Monday, August 7, 2017

Attorney Marc Randazza is a Gang Stalking Online expert indeed. He works with gangs of attorneys that harass people online and RUIN lives.I notified the courts, the authorities, the FBI long ago.

When Marc Randazza does not agree with your "content" he simply gets an UNCONSTITUTIONAL TRO to Suppress your Speech. Marc Randazza Simply gets Godaddy, Google, and the Courts to take your websites, steal your domain names and simply remove you from the search engines. He takes your domain names and websites and redirects them to his blog page defaming you.

When you Speak Critical of Marc Randazza he gets his gang stalking attorneys (internet trolls) to stalk you, to post hate about you, to threaten you physical harm, to ruin your business friendships and life in general and they do this for years on end. Some of their victims kill themselves, and they press them to do it.

Marc Randazza will NOT allow you to speak critical of him. Well and go on about your life that is. His gang stalking trolls are mostly attorneys, so they post in law magazines, they file amicus briefs in federal court, they conspire with attorneys in any case you may be in, they network at every level to discredit you, meanwhile they text you and threaten and intimidate you constantly.

Marc Randazza will sue you so he can get phone numbers you called, your bank information and depose family, friends and clients and stalk you some more with all that knowledge.

These gang stalkers including attorneys, law websites, and lot's more, well they have "clout" you see, and they go on Fox news, NPR, and interview with FORBES and they make sure to ruin YOUR LIFE with lies, as the scumbag gang stalking attorney is taken "SERIOUS" and you are simply "Dismissed".

I am Glad to here about the latest case Monica Foster talks about in the video below. I pray this will shed a whole lot of LIGHT and "Crystal Clear" precedent.

Also Check Out the Randazza vs. Cox case in Nevada, some of the motions discuss the TRO and how Marc Randazza deals with Free Speech he does not like.  ALL the blogs, websites, domain names in Marc's complaint and more intellectual property was simply TAKEN by Marc Randazza. No Trial, no Jury, no Judgement, just an Unconstitutional TRO. Check it out.

Click Below to Read my Complaint against Marc Randazza and the Gang, to the best of my Pro Se ability to fight back

Emotional Distress, Invasion of Privacy, and Intimidation. Incite Hate and Stalking. This is EXACTLY what Marc Randazza and his gang stalking attorneys do. They also use so called "credible" outlets to trash who they don't like or agree with or who will not do as they say. They did it to ME, they did to Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers and countless others. This legal action is AMAZING. Of course Marc is representing the guy, if the guy loses Marc and his buddies lose the ONLY way they win case, by gang stalking harassing those in the cases they want to LOSE so they can set a precedent for THEMSELVES.

Thank you Alexandra Mayers for your continued work in shedding light on this VERY important Issue that has harmed so many.

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: 
Does the lawyer defending neo-nazi troll Andrew Anglin know where he is?

Friday, August 4, 2017

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, Victims Advocate reporting on Court Corruption for 15 years and counting FILED a RICO Complaint alerting the COURTS to Massive Collusion, Corruption, Cyber Bullying, Criminal Defamation and MORE.

Click Below to READ Crystal Cox Pro Se Complaint. Yet it was dismissed by Corrupt Judges in collusion with Corrupt Lawyers. Still every word is TRUE to the absolute best of my knowledge and ability to express such.

The COURTS have Aided and Abetted Marc Randazza and his alleged Co-Conspirators

Thursday, May 4, 2017

YouTube Video Comment

"Edward Przydzial

mr. randazza needs to be asked only one question in my book and that is why exists... and he can't say it's freedom of speech or it's against suppression of the press...

when you go look at that site you'll see the horrid abuse of the internet along with the most hate filled, vile and nasty racist & bigotry ever put in the public domain. rumor has it mr. randazza is supporting and even helping this website... it's authors donald carlos seoane and michael tierney etc. say mr. randazza is deleting things online using dmca and copyright to remove blogs and other informations exposing pornwikileaks? well google, wordpress say legal requests to remove pornwikileaks victim informations was done through an attorney...

so pornwikileaks is allowed to defame, libel harass and threaten but if you post the facts about it your information is removed by dmca or copyright? using free speech as a weapon to allow pornwikileaks to stay online as well? someone needs to ask mr. randazza to state clearly if he is representing pornwikileaks or not and if he's involved in suppressing the victims of pornwikileaks... answer this mr. randazza because the public needs to know..."

