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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Settlement Offer Marc Randazza Liberty Excelsior. So How Much More did the "Carrier" Cough Up?

Matt Zirzow Settlement Offer Posted Online


Jason M. Feldman seems to be a part of Marc J. Randazza's Gang Stalking Attorney Group. Attorneys who Abuse the Court Process and enable each other to Drive Woman to Suicide, Threaten and Harass women and not just a "regular" gang of thugs but actual attorneys who network with the courts to DESTROY the lives of woman who don't do what they want. And Marc J. Randazza First Amendment Attorney comes to their Rescue.

Marc J. Randazza and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group, along with Jennifer Brochey Randazza enable attorneys such as the one below, and protect them in court to harass these women to an extreme. Marc Randazza also supports and defends Pedophiles.

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia LarsonShara Larson, of Zirzow and Larson DEFEND Marc J. Randazza's actions and protect him. Matt Zirzow is Marc Randazza's Bankruptcy attorney and is enabling Marc Randazza to cover up years of speech chilling, anti-first amendment harassment.  Attorneys Protecting Attorneys to RUIN the Lives of Women, to Prey on Woman, to Assault Woman is NOT a Free Speech Right or Issue.

Do the right thing and End your Life, suggestions that the woman should End their lives, the Gang Stalking Attorneys, do this in mass. I, investigative blogger Crystal Cox and investigative blogger Alexandra Mayers have told the courts, the authorities for years, they Continue to Protect Marc Randazza and attorneys like him.

THIS IS NOT OK.  The Courts are Enabling These Attorneys to do this to woman who speak up, to woman who vote the way they don't want, to woman who stand up to them or up for themselves in any way. THIS IS NOT OK. 

You CANNOT just SHRUG off these eMails, as these attorneys come at you from every direction and Ruin your Life. Marc Randazza, First Amendment Attorney is Flat out WRONG about  Jason M. Feldman and attorneys like him. The eMail is Sexual Assault, it is extreme harassment and I consider it a death threat and many women do kill themselves over what these gang of protected abusive men do to them, and they are attorneys, officers of the court. They are believed over the women.
" Jason M. Feldman

After the vote, the female councilmembers received a bevy of negative and gender-related comments including an email signed “Warms Regards, Jason M. Feldman, Esq.” sent to all five of councilmembers Tuesday.

“As women, I understand that you spend a lot of your time trying to please others (mostly on your knees) but I can only hope that you each find ways to quickly and painfully end yourselves,” the email said. “Each of you should rot in hell for what you took from me yesterday.”

"The email – titled "Dishonorable Women of the Council" – went on to suggest the female councilmembers were "whoring" themselves out to the highest bidder and that they should "do the honorable thing and end yourselves."

The Puget Sound Business Journal contacted Feldman, who referred us to an attorney for comment. Marc J. Randazza taught is Feldman’s First Amendment attorney and former professor at the Barry University School of Law in Orlando.

“Jason has a colorful manner of communication,” he said. “I myself received emails like this from him while I was his professor, I did what an adult would do – shrugged it off. That's part of being a politician in America."

Ben Livingston – a Seattle marijuana advocate and real estate broker who specializes in pot shops – filed the most recent complaint against Feldman Tuesday, as first reported by Seattle news blogger Erica C. Barnett.

“This level of hatred and misogyny has no place in our public discourse,” Livingston said in an interview Wednesday. “I can’t allow that. The female councilmembers who receive this horrible litany of hate mail may not have the ability to respond, but other people can. People who go to that level of hatred need to be on warning – it’s not OK. People will stand up, even if the person you are attacking may not be able to.”

A spokeswoman from the Washington Bar Association said the organization does not comment on specific complaints until they are reviewed. Most of the bar's professional conduct rules concern interactions with clients, but "provides that it is misconduct for a lawyer to engage in conduct demonstrating unfitness to practice law."

The bar's suspension recommendation in the previous case included details about Feldman's alleged relationship with his client."


Just Because you are a Politician Does not GIVE attorneys such as Marc Randazza or Jason Feldman the right to push you to suicide, and assault you, scary you, threaten you, harass you.


Tip on Anything on this Post? eMail me at 

The First Amendment is NOT about Private eMails. 

It is about Public Speech right? eMailing someone and pushing them to kill themselves has seen convictions right? I mean some people do kill themselves from this pressure by gang stalking attorneys such as Marc J. Randazza who represents attorney Jason M. Feldman. A direct eMail is NOT really a Free Speech thing is it? It's more of a Death Threat, of Harassment, of Assault, isn't it?

"An email signed "Jason M. Feldman, Esq." and sent to the five women on the council repeatedly urged the council members to "end" themselves. It read, in part: "As women, I understand that you spend a lot of your time trying to please others (mostly on your knees) but I can only hope that you each find ways to quickly and painfully end yourselves." In response, local cannabis activist (and former Stranger contributor) Ben Livingston filed a complaint with the Washington State Bar Association against local lawyer Jason M. Feldman.

I reached Feldman by phone this morning. He refused to confirm that he sent the email and refused to comment except to remind me that the First Amendment exists. "I want you to make sure that you understand the level of scrutiny that is afforded political speech under the First Amendment," he said, refusing to comment further."

"Marc J. Randazza, a lawyer who once taught Feldman, doubled down in defending Feldman's unhinged behavior to the Business Journal. “Jason has a colorful manner of communication,” Randazza told Business Journal. “I myself received emails like this from him while I was his professor, I did what an adult would do—shrugged it off. That's part of being a politician in America."

Livingston, who filed the complaint, said he was offended by the misogyny and references to suicide in Feldman's email. "That level of misogyny and hatred has no place in our public discourse," Livingston said. "I was surprised he was a state-licensed attorney. He has a legal obligation to uphold certain ethical standards and he should know better."

Livingston added that it's important to "stand up" for council members who may not have the time to respond to hateful emails. In that same spirit, the National Women's Political Caucus is circulating a petition of solidarity with the council members. You can sign that here.

City council member Kshama Sawant's office declined to comment on all this, and Lorena González told me she's not commenting until she and her colleagues consider a "formal response." Council Members Sally Bagshaw and Debora Juarez did not reply to requests for comment.

