Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why am I, Creditor 13, a 10 million dollar liability to Marc Randazza?

Is it because it suits his needs to use my countersuit for him? The case has NOT settled, his liability insurance carrier for him as an attorney and / or his law firm Randazza Legal Group have not been involved and there is no LIABILITY of record.

If you sue someone for a Billion dollars and there is no trial, no settlment and say 4 plus years pass then they would have a Billion dollar liability? What?

The Court will not let me countersue Randazza Legal Group or Jennifer Randazza. and the case is STUCK into Infinity. Randazza and his law firm continue on and though they should have liability insurance, they have not paid clients in settlements nor tried to settle with me, yet claim a 10 million dollar liability just because I sued them for that amount??? WOW.

Anyway, here is the latest financial report from Randazzle the Riddler

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