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Marc Randazza had a Reckless Disregard for the TRUTH when, with ACTUAL MALICE, he maliciously DEFAMED his former client Crystal L. Cox. He KNEW for a FACT that what he was posting was NOT TRUE. Yet he Defamed me, Crystal Cox, his former client with ACTUAL MALICE.

Marc Randazza continues to be a hypocrite and seriously Full of SHIT.  It is EASY to prove Marc Randazza knew he was flat out LYING about Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein. I told him and sent him documents and he flat out lied to courts, national radio stations, blogs and the public at large WITH ACTUAL MALICE. Yet he was rewarded with top of the search engine domain names. Marc Randazza tortures, defames, harasses clients and whom ever he pleases, knowing full well of the ACTUAL truth. He does this to get his way, to win case, to set legal precedents and yet is above the law.

He violates his clients rights and defames private individuals and public figures and with ACTUAL Malice. No one has a case against Marc Randazza because he is slippery and in my OPINION corrupt and has Judges in his pocket and corner for whatever reason.

It is rumored that Randazza is one of the porn guys that started the rumor that Melania was an Escort as a model before marrying Trump. Oh well can't trust the rumor mill right?

Certainly CANNOT Trust Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza DOES NOT believe I have a right to disagree. HE DESTROYS the lives of woman who disagree with him or speak unfriendly about him.


This Video is Flat out LIES to get clients by a washed up, bankrupt, corrupt, bully, abusive, malicious attorney who is constantly HYPOCRITICAL. Don't believe a word he says. It is only an Advertisement and in NO Way should be taken as ACTUAL facts about Times vs. Sullivan, the First Amendment or your RIGHT to trash talk your human rights violating, corrupt, bullying attorney.

Marc Randazza LIED to WIPO and stole mass domain names, wiped out massive web content, STOLE intellectual property, and ruined my life and business as well as put me in constant stress and threats from his lies to the courts, and other entities regarding myself and Iviewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein. Marc Randazza used his influence to STOMP Free SPEECH rights and Steal Intellectual Property and he did so KNOWING full well that what he was saying, swearing to and posting was false. He KNEW the facts and with ACTUAL Malice spread Defamatory LIES.

Mark Randazz: : You Can Learn From People You Don't Agree With


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Two Randazza Legal Group attorneys state (in a legal brief) their employer’s 7 year old child looks like a sex worker

"An Alexandra Mayers developing story…
In April of 2014, Jennifer Randazza (wife of Marc Randazza – the managing partner of Randazza Legal Group) attempted to intimidate me into silence (in regards to my reporting on Randazza Legal Group) by filing a frivolous civil court lawsuit against me… a lawsuit which Mrs. Randazza initially attempted to settle out of court for $500 (Clark County NV civil case A14699072C).
As of current, Jennifer Randazza is seeking a dollar amount just $200 shy of $500,000 (half a million dollars) from me due to my stating on twitter that she, her husband and Randazza Legal Group are attached to organized crime.
This month (December of 2016) two Randazza Legal Group attorneys (Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green) openly and blatantly lied in a Damages Brief about a piece of computer generated parody I created that was entered as evidence into the lawsuit. Attorneys Shepard and Green stated on page 4 and page 8 of their client Jennifer Randazza’s Damages brief filed on December 16, 2016 into Clark County Nevada Civil case A14699072C that I depicted Mrs. Randazza’s toddler daughter (a female child between the ages of 3 and 7) as a sex worker. I clearly did not.
As you can see in the piece of computer generated parody above, there is clearly not an instance of a child between the age of 3 and 7 years old depicted anywhere in the graphic. In addition, Jennifer Randazza’s daughter is not named anywhere in the graphic. In fact, when the Judge who is presiding over this case (Judge Rob Bare) inquired with attorney Shepard as to whether or not he wanted to argue in court as to the facts of the piece of computer generated parody below – Shepard clearly stated THAT HE DID NOT (and I was standing right there in the court room when Judge Rob Bare was talking to Shepard about the issue).
Why is it that Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group believe their employer's 7 year old daughter looks like Teagan Preseley - because she clearly DOES NOT!
Why is it that Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group believe their employer’s 7 year old daughter looks like Teagan Preseley?
The reality is that for some reason attorneys Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group think that it’s perfectly acceptable and OK for them to lie on Clark County Civil Court record to Judge Rob Bare.  Both Shepard and Green seem to also think that it’s OK and acceptable to state on court record that they believe their employer Marc Randazza and their client Jennifer Randazza’s 7 year old daughter is a doppelganger of a sex worker and pornstar (of the woman known as Teagan Presley specifically).
I still believe there’s just reason to investigate Marc Randazza in regards to his affiliation and apparent fascination with pedophiles.  In fact, considering what’s written on pages 4 and 8 of Jennifer Randazza’s Damages Brief in conjunction with a blog post by Marc Randazza titled “Pedo Privacy is Important Too” and an essay he once posted defending a book titled “The Pedophile’s Guide” – I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to hear about at least one of the Randazza’s doing jail time in the future.
attorneys Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green clearly lie in Jennifer Randazza's damages brief for Clark county NV civil case A14699072C
attorneys Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green clearly lie in Jennifer Randazza’s damages brief for Clark county NV civil case A14699072C
attorneys Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green clearly lie AGAIN in Jennifer Randazza's damages brief for Clark county NV civil case A14699072C
attorneys Alex J. Shepard and Ronald Green clearly lie AGAIN in Jennifer Randazza’s damages brief for Clark county NV civil case A14699072C

