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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Marc Randazza Yapping about TRUMP. Ya umm Free Speech for ALL, oh except the woman who REPORT on my unethical and corrupt activity, and call my wife a SLUT, no Free Speech for them.

Marc Randazza SHOULD not be practicing LAW. Listening to RANDAZZA yap about Trump and Free Speech makes me SICK. He is the most unethical person there is. Marc Randazza filed Bankruptcy in order to NOT have to pay malpractice legal cases against him and to eternally prolong the court cases brought against him by those whom he represented, and who him and his law firm knowingly, maliciously harmed.

He stole massive intellectual property from me in a temporary injunction that sought and STOLE my Free Speech, yet he is still out their YAPPING about Free Speech. His temporary injunction is 3, years and counting and he still holds my intellectual property, aided and abetted by corrupt Las Vegas Judges. Marc Randazza has harmed and endangered many people. So when you read his, I am a First Amendment attorney YAP, don't believe his mumbo jumbo. Research REAL First Amendment Experts such as Eugene Volokh and others.

Marc Randazza is a Porn Attorney SCUMBAG who RUINS lives, take advantage of and cheats clients, takes bribes and has no respect for his clients what so ever. Do your Homework.

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