In an interview, Council Member Lisa Herbold sounded deliberately cheerful. Herbold, a longtime city hall staffer who's new to the council, said she's never dealt with this kind of backlash "from a gender perspective" before. Of about 300 emails she received since Monday, Herbold says eight of them were "out of line," ranging from calling council members "ladies" to Feldman's. But she said she's also avoiding Twitter and most of Facebook.

"I'm not excusing the behavior," Herbold said. "I'm not saying it should be expected. But... I don't think the response we've heard is reflective of men, of sports fans, of NBA fans. In any group of people you're going to find a couple of people who cross the line."

Chris Hansen, the entrepreneur who wants to build the arena, called the misogynistic response "unacceptable." Council Member Rob Johnson and Mayor Ed Murray, who both supported the street vacation, have expressed "disappointment" at the public reaction.

At an unrelated press conference this morning, Murray—awkwardly, speaking on behalf of the women of the council as one of them, Herbold, stood right behind him—said "this must stop" and "Seattle is better than this."

But online, nowhere is really "better" than anywhere else. As Seattlish has pointed out, local reporters who presented Monday's results as men vs. women helped stoke this reaction. And, even without that unhelpful framing, the internet is notoriously hostile to women, no matter your zip code. Data from Pew Research shows that while internet users of all genders experience harassment, women are more likely to be stalked or sexually harassed. That can often be most severe for women who work in public, like politicians or journalists."

More Research on the Above Case

The Jason Feldman eMails are NOTHING to do with the First Amendment nor are they "political" speech. They are pure hate, assault, threats, bullying, intimidation. 

Decision on Jason M. Feldman Washington State Bar Complaint

Emailing Someone Direct Hate, malicious derogatory messages, encouraging they kill themselves,and sexually assaulting them with words, DIRECTLY, is NOT a Free Speech Right, it is a Direct Threat. Direct Harassment and is NOT a First Amendment Issue. And they are Public Officials. The eMail was not opinion regarding their vote in this matter, it was pure hate, assault. Marc Randazza constantly defends EVIL Lawyers such as Jason M. Feldman of Washington State.

Oh and Don't Forget the Hypocritical Irony of Marc J. Randazza, Free Speech attorney, the disturbing, and I say criminal speech of guys like Jason Feldman, Marc Randazza PROTECTS, stands up for. Yet I, Crystal Cox speak Critical of Him and he and wife Jennifer Randazza sues me.

Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers speaks critical of him he and his wife Jennifer Brochey Randazza sue her. Own a blog name Marc Randazza don't like and his entire family sues ya, like they did iViewit inventor Eliot Bernstein and me, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza DOES NOT SHRUG it OFF. He sues, and uses that lawsuit for endless amounts of years to take down online content in mass that speaks critical of him, he uses the legal case to defame, harass, attack and destroy those who stand up to him. He uses the case to subpoena your banks, phone company, friends, family, clients, colleagues and dig into your life as far as he can and DESTROY as much as he can.

Marc Randazza certainly does not act like the 
proverbial Adult he speaks of and "shrug it off".
Blogger Crystal Cox DEDICATED to Exposing Marc Randazza

For More on the Worlds MOST HYPOCRITICAL First Amendment, Free Speech Attorney Marc J. Randazza and wife Jennifer Brochey Randazza.

And to Follow Marc Randazza's Bankruptcy

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Worlds Most Unconstitutional Attorney Marc Randazza is such a Hypocrite. Why is this Man still Harming People? Why are the Courts still ENABLING Marc Randazza's BAD and Unconstitutional Behavior.

"Marc Randazza seems to be a BIG supporter of revenge pornography and the sexual blackmail of little girls (and some men!) having represented James McGibney (who we don’t like) in several lawsuits that were filed against McGibney for…. revenge porn, extortion, defamation, and blackmail, and in lawsuits filed by McGibney involving McGibney’s revenge porn empire building schemes.  And now he is trying to help Jimmy out of his latest legal jam."

"Marc Randazza, the website’s attorney, dismissed Powers’ claim as nothing but a publicity stunt and extortion attempt.
“These are claims that nobody has seen since mid-January, and nobody remembers — but they will obtain far more notoriety, credence, and permanence as part of a federal lawsuit than they ever could on Cheaterville,” Randazza told News 10."

"Now Randazza has recently made an extremely pathetic attempt at trying to find someone willing to represent McGibney in the Texas LOLsuit by sending out what he thought was a confidential email to the members of First Amendment Lawyers Association (FALA), which is an Illinois-based, incorporated not-for-profit association. Unfortunately for Randazza, one of our Admins is on their email list."


Marc Randazza is currently under investigation by the State Bars of Nevada AND Florida for committing a series of alleged actions involving moral turpitude, fraud and numerous ethical violations.

Randazza was recently found GUILTY of clear and serious breaches of fiduciary duty and was ordered to pay a former client of his, Corbin Fisher/Liberty Media, over $600,000 in damages. In an attempt to escape his responsibilities, Randazza has filed bankruptcy and is attempting to hide from his debts."



Monday, December 11, 2017

Matt Zirzow, Zacharia Larson; Marc Randazza Bankruptcy motion seeking to discover "ASSETS and unearthing FRAUDS".

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson of Larson & Zirzow, Las Vegas Bankruptcy attorneys for Debtor Marc J. Randazza have participated in Extreme Discrimination against a Pro Se Litigant, and Extreme Retaliation against a Former Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group client, me, Crystal Cox.

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson have NOT sought any sort of Malicious behavior ruling against Liberty Media Holdings or their attorney James D. Greene Greene Infuso, LLP, Nor has Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson sought a ruling of malicious behavior against Wendy Medura Krincek of LITTLER MENDELSON, P.C. for Claiming that FRAUD may exist and hidden assets may exist, yet Zirzow & Larson did so to me, Crystal Cox, completely spiteful, malicious and with deliberate intentional fraud and abuse of the courts. 

