Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"What did Frank Barbarino die from, why is he listed on a Randazza Legal Group civil case & who is @GewchiWings ?" Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary.

"For a time while I was living in Los Angeles and was an active adult actress in the pornographic industry I knew Frank. I find it incredibly ironic (and telling) to learn that he was one of LAPD’s top boosters. I’ll leave it at that for now…
I’m curious as to what Frank Barbarino died from (the writeups don’t seem to mention a cause of death). I’m also curious as to why his name is listed on the Register of Actions for Clark County Civil Case A699072 which was filed against me (and is still Pending) in Las Vegas, Nevada by Randazza Legal Group.

Why is Frank Barbarino listed on the Register of Actions for case A699072 in Clark County Nevada Civil Court?
In addition, I’d like to know who the twitter alias@GewchiWings is exactly and why the individual behind that alias has sent me a multitude of threats since mentioning the name Frank Barbarino on my twitter feed.
Since leaving the Los Angeles porn industry, my primary complaint has been the following: When I signed up to be a pornstar – I had the intention of working as an on camera adult actress. I DID NOT have the intention of modeling in photos and performing in videos that were intended to be used as materials to market me as a “companion” to men such as Frank Barbarino.
I will likely discuss my thoughts on Frank a bit more on the next www.FoxxAndFoster.com webcast.

Who exactly is twitter alias @GewchiWings and how are they connected to Frank Barbarino?


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