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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Randazza Legal Group, Marc Randazza cries "sham" in Righthaven Scandal and there Seems to be Smoke and Mirrors Going up EVERYWHERE.

Do Your Homework Folks.

This Article, Website below says that Stephens Media pretty much is Righthaven

Now you have Marc Randazza talking about new evidence "cited is the newly-unsealed Strategic Alliance agreement covering copyright assignments from Stephens Media LLC, owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, to Righthaven".

Stephens Media is helping Marc Randazza look good online, even though Marc Randazza is lying about Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and fighting directly against her, my rights to Free Speech.

Was Stephens Media and Marc Randazza behind this all along?  Did Marc Randazza pressure Shawn Mangano somehow to put pressure on Steven Gibson, and put him under so much financial burden he could no longer fight?

Filing Documents on Sunday, WOW Marc Randazza must be covering somebody's Ass, and but quick. In My OPINION.

Marc Randazza was just admitted to the Nevada bar in January Right? What is really going on? Righthaven committing fraud on the courts, and he seems to be standing up for Stephens Media? Is that a scam? For what purpose, it is a tax thing? Where Righthaven goes under and Stephens Media gets the Right Off?  I mean it sure seems like Stephens Media pretty much IS Righthaven, so now they are at odds?

So Righthaven sued a bunch of folks for a copyright they never owned, and Righthaven is Stephens Media seemingly according to this, , then Righthaven auctioned off copyrights to pay the legal fees of Marc Randazz according to this ( at around 11 minutes in), and seemingly Marc Randazza had no issue with who owned the copyright then. Ok now we have a seeming buddy buddy with Warren Stephen, Stephens Media and now there is fraud on the courts because they did not have a right to the copyright sold allegedly to pay HUGE legal fees to Marc Randazza?

Sure seems like a Giant, Multi-Million dollar hocus pocus to me, and the Lawyers such as Marc Randazza seem to make the most money.

If there was a Copyright Sham, a Fraud on the Courts, then Surely Stephens Media was involved and now they look like the Victim, and Marc Randazza to the rescue? WOW, there is guaranteed to be tons more to pour out on all this. Got a Tip?

Is Marc Randazza trying to protect his buddies at Stephens Media LLC that post fluff pieces on him, such as this one

Here is the Article from Sunday the 17th of April.

"Attorneys say new evidence shows fraud by Righthaven
By Steve Green
Sunday, April 17, 2011 | 4:03 p.m.

Defense attorneys in at least two Righthaven LLC copyright infringement lawsuits filed motions to dismiss over the weekend, citing new evidence they say shows Righthaven has perpetrated a fraud on the federal court in Nevada.

The evidence cited is the newly-unsealed Strategic Alliance agreement covering copyright assignments from Stephens Media LLC, owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, to Righthaven.

In motions filed Sunday, attorneys with Randazza Legal Group said this contract shows Righthaven’s lawsuits are based on "sham’’ copyright claims since Stephens Media maintains control of the material covered by the copyrights."

Source and Full Document

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