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson assisted Marc Randazza to use the bankruptcy courts to dissolve debt in favor of Creditors Randazza Legal Group, Ronald D. Green, and F. Chris Austin and Weide & Miller by aggressively placing a judgement against me to pay aprox. $500,000 in legal fees, for the Jennifer Brochey Randazza and Marc Randazza for 5 years of legal service suing me, Crystal Cox.
(See Doc. 44 and 45 Adv.16-01111)

Jennifer Brochey Randazza and Marc Randazza had no actual grounds to sue me, Crystal Cox and iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein.  (See 2:12-cv-02040-JAD-PAL Doc. 200)

Jennifer Brochey Randazza and Marc Randazza was awarded an Unconstitutional TRO to STEAL massive online content, search engine placement, domain names and intellectual property. All because I spoke critical of my former attorney Marc J. Randazza and his law firm Randazza Legal Group, poked fun, made parody and reviewed my personal experience. Full Docket of that case

I WAS DEEMED MALICIOUS AND MARC RANDAZZA GOT PUNITIVE DAMAGES AND 5 YEARS OF LEGAL FEES AWARDED TO HIM AND JENNIFER RANDAZZA FOR SUING ME IN 2012, A CASE OF WHICH IS STILL PENDING. Other Creditors made similar claims and they don't have to pay the Randazza's legal fees nor punitive for hurting Marc's feelings, ONLY ME.
Crystal Cox Objection to Fees.

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson are not Ethical, Fair, Upstanding Attorneys, in fact they are helping an attorney who supports pedophiles and revenge porn and is part of the human trafficking community.  Zirzow and Larson have joined the ranks of attorneys who abuse woman who stand up to the Evils of the Porn Industry, who stand up to Porn attorney Marc Randazza.

Wendy Medura Krincek, Esq. of LITTLER MENDELSON, P.C. Attorney for Excelsior Media Corp. AND  James D. Greene Greene Infuso, LLP attorney for Liberty Media Holdings filed the Following Motion, raising questions about Debtor Marc Randazza's ownership interests in certain entities, a marital pre-nuptial agreement with Jennifer Brochey Randazza and certain financial dealings.

The Motion regarding Examination of Marc Randazza also raises questions about certain pre-petition activities of Debtor Marc J. Randazza and assets listed or, perhaps not listed, on his schedules.

A motion filed for the “purpose of discovering assets and unearthing frauds.” AND aimed at “obtaining information that will ... potentially uncover additional claims that may exist for the benefit of the estate”. Yet Zirzow & Larson maliciously got a half a million dollar JUDGMENT against me, Pro Se Litigant Crystal Cox, Creditor 13, for making those same claims. 

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson have enabled Marc Randazza to commit what sure looks to be bankruptcy fraud to me, and certainly is unethical, malicious retaliation, cruel, dishonest and most certainly on the WRONG side of the Moral Compass. Using the power of the bankruptcy courts to punish women who stand up to the Evil Deeds of Porn Attorney and Pedophile Supporter Marc Randazza. 

Click Below to Read the Motion Filed

Crystal Cox, Creditor 13, Motion Objecting to Discharge of Marc Randazza Debt

I have VALID claims against my former attorney Marc Randazza, check out my story

Keep an Eye on Marc Randazza's Bankruptcy

Marc Randazza held himself out as my attorney, he bullied me to STOP me from appealing for his own gain, he ran over my rights and when I FIRED Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, he sued me, threatened me, attacked me, launched a 5 year and counting malicious cyber attack and still seems to by lying about all to Federal Courts. Take a Look

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Please eMail any and ALL tips regarding Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson, Jennifer Randazza Brochey, Marc Randazza, Ronald Green, Randazza Legal Group, F. Chris Austin and Wiede & Miller. I am Looking for ANY and ALL Tips. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

APPLICATION FOR Direct Examination of Marc J. Randazza

Case No BK-15-14956-ABL   Chapter 11


Creditors Excelsior Media Corp. (“Excelsior”) and Liberty Media Holdings, LLC
(“Liberty” and together with Excelsior, “Creditors”), by and through their counsel, James D.
Greene, Esq. of Greene Infuso, LLP pursuant to section 105 of the Bankruptcy Code and Rule
2004 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and Rule 2004 of the Local Rules of
Bankruptcy Practice and Procedure, hereby apply to the Court for entry of order directing Debtor
Marc J. Randazza (“Debtor”) to appear for and submit to examination under oath before certified
court reporter at the office of Greene Infuso, LLP, 3030 South Jones Blvd. Suite 101, Las Vegas,
Nevada 89146 on a date and time to be determined, providing that notice of said examination is to
be provided no less than 10 judicial days before such examination date. In support of this
application (“Application”), Creditors state as follows:


Debtor filed his bankruptcy petition on August 28, 2015 (“Petition Date”). Prepetition,
Creditors had been awarded sums by an arbitrator pursuant to an Interim Arbitration Award
(“IAA”) that was issued after a 5-day arbitration hearing in February 2015.

On or about November 30, 2015, Creditors filed an adversary proceeding seeking a
determination that the debts owed to Creditors were non-dischargeable pursuant to Bankruptcy
Code section 523(a) (2), (4) and (6). There has been extensive motion practice in the adversary
proceeding and to date no discovery has been conducted.

During the course of the bankruptcy case, Debtor has operated his law practice and
otherwise carried on ordinary living activities. Most recently, Debtor filed a motion seeking court
approval of a refinancing transaction (docket no. 176) (“Refinance Motion”) supported by a
declaration of Debtor (docket no. 177).

Numerous statements and representations made in these documents raise question about Debtor’s ownership interests in certain entities, a marital pre-nuptial agreement and certain financial dealings. 

Creditors also have questions about certain pre-petition activities of Debtor and assets listed or, perhaps not listed, on his schedules. 

In conjunction with this examination, Creditor intends to issue one or more subpoenas seeking production of certain documents from Debtor. 

No relief is being sought from the Court in connection with production of documents.

The statute of limitations for Debtor to pursue avoidance actions is, in this case, two years
from the Petition Date, or August 28, 2017. Debtor has not filed any avoidance actions and has
given no hint of his intent to do so. Creditors do not presently have information sufficient to
make a demand of Debtor to commence any such action, but seek to examine Debtor and to
review certain records to determine whether grounds are present to make such a demand.
Accordingly, Creditors request that the Court enter an order requiring Debtor to appear at the
office of Creditors’ counsel to be examined upon not less than 10 judicial days’ notice.


