Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Law out there to protect Attorney Clients, Mean Nothing and action CANNOT be TAKEN, so CLIENT be AWARE and beware.

The Marc Randazza, attorney, Bankruptcy Case makes a clear case for the fact that you, even an attorney and even against your own clients, you can lie, cheat, steal, bully, access private data, threaten, and do as please. And when your called out, and a case made against you to fight back, you can simply file bankruptcy and stall your legal and financial fate for years and years.

Even in the case of Assault, Libel, Defamation and even 3 years into a law suit, as soon as you know you will lose as attorney Marc Randazza did, all you have to do is file for bankruptcy. It see ms as long as there is no settlement, mediation or actual judgement filed "officially" in some magical way, even if you have a mediation and lose, you can then file bankruptcy. ALL THIS IS LEGAL? If attorney Marc Randazza is doing it, then it must be legal right? Judges are allowing it all so it must be LEGIT right? so you can all do it too, RIGHT? Yep.

So you have no protection at all. Using an attorney, they can do as they please to you and when you fight for your alleged client rights, they file bankruptcy and put your life on hold, and they hide assets and continue harming other clients. All the while the attorney bar association and all legal authorities do NOTHING. See he filed bankruptcy so he can DO NO WRONG. Hmmm ..


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