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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Attorney Marc Randazza did not believe that Crystal Cox had extorted him, yet he set out on a world wide, defamatory, malicious hate campaign against blogger Crystal Cox. And ALL THIS after he was her attorney and owed her duties as such.

This Exhibit Proves that Marc Randazza acted as Crystal Cox's attorney. The proof is Marc Randazza's own sworn statement. Click Below for more.

Click Below for Full Motion in Limine Regarding this Exhibit

Click Here to See eMail from Marc Randazza to me Crystal Cox, where it clearly says that he does not mind me asking for a job. He is offended but knows that I am ONLY asking for a job. Yet he spent the next 3 years and counting, publishing and making false statements to all manner of media and swearing to those false statements to courts, knowing full well that what he was saying was not factual.

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