An examination pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 2004 can be ordered [o]n motion of any
party in interest.” In re Stasz, 387 B.R. 271, 273 n.3 (B.A.P. 9th Cir. 2008); see also In re Lifeco
Inv. Grp., Inc., 173 B.R. 478, 480 (Bankr. D. Del 1994), quoting Fed. R. Bankr. P. 2004(a).
Bankruptcy Rule 2004 further provides that the Court may order the examination and the
production of documentary evidence concerning any matter that relates “to the liabilities and
financial condition of the debtor, or to any matter which may affect the administration of the
debtor’s estate, or... any other matter relevant to the case or tot the formulation of a plan.” Fed.
R. Bankr. P. 2004(b); 

see also In re Dinubilo, 177 B.R. 932, 936 n.6 (E.D. Cal. 1993) (noting that “[u]nder Rule 2004, a court may order the examination of any person on motion of any party in interest.”). Generally, examinations under Bankruptcy Rule 2004 are for the “purpose of discovering assets and unearthing frauds.” In re Rafsky, 300 B.R. 152, 153 n.2 (Bankr. D. Conn. 2003) (citation omitted); In re N. Plaza LLC, 395 B.R. 113, 122 n.9 (S.D. Cal. 2008).

The scope of a Bankruptcy Rule 2004 examination is “unfettered and broad,” as the plain
language of the rule indicates. See 9 Collier on Bankruptcy ¶ 2004.02[1] at 2004-6 (15th ed. Rev.
1997); In re Dinublilo, 177 B. R. at 939 quoting In re GHR Energy Corp., 33 B.R. 451, 453
(Bankr. D. Mass. 1983). 

The broad latitude of Bankruptcy Rule 2004 examination furthers the purpose of the rule, which is “to allow the court to gain a clear picture of the condition and the whereabouts of the bankrupt’s estate. In re Int’l Fibercom, Inc., 283 B.R. 290, 292 (Bankr. D. Ariz. 2002) (permitted Bankruptcy Rule 2004 examination aimed at “obtaining information that will ... potentially uncover additional claims that may exist for the benefit of the estate”); see also In re W & S Investments, Inc., 985 F.2d 577 (9th Cir. 1993) (“Bankruptcy Rule 2004 is a broadly construed discovery device...”); In re French, 145 B. R 991, 992 (Bankr. D.S.D. 1992) (“Bankruptcy Rule 2004... does not offer the procedural safeguards available under Rule 26 of the Federal Rule Rules of Civil Procedure.”)

The information and documents which Creditors seek through this Application relate to
matters that are clearly with the permitted scope of Rule 2004, including: (i) property of the
Debtor’s bankruptcy estate; (ii) transactions and business dealings involving the Debtor and
family members and corporate entities; (iii) potential claims the Creditor may have against third
parties; and (iv) other matters affecting the administration of the Debtor’s estate."


Marc John Randazza's Nevada Bankruptcy. I am LOOKING for an and ALL tips exposing any connected fraud, payoffs, hidden assets, dirty deals or dirt. ANYTHING. Email Me and I will post on hundreds of blogs connected to thousands of blogs. My Goal is to see Marc Randazza and his co-conspirators Completely Exposed for illegal, unethical, underhanded and fraudulant dealings. ALL.

PLEASE eMail me any tips to 

I am seeking information regarding Marc John Randazza's Nevada Bankruptcy. Where did he hide assets? What did he hide in Cyprus or the U.K? What Trusts were possibly created with Creditors money and not disclosed. What about the disclosed Trusts what are the details?

What about Ronald D. Green and his part ownership in Randazza Legal Group?

What about F. Chris Austin, what are his real connections to all this?

Any tips regarding Zacharia Larson, Sara Larson or Matt Zirzow?

Any Tips regarding Kory Kaplan?

Was Kory Kaplan a Partner of Larson and Zirzow for only a Month? If so Why?

eMail tips to

Anything about Jennifer Brochey Randazza, or their home loan by her parents, Dennis and Cathy Brochey?

Anything about Gill Sperlein?

Send me anything and Everything. Affairs, Back Alley Deals, Videos, Photos, any Dirt or Truth or Illegal Dealings of Marc Randazza and / or all listed on this post. Send to Me and I will EXPOSE them ALL. 

I have been given tips over the years regarding Marc Randazza's connections to Pedophilia. Please eMail anything you know about this.

These guys are EVIL and Dark and I intend to Bring Light to every corner of their life, absolutely nothing and no one is off limits. They have destroyed all they have touched, and have tortured, taunted and tormented me for 7 years and counting. They never stop. And now they are ALL financially tied to me for Life.   EXPOSE THEM. eMail me NOW.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


ATLANTIC-PACIFIC PROCESSING SYSTEMS, INC., a California corporation, Plaintiff, v. DERMAKTIVE, LLC, a Florida limited liability company;

JORDAN DUFNER, a Connecticut resident; ADAM WELLINGTON, a Connecticut resident; JOE HELEWA, a New York resident; UPSURGE, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company; UPSURGE MEDIA GROUP, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company;

WIDO, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company; DENIS BETSI, an Ontario, Canada resident; T1 PAYMENTS, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company; and DONALD KASDON, a Nevada resident, Defendants. DERMAKTIVE, LLC, a Florida limited liability company; and JORDAN DUFNER, a Connecticut resident, Counter-Plaintiffs, v. ATLANTIC-PACIFIC PROCESSING SYSTEMS, INC., a California corporation, Counter-Defendants.

United States District Court, D. Nevada.

November 14, 2017.

Applicable Law: 28 U.S.C. § 1332
Cause: 28 U.S.C. § 1332 Diversity - Breach of Contract
Nature of Suit: 190 Contract: Other

Jordan Dufner, Counter Claimant, represented by Ari Rothman , Venable LLP, pro hac vice,Daniel Warner , Kelly Warner PLLC, pro hac vice, Marc J. Randazza , Randazza Legal Group, Ronald D. Green, Jr. , Randazza Legal Group, PLLC & Shahin O. Rothermel , Venable LLP, pro hac vice.

Dermaktive, LLC, Counter Claimant, represented by Ari Rothman , Venable LLP, pro hac vice,Daniel Warner , Kelly Warner PLLC, pro hac vice, Marc J. Randazza , Randazza Legal Group, Ronald D. Green, Jr. , Randazza Legal Group, PLLC & Shahin O. Rothermel , Venable LLP, pro hac vice.

