Friday, October 2, 2015

Attorneys are not above the LAW. Attorneys should NOT be aided and abetted by Bankruptcy Courts to cause malicious, deliberate, willful, premeditated harm to their clients and then get a free pass clearing the slate for them to do it to more clients.

Say your attorney deliberately, knowingly violates your rights, defames you, harasses and threatens you, ruins your business, family and friend connections. He lies about you to big media, to radio and in legal blogs and courts around the world. He provides false sworn statements to the courts, conspires with people and companies on all sides of the case, and puts your life under constant harassment and duress for years. Then he SUES you for millions when you speak out or reach out to authorities for help. You countersue him and prove that he is the bad guy, then he cry babies to the bankruptcy courts to protect his harmful, deliberate, MALICIOUS, privacy and rights violating, constitutional violating actions against you.

Then he is CLEARED and continues making money, harming clients and life goes on. While he has ruined yours.

It is NOT ok for Attorneys to do this to their clients or former clients.  It is cruel, deliberate, malicious harm done to their client and then the attorney, Marc in this case, sues them and when the client countersues, and they get caught then they simply file for bankruptcy.

If the courts allow this then there is no need for laws protecting attorney's clients, no need for ethics or the bar association, as attorneys will do as they please and maliciously harm their clients or former clients with willful intent and then simply file bankruptcy so the client cannot exercise their rights.

I continue to try and expose injustice in the courts. This is my filing objecting to Marc Randazza having the courts clean his slate. Odds are he will get the courts to do as he wants, as usual. However, at least I have told the truth to the best of my ability in the hopes that he creates no more victims.

Here is my filed OBJECTION.

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