Thursday, September 3, 2015

Looks like Marc Randazza will soon or already has lost his law license, at least in Florida.

Clear and Serious Breach of Duty

"XBiz (Rhett Pardon): Randazza Says He Will Challenge $600K Interim Arbitration Award
“[P]art of his settlement offer was to pay us $20,000 per bar license he is able to keep from having suspended/disbarred,” [Corbin Fisher’s vice president of business development Brian] Dunlap, said. “In other words, he offered us a bounty on his bar licenses — we’d get more of the award if we did not cooperate with bar investigators or send follow-up complaints.

“In his attorneys own words, they said they expect suspension/disbarment in [Florida], so we could expect $80,000 if none of the other four bars took action. We refused this offer because it was insulting, it was unethical — an attorney cannot offer such a bounty on their license — and because we know most all bars use reciprocal discipline — if one suspends/disbars, the others usually do as well.” ²"


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