T1 Payments, LLC, ThirdParty Defendant, represented by Kory Logan Kaplan , Larson Zirzow Kaplan, LLC & Michael V. Cristalli , Gentile, Cristalli, Miller, Armeni & Savarese.

Source and Full Document

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group. " It is said that politics make strange bedfellows; so what could be stranger than Democratic State Senator Justin Jones, a Mormon with family values, and Marc Randazza, a porn attorney and a speech advocate for pedophiles whose client list includes Phillip Greaves author of "The Pedophile's Guide”"

Marc Randazza SUED Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein, claiming Trademark Violations. Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, and Ronald D. Green use an unconstitutional TRO to STEAL massive domain names, search engine placement and online content. Thus far the District of Nevada Judges have protected and enabled Marc Randazza's behavior, all but Judge Jennifer Dorsey. Marc Randazza uses the courts to chill speech, shut down blogs and websites that speak critical of him and gets Nevada Judges to make his targets pay Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group, and Ronald D. Green legal fees for this civil and constitutional rights violation and extreme abuse of process and judicial retaliation.

"Another Free Speech Win In Libel Lawsuit Disguised As A Trademark Complaint

from the free-roaming-anti-SLAPP-law-pitches-in dept

Unless the Supreme Court decides to weigh in on this long-running SLAPP lawsuit (highly unlikely -- and unlikely to be appealed to that level), it looks like it's finally the end of the line for Dr. Edward Tobinick and his quest to silence a critic of his questionable medical practices.
Quick recap: Dr. Tobinick claimed he could treat Alzheimer's, strokes, and other neurological maladies by repurposing an immunosuppressant drug. Dr. Steven Novella disagreed with Tobinick's unsubstantiated claims and wrote a few blog posts detailing his problems with Tobinick's treatments."

Click Below for Source, Full Marc Randazza Article and Lot's More

"Roca Labs Exec Claims Marc Randazza Bribed Nevada Politician To Get Anti-SLAPP Law Passed

"...It is said that politics make strange bedfellows; so what could be stranger than Democratic State Senator Justin Jones, a Mormon with family values, and Marc Randazza, a porn attorney and a speech advocate for pedophiles whose client list includes Phillip Greaves author of "The Pedophile's Guide”,, Bang Bus and Milf Hunter. So what brings these two opposite personalities together: money and politics."

Source, Full Marc Randazza Article and Lot's More

ALSO CHECK OUT my Blog about the 
Unconstitutional Hypocritical Actions 
of my Former Attorney Marc John Randazza;  

#RandazzaQuotes, #MarcRandazza #JenniferRandazza #RandazzaLegalGroup
Randazza Legal Group, Marc Randazza, Jennifer Randazza, Ronald Green,

by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Real Deal: Authenticating YouTube Evidence

"Amid Randazza v. Cox’s “tortured history” and “procedural maneuvering by both sides,” we navigate toward the matter of authenticating a YouTube transcript and video when submitted in support of a summary judgment motion.

In 2012, plaintiffs Marc Randazza, a First Amendment attorney, his wife and young daughter filed suit against defendant Crystal Cox, a self-proclaimed “investigative blogger,” and defendant Eliot Bernstein, “alleging violations of individual cyberpiracy protections for various registered websites under 15 U.S.C. § 8131, cybersquatting for various registered websites under 15 U.S.C. § 1125(d), their right of publicity under NRS 597.810, their common law right of publicity, intrusion upon seclusion, and civil conspiracy.”

The Randazzas claimed that not only had the pair registered dozens of Internet domain names that incorporated the family’s names and Cox had written blog posts containing objectionable characterizations, but also that Cox had attempted to extort them by demanding the family agree to purchase Cox’s “reputation management” services to remove this allegedly defamatory material from the Internet and rehabilitate their cyber reputations.

Cox, who was the only defendant to appear and answer the allegations, asserted that the lawsuit was filed in order to “harass and stifle her First Amendment freedoms of speech and expression.”
The defendant also strongly objected to the plaintiffs’ characterization of her actions and motivation as “extortion.”

Both the plaintiffs and the defendant sought summary judgments. The court denied these motions because all parties had not sustained their initial summary judgment burdens.

Specifically with regard to YouTube evidence submitted by the plaintiffs, the Nevada court relied on United States v. Hassan to hold that neither the transcript nor the video had been properly authenticated.

The single court having addressed how to authenticate a video, albeit in a criminal context, found that videos from the online video network are self-authenticating as a certified domestic record of a regular conducted activity if their proponent satisfies the requirements of the business-records hearsay exception.

In order for the evidence to meet this exception, its proponent, Mr. Randazza, had to provide certification that satisfied three requirements:

(A) that the records were made at or near the time by — or

from information transmitted by — someone with knowledge;

(B) that they were kept in the course of a regularly conducted activity of a business;

(C) that making the record was a regular practice of that activity

The court found that although Mr. Randazza has attested that the YouTube transcript he had was a true and correct copy of the video, he had neither adequately established that he was the person with personal knowledge who had prepared the transcript nor established when it was prepared and that it was complete and accurate.

Similarly, the YouTube video had not been authenticated because the plaintiffs had “not proffered the certificate of YouTube’s custodian or other qualified person verifying that the page had been maintained as a business record in the course of regularly conducted business activities.” Without this certification, the video had not been properly authenticated and could not be considered by the court.

As this cybersquatting case plods on, the 2011 case of Obsidian Finance Group, LLC and Kevin Padrick v. Crystal Cox might be of interest to readers. The defendant lost that defamation case but, earlier this year, a federal appeals court disagreed with the ruling and granted her a new trial."


For the Full Summary Denial in Randazza v. Cox quoted Above, Click Below

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Case No.: BK-S-15-14956-abl Marc John Randazza Nevada Bankruptcy. DECLARATION OF CRYSTAL COX October 23, 2017

November, 6th, 2017 Declaration of Crystal Cox Docket Entry 9 Adv. 17-01005 -abl

Marc John Randazza Bankruptcy Case. Crystal Cox's OBJECTION to a DEFAULT against her Objection to Discharge of Debt Docket Entry 36.

