Monday, October 19, 2015

Marc Randazza SUES, Bullies, Threatens and harasses unhappy clients. His buddies, attorney thugs, media connections and more help him HARASS those who he TERRORIZES and ruins there life.

Where is the FTC, the Bar Association, the Department of Justice, the Nevada Bar or the Nevada Attorney General? Well you see it's all about REVENGE.  Whoever stands up to RANDAZZA, and Roca Labs did, well they get investigated, they get selective prosecution.

Marc Randazza has BIG Connections, and favors owed and he has no sense of what is the right thing to do, even for himself or his family. He gets angry, say over a 10$ domain name he was to damn dumb to buy and he throws money at it, legal fees, filings, mailings, and tons of time, year after year just to teach that person a lesson and ends up with all kinds of EGG on his big dumb face.

So while you are all gloating about the FTC and Roca Labs, that does not make Marc Randazza right nor lawful and the TRUTH will keep coming regarding your alleged First Amendment HERO.

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