Monday, October 19, 2015

How many BRIBES did Marc Randazza take and screw over his own client?

"....violations include an attempt to secure for himself a $75,000 bribe from an opposing party in a copyright infringement litigation (Liberty Media v. Oron), spoliation of evidence, representing potentially adversary clients (tube sites that infringe upon Liberty Media’s content) in violation of the employment contract, taking control of client funds in his trust account, and so on."




GETTING INTO CLIENTS BANK ACCOUNTS, HACKING CLIENTS EMAILS, INVASION OF PHONE RECORDS, OH AND Lot's more Randazzle indiscretions .. and he tried to set up others for crimes that never even remotely happened.

Randazza had the courts, big and small media, high profile legal writers, and much more attacking people who committed no crime, and they only thing they did was EXPOSE Marc Randazza. All the while he was doing what sure seems to be ILLEGAL behavior. And to think what he did to my life, simply because he was butthurt over a domain name.

Attorneys like Randazza need to GO TO JAIL and to NOT ever have clients again in ANY WAY.

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