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Friday, February 14, 2014

Monica Foster Speaks Out Regarding Marc Randazza, Extortion, Godaddy, Organized Crime in Porn and Pedophiles.


What Marc Randazza doesn’t want you to know about how he attempts to bait people into extortion charges

A day or so ago, porn blogger Mike South of asked me why I was “going after [pornography attorney] Marc Randazza‘s wife”.  What Mike South (and the public for the matter) wasn’t aware of (and what I feel Marc Randazza himself doesn’t want known), is that if it weren’t for me, he never would have regained his wife or child’s names as domain names as easily as he did.

 I actually didn’t approve of Randazza’s wife & child being brought into the situation between he and Crystal Cox (though ironically Randazza is associated with “porn professionals” who have regularly attacked my family members)
Marc Randazza posted the make and model of the car I had on the forum. He had no authorization from me search my assets. His posting in my view reads as a threat.  Furthermore he considers a belief in Christ bullshit.
click to enlarge: Marc Randazza posted the make and model of the car I had on the forum. He had no authorization from me to run a search on my assets. His posting in my view reads as a threat. Marc likes to accuse others of making threats but doesn’t seem to be able to look at himself or his own actions. Furthermore he considers a belief in Christ “bullshit”.
In fact, from my perspective, Marc Randazza attempted to bait me into a situation which could have been seen as EXTORTION, by offering me $100 for the domains, OF WHICH I DECLINED.
Below is the email exchange between myself, Marc Randazza and GoDaddy. As you can see, GoDaddy bent the rules in order to appease Marc Randazza (Marc Randazza loves to play the victim, but in actuality he is no more than a master manipulator intricately involved in defending the organized crime controlled pornographic industry).
To Me
May 7, 2012
Dear Ms. Mayers,
We have reviewed the email correspondence you provided.
Again, the 60 day lock you are referring to is a Go Daddy lock to prevent domain name hijacking, and we reserve the right to waive the lock after review. The domain name was not hijacked as you consented to the move. By freely providing Mr. Randazza with the correct authorization code, you provided him with the means to transfer the domain name. Go Daddy did not change the WHOIS information.
As mentioned previously, should you file a dispute, please provide us with a filed copy at and we will place the domain name on registrar lock pending the outcome of the dispute.
Regards,Laurie Anderson
Disputes Manager
Domain Services, LLC

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: Domain Account Change
From: Alexandra Mayers <>
Date: Fri, May 04, 2012 7:01 pm
To: “” <>

Hello Laurie Anderson,
Below is the final email exchange between myself and Randazza. Again, I DID NOT give my consent to transfer or alter that WHOIS information prior to the 60 day lock period, and it was MY CHOICE whether or not to even do it then. That authorization code that I provided was NOT VALID due to the domain being locked for 60 days as per YOUR COMPANY’S policy of which I verified via telephone with your domain technical services representatives twice.

I would like to see exactly WHERE in the email exchange I gave ANYONE consent to change that WHOIS information because I did NOT. I have copies of the ENTIRE email exchange between myself and Randazza. NO WHERE did I give him or Jessica Hanyen consent to log into my account without my authorization to change that WHOIS information.

I will be moving forward to dispute this legally. I have spoken with someone in your corporate office about this earlier today as well and they are aware that I will be taking legal action.

Alexandra Mayers
email exchange with randazza:

Lol – I have a feeling Shelley Lubben has been tired of being stressed out for a long time as well. Did you ever watch that “devil and Shelley Lubben” documentary movie that DeVoy’s buddy Michael Whiteacre made? DeVoy’s assistance to Whiteacre has really HURT Lubben and her family. Did you ever read the wiki’s that were made of my family members that Fattorosi supported? My mom is an elementary school teacher.

