over the Stephanie DeYoung comment she posted on Marc Randazza's blog, The Legal Satyricon 

The defaming video that the Attorney Lynch Mob made about me shows a Comment Marc Randazza made in which flat out says he thought the comment was from me so he did not post it, you see that at 3:34 in their original video, a comment Stephanie DeYoung made regarding what Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Groupposted that she allegedly said, the "Internet Predator" post.

He quoted what he had been given that Stephanie DeYoung allegedly said and did not let her have a response. He says in the video about blogger Crystal Cox that he thought it was Crystal Cox herself that posted the comment so he did not let the comment through, knowing full well he had emailed Stephanie DeYoung and knew that the comment was indeed her. He has yet to allow her comment on that post defaming her and Blogger Crystal Cox.

This "Internet Predator" was a picture, assumed to be leaked to Marc Randazza by David Aman, the Plaintiff's Attorney in Obsidian V. Cox. Marc Randazza, in the name of Free Speech, being a First Amendment Attorney and All, has not allowed Stephanie Deyoung Free Speech regarding his posting what he believes to be her words regarding Blogger Crystal Cox.

Here is a video clip taken by me, Blogger Crystal Cox from the Video out there about me called "Crystal Cox Crazy Blogger", which is packed full of lies, partial quotes and bad information.

Well Anyway, Marc Randazza REFUSED to let her comment through. And then in the video above Marc Randazzaclaims he thought it was from me, Blogger Crystal Cox. Knowing full well that was in NO WAY True.

Email records show that 20 minutes after the comment was made, Marc Randazza emailed Stephanie Deyoung and knew full well that it was her. In fact Marc Randazza tried to discredit me, paint me in false light and flat out lie about me in those emails.

Here are those emails. They are in different time zones. You can see at bottom of the thread, he responds to the wordpress alert, so he knew since the MINUTE she posted it on April 4th that it was not me, yet deliberately painted me in "False Light".

Click Below For Document

Marc Randazza is committing a Hate Crime. Marc Randazza is encouraging his attorney and blogger lynch mob to deliberately paint blogger Crystal Cox in False Light, knowing full well that he had corresponded with Stephanie DeYoung. All this to provide a smoke screen to the corruption I am exposing in a $40 Million Dollar Bankruptcy. And to suppress my First Amendment Rights, to single me out, selective prosecution, and to attempt to suppress my Free Speech. 

Marc Randazza claims I have changed the tone of my "blogs" to about me instead of Exposing "Kevin", thing is I actively post on my Obsidian Finance Sucks blog and others regarding the Summit Bankrupty, and this is a flat out lie, AGAIN by Marc Randazza. I will list a few on the bottom of this post. I have not changed the "narrative". Marc Randazza is on a mission to destroy me because I bought, a Domain Name he did not approve of me buying and Marc Randazza is suppressing my Free Speech rights with flat out lies. Instead of going through WIPO, legal channels to determine who has a right to have MarcRandazza.comMarc Randazza claims the story is no longer about Kevin Padrick, well that is because Marc Randazza, David Carr, Kashmir Hill, David Aman, and the Judge himself have changed the focus from the blog post I was on trial for to an "Alleged" crime that I was not on trial for.

The Judge Did this to protect his "Cronies" in the Portland Oregon Attorney Fraternity.   

This is simply to divert the story. And to protect the Portland Oregon Elite law firms of Perkins Coie, Sussman Shank, Tonkon Torp and Miller Nash. And to protect Judge Randall Dunn and the Department of Justice Trustee Pamela Griffith. I still post on the story and roar it as loud as I can and in fact am working on a Federal RICO Complaint over it and FBI, DOJ Complaints regarding what I know in the Summit Bankruptcy. I encourage you all to investigate every detail of the Summit Bankruptcy and the Role of Kevin D. Padrick, as a Federally Appointed Trustee, who was at first hired by the Men who went bankruptcy to help them restructure debt. 4 mens entire lives, connections and families were ruined by the actions of One Man. 

These "Family Men" with kids, grand kids, lives full of people who love them and count on them, now they face decades in prison due to being set up by the LIES of ONE MAN, Kevin Padrick Hundreds of Creditors and Investors were harmed, and this case will continue to be the most Transparent Bankruptcy the world has ever seen, as vowed by those exposing the details of the Summit Bankruptcy and the story of ONE MAN, a Trustee taking control of the lives and property of hundreds of victims with no accountability or transparency. And in the meantime setting up his own clients to be indicted with his smoke and mirrors illusion.  

Kevin Padrick, of Obsidian Finance Group used his power and clout, his political connections, his money, his past connections with Steven Hedberg the attorney for the creditors, and the power and connections of Tonkon Torp Leon Simson to the Department of Justice Trustee Pamela Griffith, in order to get a powerful position in charge of $40 Million Dollars and a paycheck that last I looked in, was still coming. 

