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Friday, April 6, 2012

Drama Queen Marc Randazza Talks of his darkest hour of Terror... OMG if that is his darkest hour then his life is so very charmed..

Marc Randazza.. .. so what was your Darkest Hour of "Terror" ?

OMG my Darkest Hour of Terror was when a woman on the lunatic fringe registered a domain name, I was to damn dumb to buy.. See I saw Crystal Cox attacking my post regarding a drunken tryst. .. and OMG after I emailed her to say.. "you made your point what do you want"... ( ya know to set up for extortion and get that bitch behind bars...) well.. OMG she got so mad she bought the domain name resembling my wife's name.. I was so upset, I had sleepless nights... then I was like OMG ... maybe she bought a mysterious secret domain name that she has not put online yet.. I better get up and check.. OMFG.. she did.. I am going to call Kash at Forbes Right away and rally my buddies, and ..oh I know, as a special favor to Super Duper Marc Randazza I will get ol' Kash to exploit the mystery name.. and help me seek my revenge on that Bad Shit Crazy Blogger Crystal Cox for buying Marc Randazza .com - that otta fix her lil' wagon.. 

I don't know why she is so upset with me.. I was just trying to get her some prison time.. and fuck up her case.. and well ya know set her up.. gee she needs to calm down..

I am in the White Light on this..

oh and DO Contact the FBI as your Interviewer Suggested, I have some things to tell them.. about you Dumb ASS.. I am on the Right Side of the Law, and the Right Side of the Moral Compass.. I know Who I am.. Marc Randazza, The Victims of Corruption I Defend will not be silence over YOUR FLAT OUT LIES !!

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