Sunday, November 12, 2017

This is exactly what Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza did to me and to Alexandra Mayers.

"Two California lawyers are being accused of filing "sham lawsuits" in a wide-ranging conspiracy to get Google and other search engines to de-index negative reviews about their clients. As the case (PDF) brought by a group called Consumer Opinion states:"

"The lawsuit points out six similarly worded defamation lawsuits lodged in Contra Costa County, just east of San Francisco. The suits are filed, according to the lawsuit, because won't remove the reviews from its website. "The scam is not all that complicated," Marc Randazza, Consumer Opinion's attorney, wrote in the lawsuit."

Source and Full Article

Marc Randazza filed a SHAM legal action in Nevada to remove lot's of search engine results that did not flatter him or his law firm.

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