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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blogger Crystal Cox Alleges that Attorney Marc Randazza is creating a Media Firestorm to Suppress information Regarding the iViewit Technology and the Porn Industry's use of the iViewit Invention in all video for over a decade, without paying the real inventors of the technology.

I Believe that Marc Randazza got the call, as he told me from top people in the Porn Industry, and they said "what are you going to do about it" as Marc Randazza told me. And this call was not about what are you going to do to help this woman, this case so that it does not affect the Free Speech, and First Amendment Rights of the porn industry.

This call was to get Marc Randazza to represent me, in my appeal, so that Marc Randazza could negotiate a deal with Obsidian Finance Group and their Attorney and then with me Crystal Cox, Investigative Blogger. A deal that would look good for us all and therefore STOP me from going to Appeal.

See, what if I win the appeal and get the label as "Credible" instead of "Bat Shit Crazy". See then the real issue comes up, see then I would look Credible in my 3 years of promoting Eliot Bernstein and the iViewit Technologies story. And this is the "Real Agenda" this is a 13 Trillion Dollar Video Technology that the Porn Industry has been using for over a decade. Stolen by Proskauer Rose, Kenneth Rubenstein and the gang at MPEG LA and involving many other Law Firms, Individuals and Companies. Part of the iViewit Technology was patented illegally by the MoviLink gang that seems to by lynching me in support of Marc Randazza.

Marc Randazza's offer to represent me back fired, as I did not like the way he treated me and I chose another Lawyer. This has led to an online brawl, with the real prize being the iViewit Technology.

Also Note that Tonkon Torp is connected to Enron whom collapsed mainly to do with deals over the Iviewit Technology. Proskauer Rose Law Firm is connected to all of this, so is Warner Bros., Sony, Foley and Lardner, Greenberg Trauig, Arthur Anderson ( where the Star witness of Obsidian V. Cox Gary of PNW Tax Advisors Portland use to work), and also SGI, Time Warner Inc., Intel Corp, Volvo, Blockbuster, Lockheed Martin, and hundred more are involved in the iViewit Technology Theft. The iViewit Technology is worth 13 Trillion Dollars and all video has used this technology for over a decade, the inventors did not get any rights or profit what so ever. They did get their Volvo bombed, and many other torturous acts upon them.

See if Marc Randazza could stop the Appeal, this saves the Big Porn companies Millions on top of Millions over the use of a technology that the inventors did not get paid for. If Marc Randazza can discredit me now, then WOW is he in good, with the Biggest Tech and Media Companies in the World. Saves them 13 Trillion Dollars, no Exaggeration.

More about the iViewit Story

More on this coming soon, look deep into the iViewit Story.

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