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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Domainer Crystal Cox, also Investigative BLOGGER Says Flat Out, Mark Randazza is in NO WAY a "Domainer Advocate". Marc Randazza is fighting Domainer Crystal Cox for being Smart Enough to Buy Marc .

This Blog Post Headline Reads "Domainer advocate Marc Randazza on CNN"

Folks this is Flat WRONG. Marc Randazza is NOT on the Side of the Domainer, NO WAY. Marc Randazza has threatened Domainer, Blogger Crystal Cox for Buying Marc Randazza .com (A Domain). Mark Randazza is no Advocate for Domainers nor Free Speech or the First Amendment Rights of All.

Marc Randazza Post Claiming that Marc Randazza is on the Side of Domainers.  Marc Randazza is not on the Side of this Domainer. I have been a Domainer sine 2005. I have Been to TRAFFIC, have joined associations over the years and met the biggest players out there. And believe Marc Randazza is NO Advocate for the Domainers. Here is the Blog Quote.

"Las Vegas based attorney Marc Randazza, runs the popular law blog The Legal Satyricon. The blog centers around law, freedom of speech issues, technology and – surprise, surprise – domain names and the universe of issues that bring along, such as cybersquatting, UDRP cases and trademarks.

Distinguished for his sharp sense of humor and licensed to practice in Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts and Nevada, Marc is often a quiet “behind the scenes” domainer advocate.
Today, CNN features Marc Randazza’s stance on the First Amendment and the right to voicing one’s opinion, regardless of how extreme it might be."

Source of Marc Randazza Gibberish

Marc Randazza is Directly Working Against Crystal Cox Domain and Blogger's First Amendment Rights and my rights to "voicing my opinion". As well as my voice exposing documented FACT. Marc Randazza is a Hypocrite.

posted here by
Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger
Industry Whistleblower
ENEMY of Marc Randazza

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