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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hypoocrite Attorney Marc Randazza filed a frivolous SLAPP lawsuit in Nevada to SUPPRESS the Free Speech and First Amendment Rights of Investigative Blogger Monica Foster. Yet he pretends to love all Free Speech

Marc Randazza has engaged in a campaign to "scrub" consumer review sites against him. I, Crystal Cox was harmed by Marc Randazza, he acted as my attorney. I have every right to review him, yet he removed massive online sites of mine, sued me for millions, sued one of my sources of corruption, and has engaged in massive harassment and legal actions in multiple courts to scrub the internet of sites reviewing him, yet files this motion in exact opposite of his own hypocritical actions.

Marc Randazza has violated the rights of Blogger Crystal Cox and yet presents the opposited case in District Court State of Nevada, County of Clark Eighth Judicial District A-14-69 8267- C.
as he sues blogger Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers to SUPPRESS HER FIRST AMENTMENT RIGHTS IN A NEVADA SLAPP SUIT.


Yet with US, his victims, he uses the SLAPP law to shield from countercomplaints when he clearly files SLAPP SUITS.

Marc Randazza has engaged in a campaign to "scrub" consumer review sites of any negative reviews by filing a SLAPP baseless lawsuit against Crystal Cox, Eliot Bernstein, and Alexandra Mayers.

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group filed Randazza v. Cox and Randazza v. Godaddy to suppress my free speech, harass my sources, remove negative online content about him and his law firm in the hopes of intimidating me, Crystal Cox and my sources Eliot Bernstein, Diana Grandmason and Alexandra Mayers (Monica Foster).

All in this harassing case above is exactly what Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group has done to blogger Crystal Cox.

Crystal Cox moves to dismiss based on SLAPP and is Denied, Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group moves to dismiss, claims SLAPP and prevails and now sues for legal fees, WOW.

Marc Randazza is NOT above the LAW and should not have special privileges to sue bloggers and prevail on Nevada SLAPP law he, himself got into law. Look Deep folks, Marc Randazza is a LIAR, a THUG, a hypocrite, a rights violating attorney, and a seriously UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER.

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