Thursday, April 14, 2016

Marc Randazza World's most Hypocritical Lawyer "If someone is falsely accused of a crime to smear their reputation, I have no qualms about helping them. I am not an absolutist."

Really?  Marc Randazza is a TOTAL Hypocrite. He deliberately KNOWINGLY posts and spreads information that people have committed crimes against him and others and without a conviction, investigation or any due process given to those people, me being one of them.

Randazza Said "If someone is falsely accused of a crime to smear their reputation, I have no qualms about helping them. I am not an absolutist."

Yet he had no problem accusing me Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Inventor of the Crime of Extortion. No due process, no crime committed, no investigation, no criminal report and no conviction and Marc Randazza posted on his blogs, reported to WIPO, told NPR and Forbes, got his buddy lawyers to blog it, and put in massive court documents, comments, blogs and more that we were GUILTY of Extortion and now acts as if he is not all for ACCUSING PEOPLE OF CRIMES, Just to seek revenge, silence them and smear their reputation?  WOW

Marc Randazza took massive blogs of mine under a temporary TRO, and that was 3 years ago. He shut down blogs, stole domain names and then redirected my intellectual property to his commercial blog accusing me of Criminal Activity of which I had no Adjudication on, no criminal complaint, no investigation and certainly no conviction.

Marc Randazza assaulted my and Eliot Bernstein's reputation and all his buddies and big and small media as well as a corrupt WIPO panelist crony flat out LIED about us on their commercial sites and yeah, I do believe that "fraudulent commercial speech" doesn't have "any First Amendment value" Yet they all stood by Marc Randazza as he smeared our reputation, accused us of crimes, defamed us, and as he sued and smeared the reputation of investigative blogger Monica Foster and ALL to simply take our speech, chill our speech, take our first amendment right.

Also according to the site linked below Marc Randazza says "The only speech that should be chilled by this case is someone falsely accusing another of a crime."

Yet Marc Randazza did that to Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Video Technology Inventor and Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and that's ok? It is ok for him to state we are GUILTY of a crime and to smear us but then makes asinine statements claiming that SPEECH SHOULD BE CHILLED if SOMEONE FALSLEY ACCUSES ANOTHER OF A CRIME.

Marc Randazza is a Hypocritical Jackass PERIOD. And he is ABOVE THE LAW.

Quotes above from the SaltyDroid's post linked below

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