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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lying, Fraud on the Court Complaint, LANHAM Act, filed by Randazza Legal Group on behalf of Plaintiff Jennifer Randazza, infant child and Marc Randazza.

Here is the Lanham Act Complaint Randazza Legal Group filed to get around the First Amendment

My ex- attorney, Marc Randazza, filed this multi-million dollar complaint and STOLE my intellectual property to stop me from griping about him, reviewing him, calling him and his wife names and exercising my Free Speech Rights, my First Amendment Rights. And in the name of the Lanham Act.

Here is the Original Complaint against me and iViewit Video Technology inventor Eliot Bernstein.

Attorney Marc Randazza knew these lies were malicious and deliberate. He was my attorney and is a First Amendment expert. He knew this lawsuit was only to defame me, harass me, intimidate and bully me. This has been going on for years and now Marc Randazza files for bankruptcy to avoid counterclaims, after years of irreparable harm. He has a large list of co-conspirators, check out those I tried to countersue and how each one is connected to Marc J. Randazza.

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