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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Interested Parties in the Case, yet I, Crystal Cox was only allowed a counter complaint against Marc Randazza, not other parties nor the law firm he worked for when he represented me.

Per Docket Entry 7, the following are interested parties

Marc J. Randazza – Plaintiff
Jennifer Randazza – Plaintiff
Natalia Randazza – Plaintiff
Randazza Legal Group – Plaintiff Marc J. Randazza’s Law Firm

Yet I, Crystal Cox was only allowed to Countersue Marc Randazza, this is clearly a court error.


Clearly as a matter of LAW I should be able to counter sue Jennifer Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and this includes Ronald Green and California attorney D. Gill Sperlein, Gill Sperlein, who owns part of Randazza Legal Group. Yet Marc Randazza's bankruptcy attorney wants to protect all those parties as an attorney for one of them.

Not that the LAW applies to Randazza Legal Group, Just Sayin'

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