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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Randazza Legal Groupies DEFINED; posted here by Bat Shit Crazy Crystal Cox SWORN Enemy of Marc Randazza and ALL of his Lawless EVIL Conspirators. Oh and the REAL First Amendment HERO.

Randazza Legal Groupies :

I, Crystal L. Cox, ALLEGE this is a group of lawyers, bloggers, court news reporters, registrars, radio and big media, WIPO, INTA and more acting in pattern and history (RICO) conspiring against targets in legal cases in a criminal defamation campaign to affect court cases for personal financial gain and to affect legal precedence. ( I allege Racketeering ) intellectual property experts, First Amendment experts, INTA members, porn attorneys, law firms, Ninth Circuit lawyers and law reporters, stalkers, First Amendment attorneys, and more in

These targets are individuals, companies, porn insiders, whistle blowers, ex-clients, people who are higher in the search engines, people or companies who have intellectual property they want and whomever they decide they are going to TARGET for what ever their latest agenda is.

This group of attorneys use their legal expertise, law degrees, power as officers of the court, big media and radio connections, corrupt judges and clout to abuse the legal process and the courts, and I allege to commit fraud on the courts in order to seek revenge, affect settlement offers, get clients, get legal precedence for future case, and further their careers as well as get some sort of sick pleasure abusing their victims constitutional rights while at the same time promoting themselves and their LEADER attorney Marc Randazza as Pro Free Speech for ALL and First Amendment Rights for ALL, while they VIOLATED the First Amendment Rights of their TARGETS again and again.

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