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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Must hire models, must maintain pool, must PAY payroll at Randazza Legal Group who was the law firm that represented me and i am NOT allowed to countersue

Must pay 70$ to do your NAILS, meanwhile the women Jennifer Randazza MALICIOUSLY  sued suffer. And why is Marc Randazza paying for her NAILS if they are in a real divorce and not one staged to cheat clients?

Must go to the gym, must get clothes ALL THE TIME.  Must get furnishing, oh and some more clothes..

Why am I, Creditor 13, a 10 million dollar liability to Marc Randazza?

Is it because it suits his needs to use my countersuit for him? The case has NOT settled, his liability insurance carrier for him as an attorney and / or his law firm Randazza Legal Group have not been involved and there is no LIABILITY of record.

If you sue someone for a Billion dollars and there is no trial, no settlment and say 4 plus years pass then they would have a Billion dollar liability? What?

The Court will not let me countersue Randazza Legal Group or Jennifer Randazza. and the case is STUCK into Infinity. Randazza and his law firm continue on and though they should have liability insurance, they have not paid clients in settlements nor tried to settle with me, yet claim a 10 million dollar liability just because I sued them for that amount??? WOW.

Anyway, here is the latest financial report from Randazzle the Riddler

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why is Marc Randazza still "practicing" law ? Why is he NOT in Jail? How long will Judges protect the blatant unethical, unconstitutional and seemingly illegal actions of Rogue Randazza?

"Marc Randazza seems to be a BIG supporter of revenge pornography and the sexual blackmail of little girls (and some men!) having represented James McGibney (who we don’t like) in several lawsuits that were filed against McGibney for…. revenge porn, extortion, defamation, and blackmail, and in lawsuits filed by McGibney involving McGibney’s revenge porn empire building schemes.  And now he is trying to help Jimmy out of his latest legal jam."

"Marc Randazza, the website’s attorney, dismissed Powers’ claim as nothing but a publicity stunt and extortion attempt.

“These are claims that nobody has seen since mid-January, and nobody remembers — but they will obtain far more notoriety, credence, and permanence as part of a federal lawsuit than they ever could on Cheaterville,” Randazza told News 10."

"ind someone willing to represent McGibney in the Texas LOLsuit by sending out what he thought was a confidential email to the members of First Amendment Lawyers Association (FALA), which is an Illinois-based, incorporated not-for-profit association. Unfortunately for Randazza, one of our Admins is on their email list. :( "

"ACT: Marc Randazza is currently under investigation by the State Bars of Nevada AND Florida for committing a series of alleged actions involving moral turpitude, fraud and numerous ethical violations. Randazza was recently found GUILTY of clear and serious breaches of fiduciary duty and was ordered to pay a former client of his, Corbin Fisher/Liberty Media, over $600,000 in damages. In an attempt to escape his responsibilities, Randazza has filed bankruptcy and is attempting to hide from his debts."

Randazza tweet

Why is Ken White of the Pope Hat blog a supporter of this man?  Well it appears that White is also a supporter of revenge pornography and the sexual blackmail of little girls due to him having Adam Steinbaugh as a member of his “blogging team.”  As we all know, Steinbaugh was recently named in federal court papers as being one of McGibney’s confederates and fellow cyber-stalkers / harassers.
From the federal court pleadings
From the federal court pleadings"
Source and Lot's More

Why is attorney Marc Randazza and his Law Firm Randazza Legal Group NOT liable for the damage they do to clients? Why don't their liability insurance PAY for the Damage?

Why is Randazza above the Law? Well I believe it's who he has what on. I mean come on look at all the Judges around the country that protect him, protect the PORN Industry. Randazza clearly breaks the law and violates clients rights and yet no liability insurance paying and he is out there creating more victims?? Hmmm