Marc John Randazza Bankruptcy Case. Crystal Cox's OBJECTION to a DEFAULT against her Objection to Discharge... by Crystal Cox on Scribd

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
District of Nevada (Las Vegas)
Adversary Proceeding #: 16-01111-abl Docket as of 10/30/2017

Marc Randazza Claims in his Bankruptcy Case, in some sort of Defense against Crystal Cox's Malpractice Claims, that Malpractice is NOT an Intentional TORT so it can be Discharged.

Talk about pleading Guilty. WOW. So Marc Randazza and attorneys like him can INTENTIONALLY harm you, ruin your life as an officer of the court, completely defame you and put you under years and years of stress, then file for bankruptcy to avoid malpractice claims? And this is NOT an intentional Tort? WOW.

I say that Marc Randazza's actions were knowing and willful, were with malicious intent and actual malice and were and are most certainly an Intentional Tort.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

This is exactly what Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza did to me and to Alexandra Mayers.

"Two California lawyers are being accused of filing "sham lawsuits" in a wide-ranging conspiracy to get Google and other search engines to de-index negative reviews about their clients. As the case (PDF) brought by a group called Consumer Opinion states:"

"The lawsuit points out six similarly worded defamation lawsuits lodged in Contra Costa County, just east of San Francisco. The suits are filed, according to the lawsuit, because won't remove the reviews from its website. "The scam is not all that complicated," Marc Randazza, Consumer Opinion's attorney, wrote in the lawsuit."

Source and Full Article

Marc Randazza filed a SHAM legal action in Nevada to remove lot's of search engine results that did not flatter him or his law firm.

Marc Randazza Nevada Bar Complaint

Marc Randazza Bankruptcy, Liberty Media / Excelsior Settlement Offer June 2015

So Florida will most likely disbar? Here we are nearly 2.5 years later. Anyway just saw this online so I am sharing it with my readers researching Marc Randazza's Bankruptcy.

Reminds me of the Recent Letter I got from Marc Randazza's attorney.

Ya Marc Randazza, you can't send people "shit" and order them to keep it confidential.

"Unless you’ve agreed to confidentiality, it ain’t confidential"

"What was that we were saying about how it doesn’t work to send someone a furious abusive email and then announce that it’s confidential? How you can’t just send people shit they didn’t ask for and then order them to keep it secret? Behold Marc Randazza in 2014 saying exactly that, and unlike me he’s a lawyer."

This happens to all of us, from time to time. A lawyer sends you a letter with some threatening language on it that he thinks accomplishes his goal of making it “confidential.” You know, like this:


The correct legal response is “suck my ass” or whatever you want to say. Ok, fine, how about “your point is invalid”. Let’s go with that. It is nicer, after all. And I’m all about being nice.

Now here’s one thing you can rest assured of: If someone puts that foolishness on their letter, it is because they’re afraid of that letter getting out there. They can’t possibly have confidence in what’s in it. Look, I write a letter, I expect that it might wind up getting slapped on Simple Justice, with Greenfield making fun of it. Even then, I can’t seem to catch every typo. But you know what? If my name is on it, you can bet your ass that I’ll own it.

And here’s why you can make the chucklefuck who signed YOUR letter own it by publishing the shit out of it, if you want.

For starters, saying “This letter constitutes confidential legal communication and may not be published in any manner.” is about as legally compelling as Michael Scott yelling “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY.” Lawyers do not have magic powers that turn letters into confidential communications. You’re more likely to find a lawyer who can turn water into funk than a lawyer who has the magic spell to make a letter confidential. Sure, there might be some rules that make them inadmissible for certain purposes in litigation. But, you wanna share that letter? Go right the fuck ahead. Unless you’ve agreed to confidentiality, it ain’t confidential.

So ridiculous. “Is prohibited” – it sounds so official but is so meaningless. Prohibited by whom, Kemosabe? You can’t just slap “is prohibited” on things you don’t want other people to do and expect them to obey. The “unauthorized” is equally ludicrous. We don’t have to be “authorized” to talk about stupid shit people have said to us without our inviting them to.

Marc Randazza again:

"Bottom line, no court has ever held I DECLARE CONFIDENTIALITY to be valid, nor has any court supported the “DON’T MAKE FUN OF ME BECAUSE COPYRIGHT” position – but an undisturbed case, relying on mountains of precedent, refutes it."

Bottom line: you send me unsolicited insults, don’t expect me to protect your “privacy.”

Big thanks to Screechy Monkey for citing the Randazza post."


Marc Randazza again:

"Bottom line, no court has ever held I DECLARE CONFIDENTIALITY to be valid, nor has any court supported the “DON’T MAKE FUN OF ME BECAUSE COPYRIGHT” position – but an undisturbed case, relying on mountains of precedent, refutes it."

NO COURT Really Randazza? Well I am SUED if I make fun of you and my content removed, as well as may others you sued and bullied to remove content. Mountains of Precdent DOES not get in Marc Randazza's way. Oh and we are NOT allowed to use a "COPYRIGHT" to make fun of Marc Randazza or Jennifer Randazza as clearly seen in lawsuits against me, Crystal Cox and Alexandra Mayers.
Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza Get BUTTHURT and they SUE. And WIN. No pesky Constitutional Rights get in their way.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The tactics of the Gang Stalking attorneys who work with Marc Randazza and I allege some judges in the past are just as evil as what we are hearing about Harvey Weinstein and worse. Many of these targeted whistleblowers are harassed and shamed into suicide. Marc Randazza is NOT above the law nor is ANY attorney, Godaddy insider, Google insider, Court Clerk, or ANYONE else who helped Randazza to silence Victims.

Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and their conspirators are CONSTANTLY active in suppressing Journalism.  They use their power and position as officers of the court to intimidate, threaten, bully, and shut down those who expose the Porn Industry secrets, expose human trafficking, EXPOSE predators, and EXPOSE the attorneys who protect them. 

Marc Randazza, Ron Green and Randazza Legal Group sidesteps the First Amendment and use any intimidation tactic available. Your hearing now of how Harvey Weinstein got a gang of investigators, lawyers, spies and more to silence and intimidate women. Randazza and his co-conspirators, I allege, do the same tactics to SILENCE journalists which is what investigative bloggers are. The BIG difference is they are OFFICERS OF THE COURT.

