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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza SUED me Crystal Cox, one of the issues was they claimed I owned and I had made the infamous natty dazza graphic they continue to WHINE over.

the Randazza Free Speech Mafia Shut Down and STOLE the site and Content in what I allege is Unconstitutional, Unlawful abuse on our Courts. Marc Randazza used his clout as an officer of the court to steal intellectual property and shut down speech that is or was critical of him. I am the TRUE defender of Free Speech and Will make sure you know how to access the archives. Such as sites like where you can find all manner of content Marc Randazza STOLE but yet still exists there.

Here is a bit of much more to come.

Randazza News Archives - Marc Randazza STEALS online Content He Don't Like by Crystal Cox on Scribd

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