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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Marc Randazza used HACKERS to get into private emails and get whatever information he needed to win his cases, get his way, bully and harass people, and violate the constitutional rights of anyone he wanted to retaliate against for any reason.

Diana Grandmason aKa Desi Foxx, Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayers and myself Crystal L. Cox have talked for years of how RANDAZZA and his groupies hack emails and well now it's public knowledge via an arbitration ruling. " the illegal use of a hacker to access" adverse party computer data. This is illegal folks and Marc J. Randazza has done this to countless, with the aid of J. Malcom DeVoy, Sean Thomson, Ari Bass, Ronald Green, Ken White and lot's more. They are all going to be indicted, well it sure looks that way to me.

ANYONE who EVER aided and abetted Marc J. Randazza will also end up being exposed by all this and that is the work of the light, of the Holy Spirit and dedicated Spiritual Warriors of Light.

Another arbitration quote:

"The companies’ counterclaims against Randazza involved repeatedly engaging in attempts to secure bribes from multiple opposing parties in litigation, the illegal use of a hacker to access [prior adverse party] Oron’s computer data, engaging in a host of prohibited conflicts of interest (including representing Liberty’s competitors and tube sites violating Liberty’s copyrights), concealing his representation of adverse parties from the company, building up his personal legal practice in violation of his employment agreement, spoliation of evidence to cover up his ethical violations (including erasing data on company-owned laptops and seizing a company-owned iPhone), and taking control of client funds in his trust account.

The arbitrator ruled in favor of the companies on all its counterclaims, determining Randazza had indeed engaged in these egregious acts and, in doing so, caused considerable harm to his former employer and client."



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