Randazza succeeds in removing mass content, getting huge judgments, getting bank records and phone records, alienating people by threatening to sue anyone who is connected to them or works with them and drives them into financial ruin, constant never ending fear and stress, and after years of that Randazza Legal Group WILL file in a court of law to make their VICTIM, their TARGET pay for their legal fees for attacking, harassing, tormenting, suing, defaming and ruining the Targets life. 

Just as the Weinstein case, we see large amounts of victims come out and tell the courts what officers of the court Randazza Legal Group and ALL connected attorneys are doing. And the courts have thus far protected these guys.

They actual file lawsuits against each others targets, they blog the conspired narrative in mass among many "credible" officers of the court aKa attorneys. These malicious "opinions" on blogs by officers of the court are not only deemed credible and true but they are used as actual EXHIBITS in a Court of Law as Unadjudicated yet VERY EFFECTIVE evidence against their target.

These Gang stalking Attorneys are believed over and over as their target is NOT believed, ruled against and their life is ruined. 

Check Out Jennifer Randazza and Marc Randazza suing me, Crystal Cox to shut down massive online content, steal domain names and redirect them to their commercial site, bully me, harass and threaten me. Read it all and learn how these attorneys do this.

Also research J. Devoy cases and cases that involve Judge Navarro and many unconstitutional TRO's. There are many cases out there where these guys sue a target, get the precedence they want, shut down content (Chill Speech) and get a Judgment in their favor to pay them HUGE legal fees for their fraud on the court, torturous interference, bullying, lying, threatening, HORRIFIC RETALITION.

Randazza v. Cox Docket

THESE GANG STALKING ATTORNEYS threaten, sue, bully, intimidate, stalk, blog hate in mass, drive by victims homes, publish victims home address, and have a constant campaign to keep them quiet WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Alexandra Mayers was sued by Jennifer Randazza, the wife of First Amendment PORN attorney Marc Randazza. Jennifer Randazza claimed Alexandra Mayers Defamed her "per se" and painted her in False Light.  This is SERIOUSLY Laughable, a Parody, a Joke. Oh wait its a REALLY BIG DEAL. As this EVIL woman, Jennifer Randazza seems to have convinced a seemingly rogue and corrupt court to actual rule in her favor. I wonder that that cost??? "per se"

J. Malcom DeVoy and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group represented Jennifer Randazza in this malicious UNCONSTITUTIONAL, Unlawful Lawsuit to silence and intimidate a journalist.

Alexandra Mayers / Monica Foster NEVER had an "unhealthy obsession" with Jennifer Randazza. Instead Alexandra Mayers dedicated her life to doing the right thing and reporting on the REAL "bad guys" such as Jennifer Randazza's husband and the thugs at his law firm Randazza Legal Group who were causing real harm to people.

Alexandra Mayers was reporting on them, exposing them and making fun of them as his her First Amendment Protected right. Jennifer Randazza is the one who had the VERY "unhealthy" obsession with Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers . Why not ignore the name calling? I allege that Jennifer Randazza sued Alexandra Mayers as a PROXY for her husband and his gang stalking co-conspirators to suppress Alexandra Mayers speech, steal blogs and other intellectual property, and to intimidate and bully Alexandra Mayers .

Marc Randazza has a SERIOUS "unhealthy obsession" with any woman who DARES to make fun of him, call his wife a slut, expose his illegal behavior, report on porn industry criminal allegations and unethical behavior and most of all WOMEN WHO DARE TO STAND UP TO HIM.

When Jennifer Randazza Gets BUTTHURT she sues the Women who Stood up to her THUG of a Hubby
Check Out A-14-699072-C | Jennifer Randazza, Plaintiff(s) vs. Alexandra Mayers, Defendant AND see how to SHUT down the TRUTH and use the Judicial Process for REVENGE against someone who called you a slut and made "parody" of your high profile life that has NO RIGHT to Privacy as suggested in their legal cases as a matter of law.  See the link below for Federal Judge SHUT down of these allegations.

Yet somehow the Nevada State court went along with Jennifer Randazza???

Was Jennifer Randazza connected to Organized Crime or Pornography? Ummm geee Duh, all you have to do is look at Marc Randazza's blogs, or pool parties with predators they took their kids to as seen in this Arbitration.

Jennifer Randazza and Marc Randazza I ALLEGE have Committed SERIOUS "INTENTIONAL MISCONDUCT" in Mass and have used the power of our legal system to do it.

A-14-699072-C | Jennifer Randazza, Plaintiff(s) vs. Alexandra Mayers, Clark County Nevada Rob Bare, Bonnie Bulla Case Docket Linked Below

How in the World did Clark County Courts let Jennifer Randazza get away with these knowingly false pleadings and I allege perjury? Well who knows? I do know the TRUTH has a tendency to comet out. SO one day that too will surface from the "False Light" to the "True Light".

We all thought that Jennifer Randazza contacted Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers and set up a meeting to discuss trying to get away from Marc Randazza. I FULLY believed that to be true, so did other followers of Monica's blogs. As someone claiming to be Jennifer Randazza contacted Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers, that really happened.

Monica posted on her blog about the meeting, and yeah to Divorce Marc Randazza would be to leave #organisedcrime and #prostitution as that is the industry he works in as the RECORD everywhere CLEARLY shows. So to sue Jennifer Randazza contacted Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers

Jennifer Randazza made false and SERIOUSLY HARMFUL statements about me Crystal Cox and did see in sworn to be true court filings. Flat out LIES, Defamation and False Light to a Federal Court about me, yet that's ok? Why? Because it is my life SHE ruined in suing me?

None of Jennifer Randazza's allegations are "highly offensible" to the "reasonable person" and even if poor baby Jennifer Randazza was offended SO WHAT. The Randazza's are the Face out there on the TV and in other mass media fighting for the right to OFFEND People.


Again See The Court Order Below. Jennifer Randazza does not get to claim this shit, as a matter of LAW.  Summary Judgement DENIAL in Randazza c. Cox. Jennifer Randazza is NOT above the Law.

I allege that Jennifer Randazza perjured herself in this case and I hope to soon file criminal charges myself as Jennifer Randazza is a very dangerous woman, using the power of our judicial system and her officer of the court husband to SHUT DOWN women who call her out, tell the truth about her and her husband and make fun of Jennifer Randazza.