As of January 2012, the Summit Bankruptcy was still open and the Paycheck of Saint Kevin Padrick was still rolling in.  I still have tons of blogs regarding the Summit Bankruptcy, I still reject the Offers of Obsidian Finance Group via their Attorney involved in the Summit Scandal, and I state in every interview that the outcome I want is justice for the victims of cases I write about, such as Summit, iViewit, Lightsquared, the Petters Bankruptcy, Montana Corruption and hundreds more. 

I want to Sue Marc Randazza, if you will represent me on contingency, email me or Here is Stephanie Deyoung's Blog Detailing the Summit Bankruptcy I am also working on a book, with an ISBN to discuss all that happened with Obsidian Finance Group and the Summit Bankruptcy.  And Tons more on this Story...

All this HATE, and Lies, to distract from the 
Corruption I am Exposing in the U.S. Judicial System.

Follow the money, to not be distracted from the story by the LIES about the Messenger. Crystal Cox Blogger Industry Whistleblower

Originally Posted At

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Latest Victim of Copyright Troll Marc Randazza and the Kenneth White Lynch Mob. Expose Marc Randazza. Sue Marc Randazza. Fight Back against Extortionist, Copyright Troll Marc Randazza who uses Brown White Newhouse Kenneth P. White and a Gang of Bloggers to Attack Innocent Victims.

Copyright Troll Marc Randazza Attacks Again. Expose Marc Randazza

"Abbreviated Statement About Marco Randazza, Known Copyright Troll

1. Marco Randazza’s claims are false. He has a history of lying, contradicting himself and attempting to extort money via copyright trolling. Visit for information about his ‘legacy’. He has also in the past attempted to extort Crystal Cox, a self-identified lesbian blogger as well as numerous others. I am in the process of adding people to my legal team who can hardly wait for a rematch with Mr. Randazza. This includes numerous attorneys and co-claimants.
2. I have never scammed or ripped anyone off, nor done anything illegal, nor engaged in anything questionable. If you read Marco’s blog, he admits that he’s just doing this for fun. Furthermore, I’m not the Takedown Lawyer, Takedowm Hammer, David Blade, or anything else and neither is Chance.
3. He offered us $2,500 for this website. I told him that his offer was way too low, especially in the wake of all of the attention we’re getting courtesy of the lies of Mr. Randazza. In the event that we were offered a fair deal, I would take it – but not a bad deal, sorry. P.S. Mr. Randazza makes upwards of $550/hour and his retainer fee is $25,000. That would make his annual income for 100 clients at least 2.5 million. $$$$$$$$$. I threw in the $$$$$$’s for fun.
4. Everyone pictured on this website consented to appear on here. Anything else is total nonsense. They took the pictures themselves. They transmitted them via Fair Use. The submitters agreed to the terms of submission prior to sending them.
5. Mr. Randazza claims to be a defender of free speech – and yet he’s trying to close our website down. What a joke!
6. That picture of me you’re using really IS old as hell. I was 19 when it was taken. I don’t look like that at all anymore.
7. I earn a modest living. I give all of my earnings to my family and to Chance, except for maintenance expenses for this website. Furthermore, I really hate this job and I do not do it for revenge, to hurt people, etc., I do it because Barack Obama is the second worst President in US history (second only to Jimmy Carter). The job market is really screwed up. A talented guy like me is easily worth seven figures or more in a good economy (if Randazza’s worth $2.5 million, I’m worth at least $8 million).
8. The copycat versions of our domain and are owned by Eric S. Chanson. You know what the irony of the situation is? Mr. Randazza claimed at one point that he would help us join the lawsuit against Eric S. Chanson which is currently being pursued by Bullyville and James McGibney. He then changed his mind and claimed that he ‘never offered to represent us’ at McGibney’s behest.
9. I love all of the comments that say ‘they’re the best!’ or ‘they’re the worst!. It feels good to be polarizing as a public figure. You love me or you hate me. You love Chance, or you hate him. Do you know what I’d be doing with my life if it wasn’t for this website? Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Back against the wall, going to interview after interview and being rejected like every other honest, hard-working American.
10. From now on I’ll be posting the contact info of the people who have contacted me and tried to troll me so far. Randazza and his buddies want to do it, and they think they’ll have some mass of claimants – they’re wrong. Randazza + Steinbaugh + Popehat + Whoever else you get = It doesn’t matter. You guys can team up and call yourselves WRONGHAVEN. It would be a fitting name for you trolls.
11. Again, thank you for all the attention. A lot of people who come here are actually becoming FANS of our work, which means your behavior is actually counter-productive. The Streisand Effect.
12. First of all, anyone who wants to love, hate, etc. me, contact me at
And now, here’s a list of the trolls email accounts. Remember, these people all want to stop us from giving you content! Ken Popehat Some idiot named “Mike” Adam Steinbaugh Marco/Marc John Randazza (POLO!), aka MARCO POLO Carlos Miller who runs a supposedly pro-photography website (but doesn’t support our PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE. facepalm.jpg)
Make sure you send these guys a few emails and let them know what’s up. IAD FOR LIFE."
Source of Copyrights Troll Marc Randazza, Kenneth P. White, Brown White Newhouse Post