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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Nevada Courts have IGNORED Blogger Crystal Cox Regarding Randazza Legal Group, J. Malcom Devoy, Sean Tompkins, and Marc Randazza connected to Gang Stalking and threats, AND to Ari Bass.

The Free Speech Coalition is behind abusing sex workers, behind Ari Bass, behind Kenneth P. White, Ari Bass, Sean Tompkins, and the violence and above the law action of them and the above the law actions of Marc J. Randazza, J. Malcom Devoy, Randazza Legal Group, Kenneth P. White, Brown White and Newhouse, Ari Bass aKa Michael Whiteacre, Free Speech Coalition, Sean Tomkins, Michael Whiteacre, and Judge Gloria Navarro, Judge Peggy Lean and the Nevada Court System, stands with Randazza Legal Group and his THUGS such as Ari Bass aKa Michael Whiteacre.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Judge Matthew F. Kennelly has yet again protected Tracy L. Coenen to defame, harass and ruin the life of whom ever she please. Tracy L. Coenen Clearly DEFAMED Blogger Crystal Cox, yet Judge Matthew F. Kennelly protects Tracy L. Coenen, and this is not the FIRST time.

Judge Matthew F. Kennelly was SWITCHED to Chicago Illinois Case #: 1:13-cv-03633 in order to PROTECT the interest of  Tracy Coenen  and Sequence, Inc. YET again, and to PROTECT Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group and his alleged Co-Conspirators.

Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group AND Tracy Coenen and Sequence, Inc. CLEARLY, without a Doubt PUBLISHED false and defamatory statements to a THIRD party concerning Blogger Crystal Cox.

Yet for some reason, Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group AND Tracy Coenen of Sequence, Inc. are YET AGAIN above the laws of the United States and the Constitutional Rights of their Victims. 

It is a CLEAR FACT that Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group AND Tracy Coenen of Sequence, Inc. published FALSE Statement Regarding Crystal L. Cox, yet Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group AND Tracy Coenen and Sequence, Inc. and other alleged Co-Conspirators of District of Illinois Case #: 1:13-cv-03633 seem to be ABOVE the LAW.

Complaint Crystal Cox filed against Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group AND Tracy Coenen of Sequence, Inc and other alleged Co-Conspirators of District of Illinois Case #: 1:13-cv-03633.

Matthew F. Kennelly ~ CASE #: 1:13-cv-03633 Chicago Illinois

Judge Matthew F. Kennelly has a history of protecting, or I ALLEGE, covering up for blogger Tracy L. Coenen, as she defames whom ever she wants, accuses who ever she wants of fraud, and crimes and has absolute court immunity, protected by Judge Matthew F. Kennelly over and over and by Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group

Marcus Evans Inc. V. Coenen

Judge Matthew F. Kennelly thinks that Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group AND Tracy Coenen of Sequence, Inc committing conspiracy, alleged fraud, and flat out defamation is "frivolous", and seems to protect Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group AND Tracy Coenen of Sequence, Inc over and over again to create a trail of victims. As they do whatever they please, say whatever they want, shut down whatever blogs they want, remove content and act outside of the LAW and the Constitution of the United States.

A Frivolous Lawsuit apparently means a Legit Legal Action in which no attorney gets PAID, therefore it must be DISMISSED, even though YOUR tax dollars pay these judges. Attorneys like Marc J. Randazza, and financial investigators such as Tracy Coenen run the courts and do as they please.

Tracy Coenen Clearly Defamed Blogger Crystal Cox. As did Jason Jones of Salty Droid.

Jason Jones even threatened that Crystal Cox better deal with him and not move toward her Ninth Circuit Appeal or he would take action against her, then he did take that action. Judge Matthew F. Kennelly of Illinois is protecting Tracy Coenen and Jason Jones of Salty Droid. And the interests and agenda of Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.

Why is Tracy Coenen and Jason Jones of Salty Droid above the Law in the State of Illinois?

There is a CLEAR case of Defamation. Much clearer then Obsidian v. Cox that is for sure, yet the case is dismissed to protect the obviously GUILTY. It is a fact that Crystal Cox was Defamed, yet for some reason, this blogger that is the only BLOGGER in the world not protected by the first amendment, well she also has no right to SUE those who CLEARLY publish flat out lies, false and defamatory statements to a third party against her.

See,  the First Amendment and Defamation Law is ONLY for Elite.

Attorney Marc Randazza controls the courts in multiple state, that is CLEAR.

Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group does not enter this cases, but controls the case from behind the scenes because Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group is a powerfully connected, above the law attorney who WILL damn well get what he wants, no matter what laws he breaks or constitutional rights he violates.

Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group controls the legal blogsphere and who reports on what.

Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group works the courts behind the scenes, yet never entering the case of accepting service?

Never DOUBT that Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal GROUP is above the law, controls the outcome of cases, controls judges and courts and is ABOVE THE LAW, period.

Never DOUBT that Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal GROUP will selectively apply the law and the constitution to whom ever he please to benefit his own agenda and financial interest.

I filed multiple lawsuits and with good reason and merit, none of his gang stalking attorneys even made fun of me, they were ALL told by Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group not to utter a word, and they do as Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group says, CLEARLY.

Proves that Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group CONTROLS the Legal Blogsphere and therefore the outcome of cases he is involved in and his financial gain from those cases.

A Lawsuit is Frivolous, apparently, if it has merit, truth and FACT such as this one linked below, Yes long winded as their list of actions that caused harm to Crystal Cox, still it is true. See "they" are above the law. But they will SUE you and WIN because they control the courts. Then they will turn around and commit those very crimes against you, and YOU will have NO RIGHTS.

Example of a Complaint that WINS 2.5 Million for Defamation

Blogger EXPOSES a Bankruptcy Trustee and has NO First Amendment Rights what so ever. Judge Deems Federally Appointed Trustee as NOT a Public Figure, Blogger hit with $2.5 Million Judgement.

Traditional "Media", Accountants, Legal Bloggers, Online Media, International WIPO Publications CLEARLY published the false and defamatory statements against that same Blogger and Blogger has no rights as Plaintiff Either.

Defendant of CASE #: 1:13-cv-03633 have clearly defamed Blogger Crystal Cox. And yes these defendants have NO LIABILITY, even though Marc Randazza was counsel for Cox for a bit and has completely violated her rights. Blogger, Plaintiff Crystal Cox has no resources to FIGHT back, and clearly Marc Randazza RULES the COURTS. However, Plaintiff Crystal Cox wishes this information to be found, in hopes that someone with more power and wealth then I, will one day bring them to JUSTICE and stop their violation of the rights of Citizens.

Defendants of District of Illinois CASE #: 1:13-cv-03633 knowingly and intentionally published false and defamatory statements concerning Plaintiff Crystal Cox, that is a FACT, as proven, and with actual knowledge of their falsity, with actual malice and reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of the statements. Defendant's acts in doing so were not privileged. Yet, these ELITE and powerful Defendants of District of Illinois CASE #: 1:13-cv-03633, ARE ABOVE THE LAW.

Matthew F. Kennelly switched to CASE #: 1:13-cv-03633, Crystal Cox ALLEGES in order to PROTECT Tracy Coenen and Marc Randazza, and not for the first time (RICO)

CASE #: 1:13-cv-03633 Chicago Illinois - Cox v. Coenen

Expose the Above the Law, Constitutional Rights Violating action of Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group, Tracy Coenen and Jason Jones of Salty Droid. They SHOULD not be ABOVE THE LAW.