Talk about stressful…
I’m a person of my word, unlike yourself – and when I can correctly and legally transfer the domain of your wife’s name to you – I will. For now it is forwarding to - 60 days is not a long time – now take that $100 and put it towards a nice evening out with your wife, and let her know how grateful you are that she puts up with you, because she could have done much much much better.Sent from my iPhone
On May 1, 2012, at 4:02 PM, <> wrote:
I’ll give you $100 if you do it today.  I’m tired of my wife being stressed out about this.
——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: your wife’s domain name
From: Monicaf001 <>
Date: Tue, May 01, 2012 3:54 pm
To: “<>” <>
No but I will transfer it correctly in 2 months / 60 days.Sent from my iPhone
On May 1, 2012, at 2:49 PM, <> wrote:
I am on the phone with  Can you change the whois information to my name?
They’ll transfer it today, if you’ll do that.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: your wife’s domain name
From: Monicaf001 <>
Date: Tue, May 01, 2012 6:23 am
To: “<>” <>
It’s unlocked. I called and apparently with GoDaddy when the registrant contact is changed 60 days has to pass before it can be transferred again, so you will have to wait.Sent from my iPhone
On May 1, 2012, at 6:02 AM, <> wrote:
I just got a report from my domain registrar that is locked.
\Can you unlock it, and re-generate a transfer code?
27179JENNIFERRANDAZZA.COM2012-04-30 19:34:11.4872012-04-30 19:40:49.817Error 2304: Domain is Locked or Transfer Prohibited

From: ”” <>
To: Alexandra Mayers <>
Sent: Friday, May 4, 2012 6:00 PM
Subject: RE: Domain Account Change
Dear Ms. Mayers,
It is our understanding from the email communication between you and Mr. Randazza, that you provided the authorization code to transfer the domain name to him. You also gave your consent in the email. The 60 day lock you refer to is not an ICANN lock but is a Go Daddy lock and as such we reserve the right to remove the lock to facilitate transfers. If you choose to dispute the current registrant through a court or arbitration forum, please provide us with a filed copy of the complaint and we will place the domain name on registrar lock pending the outcome of the dispute.
Should you have further question, please email
Kindest regards,Laurie Anderson
Disputes Manager
Domain Services
——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: Domain Account Change
From: Alexandra Mayers <>
Date: Fri, May 04, 2012 11:28 am
To: “” <>
Your company did not have authorization from me directly to change the registrant information.  I am requesting you reverse your actions. At this stage an attorney will be contacting your legal department on my behalf.
Alexandra Mayers
Sent from my iPhone
On May 4, 2012, at 10:49 AM, “” <> wrote:
Dear Ms. Mayers,Thank you for your email. We are in receipt of an email communication between you and the other party containing the transfer authorization code and statements agreeing to the domain name being transferred from your account to the other party. Since the domain name was subject to a non-ICANN Go Daddy 60 day lock on transferring the name, we assisted with moving the domain name. If you have further concerns regarding the change, you may wish to contact the current registrant.Regards,
Jessica Hanyen
Undo Department Supervisor
——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: Domain Account Change
From: Alexandra Mayers <>
Date: Wed, May 02, 2012 5:11 pm
To: “” <>
I noticed today (this morning) that the domain whois information was altered and transferred without my authorization. I did not log into my account personally to do this. I was told by “Scott” on your technical support line to email you in regards to this issue.  I was told that legally via ICANN regulations that a waiting period of 60 days must transpire before the domain could be transferred.
Alexandra Mayers

From: ”” <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 10:25 AM
Subject: Domain Account Change

This email is to confirm the recent change of registrant of the following domain name(s):
JENNIFERRANDAZZA.COMThe change has been completed and the available information has been recorded in our system.Go Daddy has determined that the registrant has provided the necessary documentation to initiate a change of account. If for any reason this information is incorrect or you feel this change of registrant request was made in error, please contact us within 15 days at,
Go DaddyP.S. Visit and SAVE 20%* off your purchase of $50 or more. Just use source code gdbb1978 when you check out to get your special savings. Start shopping now at or order by phone at (480) 505-8821.
*Not applicable to ICANN fees, taxes, transfers, bulk pricing, premium domains, or Search Engine Visibility advertising budget. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, sale, discount or promotion.Copyright © 2012 Go Daddy All rights reserved.
I find it very interesting how a man who claims to want to protect his family (especially his daughter’s “internet footprint”) posts such a private and personal moment on his public youtube account of which his daughter clearly is unable to approve of due to being a minor."

I also find it very disturbing that Marc Randazza not only has been closely associated with internationally known convicted pedophile August Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow– but he has gone as far as to defend a “how to” book on pedophilia entitled “The Pedophile’s Guide”.

Click here to read about Mark Randazza and his involvement with"

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Monica Foster Investigative Blogger Reporting

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