Tuesday, September 1, 2015

So poor baby Marc Randazza is filing for bankruptcy ?? and so is his dirty little law firm? WOW

It seems that Marc Randazza is NOT really ACTUALLY above the Law anymore, and is being called out by courts, and exposed by parties. So I guess that is why he had a recent trip OUT OF THE COUNTRY to set up off shore accounts.

Remember now he was to take his Bar or license test in Toronto Canada in July, not sure how that went but I will be filing a complaint there soon anyway.

It seems that Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group have filed for bankruptcy to avoid all those pesky depositions. As remember this post;

oh and don't forget I, Crystal Cox have 10 million in counterclaims still pending against his liability carrier, and defamation and malpractice claims. Guess the Bad Guy is on the Run.

No worries though, I am sure the Russian Porn Mafia, as they say will most likely bail him out or the Cyber gang of Pissedconsumer (Michael Podolsky and Alex syrov).

Or hmmm did Marc Randazza lose his license to practice law? Well if not I am sure that will be next. The Light and the Truth eventually win.

Much more to come on the SAGA of Dirty Porn Attorney Marc Randazza and ALL those who have aided or abetted him over the years.

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