Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Look at this Jackass, On and On, Yammer Yammer .. World's most Hypocritical Lying Attorney. Marc Randazza thinks it is a good thing for him that the FDA, Marc's alleged Buddies, are after Roca Labs. It does not change the Truth about Marc Randazza.

Consumers have a Right to Review You BET they Do.

It is a First Amendment ISSUE, oh yeah, unless you are a client of Marc Randazza and want to gripe about or review him, then it's LANHAM Act, game on and your First Amendment Rights are Stripped.

Check out this Gibberish.

"This is a First Amendment case,"said the website's attorney Marc Randazza. "The consumer has the right to share information. My client has a right to share that information."

Ya YOU Evil Fuckhead, Consumers do have that right, yet those who have shared information about YOU and your corrupt, unconstitutional, evil, perverted, sick, lawless ways YOU sue them, invade their privacy, threaten them, make bomb threats to third parties, stalk them, hire investigators to follow them, SUE THEM, get into their phone records and bank accounts, shut down their rip off reports, shut down and / or steal their domain names, blogs, gripe sites and rip off reports.

But yeah umm duh, the consumer has rights to "share that information" as long as it's not about you or your EVIL law firm or co-conspirators. Then YOU personally ruin their life, quality of life and cause them years of suffering.

Regardless of what the FDA says in this case, or the issues that play out as a matter of LAW. Never forget what Roca Labs said about Marc Randazza and his gang stalking attorney buddies is TRUE and they have done it over and over to affect court case, bully and intimidate litigants and ruin lives in any way they can to get the outcome of their court case that they want.

I also ALLEGED that Marc Randazza has an IN, if not many, with Big Pharma, and connections at the FDA who will do as he wishes.

A bit on Previous Posts I have made on this site, regarding Roca Labs

Kenneth White recently said: 

"Roca Labs is mistaking aggression for strategy. Randazza, by filing his notice of related case, has alerted the federal court hearing the PissedConsumer.com case that Roca Labs is flailing around suing opposing lawyers, which will not go over well. Roca Labs has hired what appears to be an improbably matriculated Muppet to champion their case, despite a patent lack of qualifications. Roca Labs thinks that suing Marc Randazza to shut him up is going to end well. They should have asked Raanan Katz or Crystal Cox how that would turn out."

yes ASK Crystal Cox. I am Pleased with how things have turned out SO FAR. I have Exposed a THUG of a lying hypocritical asshole attorney, and hey I am just a one girl.

Hey Hypocritical LAWLESS Asshole Ken White, IT IS NOT aggressive to stand up to aggression. We are defending ourselves against YOUR ILLEGAL Attacks. There are tons of related cases. Randazza is unethical, and acts outside of the law in the same way over and over. The proof is EASY to see.
Tell the TRUTH. Do the RIGHT Thing.

Win or Lose ROCA LABS is the Tipping Point. As there is NO DENYING what YOU Randazza Legal Groupies do acting in conspiracy, aiding and abetting.

Whether the courts "believe" it or not, well that will be what it will be. But there is so much proof now, for you to keep Yammering the LIE is simply futile.


Ken White seems to think if you lie over and over it becomes the TRUTH, that is SIMPLY not a Reality based Notion or course of action as I See it.

Marc Randazza is the one that uses AGGRESSION instead of strategy. 

Randazza bullies, he sues, he threatens, he steals banking and wire information, he calls your ex's and threatens them, he calls your customer and clients and threatens them, he forces information from your church, he violates your constitutional rights, he violates your privacy rights, he endangers your life, makes your private emails public, violates your client rights, allegedly threatens to throw bombs if he can get away with it rumor has it, and he posts the make and models of porn insiders cars and hopes death upon them. 

Randazza is dangerously, violently, above the law AGGRESSIVE and so his his THUG gang stalking groupies and Randazza seems to think it's "Strategy".


Roca Labs Says:

"Despite being an Officer of the Court and a practicing member of the Florida Bar, RANDAZZA has waged his war against ROCA by intentionally and maliciously publishing many false and defamatory statements in his pleadings, with the intent to share them to his contacts in the media, and indeed by directly speaking to the media about ROCA with the intent to have them publish false, misleading and defamatory articles about ROCA, and by harassing and making derogatory statements about ROCA via his personal social media sites including his Twitter account"

Source and Full Legal Action against First Amendment PORN Attorney Marc Randazza aKa scumbag, hypocritical asshole, liar, and lawless.

NOW That is FACT whether a Court Agrees or NOT does not change that it is fact and the Randazza Legal Groupies do it over and over, year after year, case after case, target after target.

Marc Randazza uses the First Amendment to RUIN Lives, and if they right back he sues them, this enables him to pry into every corner of their life, relationships, family, business, bank accounts, church, phone records and to put them under constant threat and fear by him and his buddies.

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