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Monday, February 1, 2016

"On the January 2016 Foxx and Foster News review, Alexandra aka Monica Foster and Diana fka Desi Foxx provide commentary on the following news items and issues:!

"The Luxury Companion’s attachment to a recent alleged attempted murder, Government Issued ID’s of pornstars and ex pornstars being posted on Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long’s website Pornwikileaks for the sole purpose of identity theft and intimidation, Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group’s attachment to Pornwikileaks, Pornwikileaks support of Marc Randazza, The FBI working on a game plan to fight increased sextrafficking expected at the 2016 SuperBowl, Eric Paul Leue aka Mr Leather – the newly named Free Speech Coalition CEO, Stoya’s status in regards to the James Deen rape allegations,

The Free Speech Coalition’s alleged involvement in money laundering, Tyga’s involvement in pornography and his attachment to Kendall Jenner, Charlie Sheen’s HIV and Denise Richard’s allegations of abuse which have been mentioned before by pornstar Bree Olson, The reality of Feminism and the launch of Womenism, the 2 Satanic (yet Biblical) Fall shows – Angel from Hell and Lucifer, Donald Trump and his Wife Melania and the REALITY of what Stacey Dash appears to be saying in regards to Blacks, Whites and who really controls Hollywood (and the Oscars) – the Jewish."


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