Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Marc Randazza DMCA Notice Used to Chill Speech. Marc Randazza ABUSING Copyright Law, Trademark Law and whatever it takes to Suppress SPEECH he don't like.

"2/1-2/3/2016 Update: I received a DMCA notice from XBiz today for the pdf of the original article. Looks like Randazza is abusing copyright law once again, but this time as a censorship tool. Not wise. Although, after the amazing WordPress/Automattic legal department’s involvement, XBiz/Randazza withdrew the demand, I decided not to reinstate the pdf in question: the point was not the entire article, but the deleted paragraphs, which are already preserved for posterity here:
Also, the title of the original article was “Corbin Fisher Awarded $600K; Randazza to Challenge Interim Arbitration Decision.” Now the site shows only “Corbin Fisher Awarded $600K.”

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