Marc Randazza believes that pedophiles are entitled to their "rights"
Marc Randazza essay - The Pedophiles Guide defense
Source and More

Randazza Legal Group – porn industry lawyers who a BV Files blogger has linked to a coven of alleged stalkers & pedophiles - Monica Foster Reporting

"For the complete post from BV Files on Randazza Legal Group and his alleged ties to what appear to be a coven of stalkers and pedophiles from click here:

Below is a highlight from the posts:
About nine months ago, Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before filed a complaint with the State Bar of Nevada against revenge porn supporter Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza.  We are pleased to tell you all that on April 19, 2016, a screening panel of the Nevada State Bar unanimously voted to accept this grievance and to initiate disbarment proceedings against Randazza, on behalf of Some Random Person, regarding allegations of violations of Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct 1.4 (Communication), 1.7 (Conflict of Interest: Current Clients), 1.8 (Conflict of Interest: Current Clients: Specific Rules), 1.10 (Imputation of Conflicts of Interest), 1.15 (Safekeeping Property), 1.16 (Declining or Terminating Representation), 2.1 (Advisor), 5.6 (Restrictions on Right to Practice), and 8.4 (Misconduct).
The State Bar will file a disciplinary complaint shortly.  Randazza will have a chance to respond to that and then a date for a formal hearing will be set.  Evidence is presented at the hearing, and a three-member panel (2 attorneys & 1 lay person) will decide on what discipline (if any) to impose on Randazza.
and another highlight from the post:
Why is Ken White of the Pope Hat blog a supporter of this man? Well it appears that Ken White is also a supporter of revenge pornography and the sexual blackmail of little girls due to him having Adam Steinbaugh as a member of his “blogging team.” As we all know, Steinbaugh was recently named in federal court papers as being one of McGibney’s confederates and fellow cyber-stalkers / harassers."


Check Out

Kinsale Insurance Company, VA ~ Marc J. Randazza Liability Insurance

Kinsale Insurance Company, VA ~ Marc J. Randazza Liability Insurance, Malpractice Insurance.

Well after all these years, we finally know who Marc J. Randazza's Liablity Insurance Carrier was when he represented me, Crystal L. Cox and when he sued Crystal L. Cox his former client. It appears to be Kinsale Insurance Company out of Richmond Virginia. 

How in the world is Marc Randazza still practicing law or anyone connected to him ? WOW.

However, Imperium Insurance Company, York Professional Liablity Group, was Randazza's Liability carrier when the Nevada Federal Courts finally accepted my counterclaim and malpractice suit so maybe they are the one's liable for what Marc Randazza did to me.

Click Below to Download the Court Filing, filed by Attorneys for Clay Douglass showing Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group Liability Insurance Carrier.

Did Marc Randazza represent me, Crystal Cox? 
Well according to him he sure did.

Click Below and check out the eMail in the exhibit to the court


Exhibit 1 shows that Eugene Volokh, attorney and UCLA Law Professor clearly thought Marc Randazza was Crystal Cox’s attorney. Volokh claimed that he had a long talk with Randazza and Randazza told him that he represented Cox. Click Below