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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nevada Courts DENY Crystal Cox's Plea to Investigate the Crimes she alleges Marc Randazza and his Porn Industry Clients have Committed

Entire Docket, Marc Randazza Randazza Legal Group, SUES former Client to TRY and Shut her up.

Motion to Enjoin Attorney GENERAL DENIED

MOTION to Request This Court Investigate Plaintiff Marc Randazza by Defendant Crystal L Cox.

denying 22 Motion to Request This Court Investigate Plaintiff Marc Randazza.

The Nevada Courts REFUSE to look into the Illegal Actions of Porn Attorney Marc Randazza and his connection to tormenting, harassing, suing whistleblowers, former clients and committing fraud on the courts.

The Nevada Courts KNOW of Randazza Legal Groups illegal, tortious, harassing, unethical action and THE do nothing to stand up to the Victims of The Nevada Courts

Marc Randazza and Jordan Rushie are THUGS to say the least. They fight AGAINST the Free Speech of those who expose corruption. They Ruin LIVES with LIES and Fraud on the Court. Dig Deep.

"Garbus is asserting the defenses of statute of limitations, failure to state a cause of action, and first amendment protections under opinion, factual statements and matters of public concern. Garbus has defended Nelson Mandela, Cesar Chavez, Robert Redford, Michael Moore, and numerous major First Amendment cases including the famous Ashton v. Kentucky case in 1966, now in every Constitutional Law textbook."


Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and Jordan Rushie are part of an Internet Mobbing Scam that suppresses the TRUTH about the Porn Industry giants who are involved in human trafficking and illegal porn prostitution rings. The evidence is overwhelming, yet Courts and Judges across the land protect the unethical, unlawful, unconstitutional, fraud on the courts and flat out lies by Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group, Jordan Rushie and their gang of THUGS. They are dangerous and have people who stalk, threaten to come to your town, ruin your life and business and all to affect the outcome of settlements, court case and the money PAID to Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and Jordan Rushie. Look at ALL the documents of FACT out there folks, the TRUTH is overwhelming.

Stand Up to Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and Jordan Rushie, demand the DOJ and FBI investigative them and their "PORNAFIA" Buddies.

Check Out RICO / Racketeering Lawsuit Filed

Blogger Crystal Cox accuses Randazza Legal Group, Jordan Rushie, Marc Randazza and More of Racketeering, RICO..

More on Vivid Entertainment EXPOSE

Hey Jonathan K. Gosselin, Dig Up all you Can About Porn Attorney, Mafia Connected THUG Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group

Jonathan K. Gosselin case.. Randazza Legal Group is EVIL, acts outside of and above the law, controls judges, courts, media, newspaper, radio and more. Dig deep into all the hypocritical cases out there, talk to attorneys who have no respect for Marc Randazza's lies and hypocritical actions.

This goes for Jordan Rushie as WELL, Dig Deep Folks, EXPOSE these Porn Industry attorneys who are SUPPORTING those involved in human trafficking, stalking, client abuse, first amendment suppression, client harassment, life and reputation ruining internet mobbing and more.

Randazza Legal Group controls judges, submits false evidence, flat out lies and has no accountability. Randazza Legal Group is hypocritical, violates the constitutional rights of clients, and violates the LAW. Randazza Legal Group perjuries themselves constantly in court documents and judges do as they say and take their word as FACT with total disregard of the TRUTH and LAW.

Marc Randazza is such a LYING Hypocrite.. check this out

Marc Randazza will one day be EXPOSED, and hopefully indicted, PUT IN PRISON for his illegal actions and his torment of whistle blowers and flat out life ruining harassment of his own client.

A few research links


eMail me at for more documents, court cases, video links to PROVE how hypocritical and LAWLESS Randazza Legal Group and Marc Randazza is. And so is Jordan Rushie.

Do Your Homework, Find the TRUTH for Yourself.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

EXPOSE Randazza Legal Group; J. Malcom DeVoy, Ronald Green and Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group PROTECT those involved in Human Trafficking and PORN directed at Children.

Randazza Legal Group protects Porn Industry Prostitution Rings, and the Porn Companies who target
children in "Porn Parody". It is Time to STAND up against the "Pornafia" and fight for the rights of Human Trafficking Victims and STAND UP to the attorneys who protect those involved in Human Trafficking such as Marc Randazza and his THUGS.

Forbes Journalist Kashmir Hill has relentlessly stood by Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group

Crystal COX is Dedicated to EXPOSING Randazza Legal Group 
"To Catch Government Workers With Ties to Child Porn, Call the IRS"

"There is a national crisis of federal employees engaged in the child porn industry and a related epidemic at the state level.  I’ve documented two states, Vermont and Maine, that appear to be running state protected child trafficking rings with evidence of cops, judges, lawyers, clergy and government employees covering for each other. This kind of racketeering creates powerful, and extremely profitable, pedophile rings.

YOU are ALL Journalists. SPEAK UP.
Money drives the crime. It is estimated that a criminal willing to molest a child in front of a live webcam can earn $1,000 a night. In Kittery Maine, at the “Danish Health Club,” one bust yielded $6.1 million in “door fees” over a five year period with “prostitutes” earning $12 million. Pimps’ earnings were not reported. The “door man” was a retired police officer whose wife worked in back. This bust happened because of one hard-working IRS agent, Rod Giguere."

"Child trafficking and porn are the fastest growing crimes in America. With billions being laundered in black money it makes solid economic sense for the IRS to focus on the child porn industry.  Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has demonstrated they have no interest in prosecuting pedophiles, not even their own. The IRS should be given substantial resources to compensate for DOJ’s disgraceful failure. American tax-payers, not to mention America’s children, will reap huge rewards."

Source of Article Quotes Regarding Child Porn Rings. IT Is time to Stop Vivid Entertainment, and the Lawyers and Law Firms who Protect PORN targeted at and with children such as Randazza Legal Group. FIGHT BACK.

Randazza Legal Group FIGHTS and SUES the whistle blowers in the Porn Industry. J. Malcom DeVoy, attorney with Randazza Legal Group and his client Sean Tompkins stalks, threatens, defames, harasses and constantly torments those who expose the EVILS of the Porn Industry. Marc J. Randazza is there "ring leader" and is protected by Corrupt Judges across the United States.

Stand up to Vivid Entertainment and to Liberty Media, the DRIVING force of porn targeted at children. Stand up to Disney, Warner Bros. and ALL who allow PORN targeted at Children. Stand up to the Attorneys that Protect EVIL such as J. Malcom DeVoy, Ronald Green and Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.
THE First Amendment ALSO Applies to THOSE Exposing the PORN Industry,
and SPEAKING CRITICAL of PORN Attorneys such as Marc Randazza.
and Not Just those SELLING PORN.

Stand up to Bob Garfield of NPR and Kashmir Hill of FORBES who make Randazza Legal Group look like HEROS and make the VICTIMS out to be CRIMINALS.

Checkout Anti-Trust / Defamation Lawsuit against Forbes filed by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox

Check Out RICO / Racketeering Lawsuit Filed

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