Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hey Crystal I Apologize humbly. You are IMPORTANT. I Wish you to Succeed. Let me Know IF I CAN LEND A HAND. Flat out Malicious Lies from my Former Attorney Marc Randazza. Ask the Dude for a JOB and he cries EXTORTION to the world. Lend a Hand? ya RIGHT.


I want to address a few things:

First and foremost, if you feel that I did not treat you respectfully, I humbly apologize. I do not wish
to leave that un-discussed. People like you are important for the future of citizen journalism, and I wish to see you succeed.

I also want to correct a misperception here. I did not tell anyone that I represented you, for
certain. I did tell the opposing counsel that I thought a deal might be brokered - but that I wanted
to speak to him first (to test his waters with respect to a possible mutually agreeable resolution).
Finally, I want to make it clear that our discussion about money was in terms of "costs." I thought
that I made it clear that my bills, my fees (my income) would be waived. All that I was asking you
about being able to pay was out of pocket reimbursement of expenses.

Despite the contents of this email, I wish to let you know that I am sill willing to lend a hand in any
way - even in the background.


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Oh and Of course he lies as he did tell Eugene Volokh and others he represented me, as eMail evidence clearly shows and phone calls between me and Eugene Volokh.  Lies Lies, Officer of the Court ABOVE THE LAW.

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