Saturday, July 11, 2015

Randazza uses the word BUTTHURT a whole lot. Remember? Ya know, like when he said Sandra Fluke could not sue Rush Limbaugh for being BUTTHURT.

"For example, Mr. Randazza admitted that he used the term "butthurt" --- which he
alleged that Mr. Gideon used to demean his expression of feelings about the
pornographic filming in his office. In a series of texts about the shoot, Mr. Randazza
texted, in a crude possible sexualjlegal"double entendre," "Don't jizz on my briefs." Mr.
Randazza has admitted that "The Arbitrator has seen many texts and emails from Mr.
Randazza with informal, rough, vulgar content." Reply at p. 10:9-10. In making a
different point, Mr. Randazza concedes by assertion that "Respondents [have] conceded
that jokes and banter were common in the office."


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