Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - I, Crystal Cox, am Dedicated to Thawing out the SPEECH Marc Randazza has CHILLED.

There are dozens and dozens of my blogs on google and wordpress that Marc Randazza removed without a trace except that this blog is removed and can't be reknewed, however, the ones that do exist in archives, Well they WILL BE SEEN.

Oh and the domain names Marc Randazza STOLE, he makes money from them by parking at a pay per click site or pointing to his COMMERCIAL site promoting his own Law Firm and Unconstitutional Legal Services. Before it was SUPPRESSED and STOLEN, I Allege

"Welcome to a microcosm of what they create for other people! Here now, so they can taste what they serve and be exposed as the spineless, tasteless, worthless, cowardly, lying scumbag pieces of shit they both really are...

"James and Marc seem to think that because what they do is technically legal, they are immune to recourse.  Here enters Clean-Search, with our own technically legal course of action.  We enjoy exercising our first amendment rights as much as cheaterville and Marc Randazza and celebrate that right with them. We want their posterity to know what noble people they both are, for standing up for the right for other people to post totally unsubstantiated, unchecked adolescent, trailer-park horse-shit trash on their website... Way to go guys!  We are recording it for history.  This site / server and maintenance has been appropriated for the next 200 years, so that generations of proud Randazza's and McGibney's can relish the heritage!  If you are a victim of malicious slander, contact the NEVADA STATE BAR Association and file a complaint against their attorney, Marc Randazza"

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