Friday, May 20, 2016

WIPO is NOT Neutral. WIPO is Corruptible. WIPO favors Trademark Lawyers and their Cronies. Investigate WIPO and Demand Accountability and Transparency.

For years we have seen repeated "calls for the official publication of independent investigations into claims made about the conduct of WIPO" and now maybe WIPO is actually being investigated. START with Peter Michaelson, Francis Gurry, and their connections and conspiracy with INTA and Trademark Attorney favoritism.

WIPO IS Very VERY Corrupt. It is about time that someone is paying attention.

WIPO has been acting in collusion with Trademark Attorneys such as Marc Randazza and Peter Michaelson for a VERY long time.

WIPO does not act independent nor fair and they simply STEAL intellectual property and give to whoever can do the most for them or they are acting in conspiracy with.

I have an email that Francis Gurry copied Steven Rodgers Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at Intel Corporation , WIPO works in conspiracy with corporations such as INTEL and against the rights of Citizens, Inventors and Intellectual property owners.

"Congress sets sights on WIPO over whistleblower allegations"

"In a hearing held yesterday afternoon by several sub-committees of the US Congress, a series of allegations about WIPO accountability and the mistreatment of staff and whistleblowers by Director General Francis Gurry were dramatically laid bare. At the heart of the discussion is a still-unpublished United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) report into accusations levelled at Gurry.

On World Trademark Review we have previously reported on calls for the official publication of independent investigations into claims made about the conduct of WIPO’s current leader.

In April 2014, James Pooley, previously a deputy director general of the UN body, alleged that Gurry had violated the human rights of WIPO employees whose DNA is said to have been collected without their permission and of suppressing evidence that this had occurred.

He also alleged that Gurry improperly used his influence in a procurement procedure to benefit an Australian acquaintance. Just under a year ago, when we last reported on the allegations, there had been seemingly not been an official and independent investigation of the allegations. Fast forward 12 months and the momentum is building."

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Don't Forget to investigate the INTA, and the Trademark attorneys like Marc Randazza and Peter Michaelson that have conflicts of interest and act in collusion to ruin reputations, steal search engine placement, steal intellectual property and affect court cases and precedent. 

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox tried to SUE WIPO. Crystal Cox informed authorities over and over, informed Godaddy, attorneys, Trademark authorities, the DOJ, the FBI, and multiple courts. They did NOTHING. The COURTS have known for a long time and looked the other way.

Here is some case filings;

Cox v. WIPO

Crystal L. Cox vs. Godaddy, WIPO Court Complaint

WIPO named in RICO complaint, page 60-80 approx.

WIPO SEC Complaint, iViewit

WIPO and iViewit

iViewit Patent Information

Many other State Courts and Authorities were noticed as well. So was German Courts. They ALL ignored the collusion time and time again.


Immunity of International Organizations

Check out page 134 on this document / book - WIPO is Immune, Check out the Whole Book .

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