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Friday, October 2, 2015

Check out the Latest Legal Threat to me, Crystal Cox by yet another attorney of Marc J. Randazza. No worries this one was paid up front. So Let the Games Begin.

I have legal rights as a former client of Randazza Legal Group.

The lawsuit against me took domain names with the name Randazza Legal Group in the domain name. Ronald Green worked with Marc Randazza in representing me, Crystal Cox.

Jennifer Randazza and child SUED me for millions and still holds my personal property, not to mention has put my life in constant stress, duress and harassment for years. Yet Marc Randazza files bankruptcy and all my rights are allegedly stripped, even with other Plaintiffs.

Why is Marc Randazza's liability insurance NOT dealing with this?

What agency really does protect the clients of Rogue, Lawless attorneys such as Marc Randazza?

Marc Randazza illegally, unethically and unconstitutionally STOLE my intellectual property rights, my search engine placement and that on top of years of malicious harassment and then the SHITHEAD gets to file bankruptcy and freeze everything, even claims against other Plaintiff's ????

He and his baby and wife get to keep sue-ing me for millions and keep my personal PROPERTY, and counterclaims, motions, and yada yada fighting for my lawful, constitutional rights well that is NOT ALLOWED?


The courts may protect guys like Marc J. Randazza but they will NOT due so without being exposed for it, even if that exposing does nothing. The Truth remains to be the truth.

Here is my First Communication from Marc J. Randazza's Bankruptcy attorney:

To Download

I, of course will not vacate. The courts will most likely dismiss my motions anyway. However, I do have a right to request from the courts that they take actions against Ronald Green, Randazza Legal Group and Jennifer Randazza, as they are involved in my case. Jennifer Randazza sued me and does not get to file divorce, run off with assets, and I have no counterclaims allowed?

The above attorney does not represent Jennifer Randazza but is still threatening me?

Well I guess I will soon be getting some sancations and have to pay some attorney fees from my NO Money homeless status that Ronald Green, Randazza Legal Group and Jennifer Randazza, along with Marc J. Randazza put me in.

How can Marc Randazza stop his claims against ME with a stay for him going bankrupt? I know the loopholes allow for this but it is not ethical nor constitutional. Attorneys should not be allowed to do this, as a matter of law.

How does he work the system and always end up on top while he violates his clients rights over and over?

THE Law does apply to attorneys like Marc Randazza, no matter what attorneys like Larson may think.

I allege this bankruptcy a fraud on the courts and on Randazza Legal Group clients. And including Jennifer Randazza and Ronald Green personally and professionally. As they both are / were part of Randazza Legal Group and own part and sued me.

So I let Mr. Bankruptcy Attorney know that he does not represent Jennifer Randazza in this case, guess he got confused a bit, and so No, NOPE, Nada. So I expect for them to rough me up soon. Stay Tuned, I will probably get a Million dollar sanction, and have to pay a Zillion in attorney fees. Hmmm.. Good Luck with that.

Stay Tuned

Oh and here are the motions I filed. Not sure how Marc Randazza's bankruptcy attorney can speak on behalf of Jennifer Randazza, Ronald Green and Randazza Legal Group, but hey I guess lawyers know the law right?

I asked the courts to reconsider allowing my right of due process to counterclaim Jennifer Randazza and to add Ronald Green and Randazza Legal Group and Marc Randazza's bankrutpcy attorney claims this is pursuing Marc. Well it's NOT. And it is not several motions, it was a motions to add the above and a motion asking the court permission to file another.

Motion to Reconsider

Motion requesting Court Permission to file Motion

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