Sunday, December 10, 2017

Marc John Randazza's Nevada Bankruptcy. I am LOOKING for an and ALL tips exposing any connected fraud, payoffs, hidden assets, dirty deals or dirt. ANYTHING. Email Me and I will post on hundreds of blogs connected to thousands of blogs. My Goal is to see Marc Randazza and his co-conspirators Completely Exposed for illegal, unethical, underhanded and fraudulant dealings. ALL.

PLEASE eMail me any tips to 

I am seeking information regarding Marc John Randazza's Nevada Bankruptcy. Where did he hide assets? What did he hide in Cyprus or the U.K? What Trusts were possibly created with Creditors money and not disclosed. What about the disclosed Trusts what are the details?

What about Ronald D. Green and his part ownership in Randazza Legal Group?

What about F. Chris Austin, what are his real connections to all this?

Any tips regarding Zacharia Larson, Sara Larson or Matt Zirzow?

Any Tips regarding Kory Kaplan?

Was Kory Kaplan a Partner of Larson and Zirzow for only a Month? If so Why?

eMail tips to

Anything about Jennifer Brochey Randazza, or their home loan by her parents, Dennis and Cathy Brochey?

Anything about Gill Sperlein?

Send me anything and Everything. Affairs, Back Alley Deals, Videos, Photos, any Dirt or Truth or Illegal Dealings of Marc Randazza and / or all listed on this post. Send to Me and I will EXPOSE them ALL. 

I have been given tips over the years regarding Marc Randazza's connections to Pedophilia. Please eMail anything you know about this.

These guys are EVIL and Dark and I intend to Bring Light to every corner of their life, absolutely nothing and no one is off limits. They have destroyed all they have touched, and have tortured, taunted and tormented me for 7 years and counting. They never stop. And now they are ALL financially tied to me for Life.   EXPOSE THEM. eMail me NOW.

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