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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Successfully concluded negotiations for a BRIBE to be paid to Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.

"The precipitating events which led to the end of Mr. Randazza's employment was Mr. Gideon's having first learned on August 13, 2012 that Mr. Randazza had been involved in and successfully concluded negotiations for a bribe in the amount of $75,000, to be paid to Mr. Randazza by the other side in connection with resolution of high-importance litigation, commonly referred to as the "Oron litigation," which had been initiated and pursued on behalf of E/L by Mr. Randazza, as E/L's counsel of record."

"1. A sudden and significant reduction of those previously primarily electronic (i.e., email and text) communications --- beginning only after Mr. Gideon learned of the $75,000 bribe --- with Mr. Randazza sending Mr. Gideon unresponded-to emails attempting to attempting to salvage and revive his communications and relationship

2. Mr. Randazza beat a hasty retreat, in an attempt to salvage the situation by offering to pay the bribe money over to E/L, when initially confronted by Mr. Gideon concerning the bribe provision in the Oron settlement agreement, presented for Mr. Gideon."

"The Arbitrator has determined, based on the evidence, that Mr. Randazza solicited the bribe in the first instance, attempted to negotiate with Oron's counsel ways and means whereby it would be concealed from and not become known by E/L, and disclosed it to E/L, per Mr. Gideon, for the first time only on August 13, 2012, when the settlement documentation prepared and presented for Mr. Gideon's signature on behalf of E/L by Oron's counsel surfaced a $75,000 retainer payment to Mr. Randazza.

The Arbitrator has further determined that E/L never gave Mr. Randazza permission or consent to solicit, negotiate or accept the $75,000 bribe,* or any bribe or any other payment other than payment of all proceeds being solely for deposited to the account of his clients/principals, E/L."

Source and Full Document / Cour Motion;
Marc Randazza took a Bribe, why is he still practicing law?

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