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Monday, May 18, 2015

Nevada Attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group sued his former Client Crystal Cox. He filed a SLAPP suit against her to stop her consumer review and gripe sites about him. It is going on 3 years now. Marc Randazza uses the NEVADA Anti-SLAPP Laws he co-wrote to STRIP his victims of their constitutional Rights.

Marc Randazza is seriously Full of SHIT, and 

Marc Randazza is a Hypocritical Liar.

Research the Randazza v. Cox and Bernstein case, where Marc Randazza sued me, Blogger Crystal Cox and video technology inventor Eliot Bernstein to steal our FREE SPEECH, Violate our First Amendment Rights, Chill Free Speech, shut down gripe sights about him, bully us, intimidate us, threaten us, data mine our private life, phone records, business records, friends, family and put us under extreme stress for 3 years and counting.

When I, Crystal Cox, attempted to FIGHT BACK and stand up for my constitutional rights, Marc Randazza used Nevada Anti-SLAPP Laws to block a counter complaint against him for MALPRACTICE and DEFAMATION. A case with CLEAR and convincing evidence. Marc Randazza did Defame me, Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein and did so with malicious intent, KNOWING full well that his false allegations were not true.

Marc Randazza says "some companies get a bad review" and their response is to do a better JOB.

But Randazza Legal Group and attorney Marc Randazza gets a bad review and their RESPONSE is to file a 3 million dollar lawsuit, a Lanham act lawsuit, a trademark lawsuit and to simply take mass domain names from iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein and Blogger Crystal Cox and all to SHUT down Gripe Sites, or bad reviews.

Randazza Legal Group and attorney Marc Randazza gets a bad review and their RESPONSE is get a gang of attorneys, law firms, media, Forbes, NPR, the New York Times, WIPO, CZECH courts and other courts across the land to target, retaliate, defame, bully, and threaten the person who made those comments, Crystal L. Cox.

When Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group gets a bad review their RESPONSE is to simply move domain names to their Godaddy Account, sue their targets in multiple states, and make them STOP talking about Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group.

Marc Randazza RESPONDS to a RIP OFF REPORT (a bad consumer review) by getting the owner of the site,  Ed Magedson, to remove his name, getting attorney Kenneth P. White of to post lies and get this placed on top of the report and by hijacking my Randazza Legal Group, Marc Randazza Rip Off Report (consmer review).

World's most Hypocritical, (NOT Free Speech Advocate), Unconstitutional Attorney Marc Randazza say that if you "sue the commenter" then you are "ignoble and horrible" YET that is exactly what Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group did to their former client, Blogger Crystal Cox and iViewit Video Technology inventor Eliot Bernsten.

So the VERDICT is in straight from the mouth of Unconstitutional Attorney Marc J. Randazza of hypocritical LAWLESS Law Firm Randazza Legal Group.

Marc Randazza and the "company", law firm,

I would not want to go " bankrupt" or "tick off the wrong person".

Marc Randazza bankrupts his targets, he sues them, bullies them, harasses them, threatens them and puts them under years of duress and stress RUINING their life, business and relationship and putting them on constant watch of his THUGS he hires to taunt, blog, target, bully and attack his victims.

And all because they DARED to Exercise their First Amendment RIGHT to gripe about him, review him, parody him, trash talk him, make fun of him, and stand up to him.

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