Jennifer Randazza had such an Unhealthy Obsession with me, Crystal Cox, that she sued me for around 30 million and her husband and his law firm took my intellectual property in MASS to shut down my Speech about the RANDAZZAS.

These Free Speech hating Jackasses simply removed my blogs about princess Jennifer Randazza.  So we may never get to the bottom of this Slut thing or allegations of how Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza really met? Got a Tip?

We shall examine the Whole Is or Was Jennifer Randazza a Slut thing

Well Marc Randazza sure does describe what I allege is a SLUT, check it out
"we had a particularly spirited drunken tryst that day. Yep, some great scuba diving, some great mojitos with some of my best friends, a little whisper of “lets go take a nap,” in my ear, and a new life begins."
Source and Full Drunken Tryst

Oh and Check out Marc Randazza Defending Rush Limbaugh to call Sandra Fluke a SLUT, but We Dare not call Drunken Tryst get knocked up by a Porn Attorney clearly using no protection Jennifer Brochey Randazza a SLUT, how dare we

Check this out

Oh and this one, at 1;15 into it is a discussion where going after another guys wife is a First Amendment RIGHT but not for Crystal Cox or Alexandra Mayers, NOPE Sue Them.

Check it out

And don't forget Joseph Rakofsky

Joseph Rakofsky explained in great detail what these guys were doing and that was years ago. Still our Courts let this behavior continued. I mean who is going to disbelieve a bunch of attorneys saying the same thing and even bloggging flat out lies about people that is then used by the other attorneys in court cases as UNADJUDICATED yet effective Evidence against their target.

Joseph Rakofsky AGAIN told the courts exactly what these attorneys were doing and the Courts simply ignored the victims and chose the bad guy attorneys. Meanwhile the litigant/victim is discredited in mass by their gang of attorneys, forensic accountants, journalists and judges.

Open Letter I wrote to Joseph Rakofsky

                                                                                   INDE)( NO.: 105573/11




A Few Research Links on  Rakofsky v. the Internet.

Joseph Rakofsky reported the Truth and experienced Judicial Retaliation in mass.

And there are many More. The Courts know and thus far have let these guys continue to use this same tactic in State and Federal Courts. I Allege over and over that all Marc Randazza, Ronald Green, J. Devoy and ALL the attorneys named in the cases above really are and have done this stuff and the courts NEED to stop letting them get away with it.

Some more Drunken Tryst Research

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - ANOTHER Stolen Speech Case by Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group

There is TONS of Case law protecting "Sucks" sites, YET Marc Randazza and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group have stolen lot's of them. Marc Randazza will NOT stand for SPEECH that calls him and his wifey names. So he uses the courts, as an officer of the court to STEAL your SPEECH. - I, Crystal Cox, am Dedicated to Thawing out the SPEECH Marc Randazza has CHILLED.

There are dozens and dozens of my blogs on google and wordpress that Marc Randazza removed without a trace except that this blog is removed and can't be reknewed, however, the ones that do exist in archives, Well they WILL BE SEEN.

Oh and the domain names Marc Randazza STOLE, he makes money from them by parking at a pay per click site or pointing to his COMMERCIAL site promoting his own Law Firm and Unconstitutional Legal Services. Before it was SUPPRESSED and STOLEN, I Allege

"Welcome to a microcosm of what they create for other people! Here now, so they can taste what they serve and be exposed as the spineless, tasteless, worthless, cowardly, lying scumbag pieces of shit they both really are...

"James and Marc seem to think that because what they do is technically legal, they are immune to recourse.  Here enters Clean-Search, with our own technically legal course of action.  We enjoy exercising our first amendment rights as much as cheaterville and Marc Randazza and celebrate that right with them. We want their posterity to know what noble people they both are, for standing up for the right for other people to post totally unsubstantiated, unchecked adolescent, trailer-park horse-shit trash on their website... Way to go guys!  We are recording it for history.  This site / server and maintenance has been appropriated for the next 200 years, so that generations of proud Randazza's and McGibney's can relish the heritage!  If you are a victim of malicious slander, contact the NEVADA STATE BAR Association and file a complaint against their attorney, Marc Randazza"

Marc Randazza used his power as an officer of the court to shut down massive blogs, take domain names, get gag orders and in some cases BIG Money paid to him, his wife and attorney friends for suing people to SHUT THEM UP. Another words First Amendment Rights attorney NOT.

I, Crystal Cox, am Dedicated to making sure that the Online Content Marc Randazza and his Gang Stalking attorney buddies and his wife, Jennifer Randazza have shut down REMAIN visible to those seeking the information.  JewishDirt.Com,,,,, and MANY More.

I am Dedicated to UNCHILLING the SPEECH Marc Randazza has Unconstitutionally CHILLED

Here is a bit of



Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza SUED me Crystal Cox, one of the issues was they claimed I owned and I had made the infamous natty dazza graphic they continue to WHINE over.

the Randazza Free Speech Mafia Shut Down and STOLE the site and Content in what I allege is Unconstitutional, Unlawful abuse on our Courts. Marc Randazza used his clout as an officer of the court to steal intellectual property and shut down speech that is or was critical of him. I am the TRUE defender of Free Speech and Will make sure you know how to access the archives. Such as sites like where you can find all manner of content Marc Randazza STOLE but yet still exists there.

Here is a bit of much more to come.

Randazza News Archives - Marc Randazza STEALS online Content He Don't Like by Crystal Cox on Scribd

A-17-751400-C | Pamela Boling, Plaintiff(s) vs. IQTAXX LLC, Defendant(s)


A-17-761382-C | Switch Ltd, Plaintiff(s) vs. Stephen Fairfax, Defendant(s)


First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza's wife Jennifer Randazza sued Alexandra Mayers maliciously and accused me Crystal Cox of posting/creating the same thing. Nevada courts seem to be enabling Jennifer Randazza to CHILL SPEECH while Randazza Legal Group helps her do it. All in RETALIATION of Alexandra Mayers blowing the whistle on the porn industry. This case is Unconstitutional and Jennifer Randazza is CLEARLY abusing the courts to shut down speech that is not flattering to her personally.

Click Below for Docket, Jennifer Randazza can DISH it OUT but She Can't TAKE IT

oh P.S Jennifer Randazza IS a SLUT
and the Graphic Below is a JOKE, Duh
Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza