Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hey Attorneys; Want to Learn how to Ruin the Life of your Clients and Litigants you are in cases with? And get away with it? Check out the Randazza vs. Cox and Bernstein Case out of the District of Nevada and the associated Ninth Circuit Case.

Yes Folks, if you are sued for 10 Million Dollars, and you are an attorney. You don't have to go to court, you don't have to tell your liability carrier or even answer to your client that you, as an attorney are to protect. 

Learn from Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza. Study the entire docket of Marc Randazza and his wife and child suing iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein and Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox. You will Learn how to bully clients, how to get bank records, emails, steal domain names, get private information from whom ever you want and bully and harass your clients or the defendant in your cases, so they take a settlement.

Marc Randazza, Jennifer Randazza and child VS Eliot Bernstein and Crystal L. Cox DOCKET

And if you have a Super Savvy Spiritual Warrior, an ADVOCATE for Victims of Corruption, such as Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, and she keeps making good points and proving what a Hypocrite you are and even uses your own Legal arguments against you and you just can't win, well then, SIMPLY go Bankrupt and Halt the 10 Million Dollar case against you and Freeze time.

You can keep the Intellectual Property you Stole through an Unconstitutional Preliminary Injunction, and never have to have a court order that it was your right to steal it.

So if someone outranks you in the search engines, simply get an Unconstitutional TRO and take the sites and WaLa you have domain names, blogs, and intellectual property; oh and TOP of the Search Engines Placement. Oh and you can redirect their hard work, proprietery trade secrets, years of work, and knowledge and simply redirect their own work to HATE sites and blog posts on your own blog defaming the person you sued aKa your former client or really just anyone you don't like.

In Domain Disputes, as per Law for MOST people, not Marc Randazza, when someone is sued over an intellectual property dispute, domain name or or related, the Domain Name is frozen in the account of the original owner until the court case is settled or there is a Summary Judgement in favor of the one claiming they have rightful ownership. NOT Marc Randazza, first of all he has insiders at GoDaddy tell him Domain Names that you own, and then sues you for blogs that don't exist on those domain names, Then he files an unconstitutional TRO, then he has Godaddy simply give him the Domain Names, BEFORE Summary Judgement, BEFORE a Trial or Court Order, and those names are NOT FROZEN at the directed, intended site but instead they are simply redirected to blog posts and sites that Marc Randazza owns. Marc Randazza controlled the courts and the Domain Name Register and NOW you can too. Simply Look at the Docket Below and LEARN how to STEAL massive blogs, domain names, and search engine ranking and have no liability or accountability.

Check it OUT; No Hard Work. No Paying for SEO. No Learning how to use the Internet, No Thinking, No Work involved. Simply File a TRO and STEAL what you WANT.

Marc Randazza had NO LEGAL RIGHT to the massive domain names, blogs and search engine ranking he stole from Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Technology inventor and me, Crystal Cox but he did it anyway and WE Continue to Have to Rights to have our property back, no rights for damages he caused, no rights as me a former client, and no rights to any legal action against him or his wife Jennifer Randazza WHO SUED ME and SUED Porn Industry Insider Monica Foster who was reporting on them, or his Law Firm Randazza Legal Group, of which represented me.

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox Statement of Claims Against Attorney
Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.

I, Crystal Cox ALLEGE that Marc Randazza had intent to defraud Creditors and that the Bankruptcy Courts should not, as a matter of law discharge debt that is FRAUD.

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